Ellen saw an incredible documentary called "Bully," about the bullying epidemic in America. The film recently received an "R" rating, which would mean it couldn't be shown in schools. Ellen talked about how she signed a petition to change the rating so that it can be shown in the classroom, where it belongs. You can watch the trailer right here, and then join Ellen by signing the petition!

learn more about bully

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Laurie Lima
552 days ago

We need more action to stop bullying. It is an epidemic and largely ignored by the Authorities inside the schools.

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552 days ago

On the topic of bully's I have to say Ellen is a great advocate and I wanted to share this story that just came out of Vancouver Canada.
I hope you are able to open it. Some humans are just cruel.


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Marcilena Cano
556 days ago

I'm a 14 year old female (15 tomorrow Oct 8) :) and I've been bullied lots through all grade schools. I've been homeschooled because of it and even private schooled. People always judge and make fun of me because of my weight and the fact that my cheeks are always rosy. I still remained humble to the bullies, because I believe no one deserves hate even if they're giving it to you. Being bullied and discriminated against has led to cutting, depression, and bi-polar disorder. But to this day, I still struggle with these addictions but remain stronger than ever. If it weren't for bullies I wouldn't know who I am! But also the people who support me helped me find out who I am. The most important thing we need to do is lift eachother up no matter how terrible we feel , because someone can always be far off worse than you. I'm thankful I'm alive today , and I'm able to live a happy, healthy life. And I will take a stand for bullying, even if I'm standing alone. #NoBullying #AntiBullying YOUR PERFECT THE WAY YOU ARE.

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Vera Hersh
559 days ago

I have been fighting the private and public schools since my oldest (18) was in kindergarten. It is a shame that the schools have a written policy of no tolerance to bullying and not a policy that can be enforced. My oldest daughter started cutting herself and would complain to the school principle what was going on. Since it was "only verbal" nothing was done. I even made things worse by telling her to ignore it, not realizing how devastating verbal abuse is to a person's self esteem. I had to take her to the suicide prevention 2 times. She failed high school and is now doing her GED and is under psychiatric care as she is clinically depressed and has anger issues.

My youngest daughter (15) is repeating 9th grade and I am home schooling her as best as I can. She was bullied in a Catholic Private school all through elementary and middle school. The last week of middle school the principle would have to come to the care to take her to school. She knew about the bullying, but once again it was "only verbal". They called her fat, ugly, stinky, and not able financially to keep up with their fashion standards. She bottles up everything so I was unaware about how bad it was. The bad thing is that it extended to facebook and the worst was that her very "best" friend wrote even more horrible things to her. She went to highschool where her older sister went and it was the same thing. I complained to the Board of Education to no avail.I home school my daughter now because I am not putting her through what I put my oldest through. My youngest has gone to the emergency room 2 times for taking too many medications, she will only leave the house to go shopping or other things when she knows that the girls that bullied her are in school. We went to the mall yesterday and she saw a group of her bullies and started to cry and we left. She also is under psychiatric care andalthough she is losingweight, nothing can convince her that she is not a good and wonderful person she is. Sadly the only person she fells free to talk to is her therapist because she doesn't want me to think she is being weak.

As a parent, I wish I had taken the girls out and homeschooled them earlier. Or fought more on their behalf. My fighting the system made it worse on them as there was payback on the part of the principle and the teachers, which is really shameful. But maybe this only happens in Wichita, KS.

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Penny Mitchener
560 days ago

I hear you have invited Jennifer Livingston to be on your show...what an amazing role model she is...below is the comment I posted on my Facebook page after watching her editorial this morning...

I too watched this beautiful, poised, well educated, mother of three daugthers stand up to the ignorant, self appointed weight watcher, Kenneth Krause. Sir, have you ever dealt with a weigh issue, a health issue, a skin color issue, a handi
cap issue...until you have and felt the pain of cruelty because of it, then you are not an expert. I have been overweight all my life. I have been made fun of, ridiculed, left out, side lined, taken advantage of, missed out on dating, carnival rides, cute clothes and and everything else that comes with being over weight. But you know what I did get out of the deal...a huge heart, a loving nature, and countless friends, family and a spouse who loves me for who I am. And like Jennifer Livingston, God gave me thick skin too! You can call me what you like, you can say I need to lose weight, I know I need to lose weight, but just like you, God made me who I am today, the difference is, the devil has taken over your heart and made you a mean, judgemental, inconsiderate man and I am fairly certain I will leave this world a better place then you will.

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560 days ago

I have seen how bullying at school and how it effect a childs life and self esteem. Ih my case, the school can make it much worse by not only turning a blind eye to what is happening, but the Prinicpal actually became a even bigger bully. My son is scared to go to his school. His principal has tried to bully both my son and myself.
My son was bullied at the latch key program his first year, to the point where the other child was finally removed from the program. Now my son is afraid to go to the school.
His teacher tells him he cannot see the nurse when he says he is sick . When I drop him off the security guard tells him he is going to call the principal in a threatening manner. When I took my son to the nurse myself, she tells him he doesn't want to go to a different school because those schools are bigger. After we left the nurse's station, the security guard grabbed my son outside the station and drug him down the hallway. The whole time my son was crying and screaming for my help, this in front of over 20 people. The principal called me upset, not about my son, but that I had videotaped the event. I requested a meeting with the principal and he refused. The following day, the principal grabbed my son by the arm and pulled him out of my car.
When I finally got my meeting with the principal, neither of his teachers bothered to show up, even though I requested they be there. The principal did not remember yanking my son out of the car. In fact he did not remember the many times my son was lying on the ground crying not wanting to be bullied at the school He said he was not aware of any problems at the latch key program. I showed him violent pictures my son was drawing and the principal and the social worker said they could not help and were not aware of the pictures. The problem being they were drawn at school and his teacher even put a good job sticker on one of them.
My son told me he felt safer if I would go into his class with him. His teacher told me I could and they encourage parents to do so in the school handbook.
I took my son to the classroom and they told me I had to sign in at the office. I did and then they told me I also had to sign another form. It was a hold harmless letter saying I would never sue the school. When I refused, the principal told me I could not go into my son's classroom. I told him my son was afraid of him and his pediatrician said he had stool holding patterns related to his fear of the principal and the school. I also told him that I had been a volunteer before at the school and never had to sign such a form.
The whole time the principal kept trying to bully me to sign the form. After making my son wait 30+ minutes for me to be there for him, the principal finally said he made a mistake.
Now when I take my son to see the nurse she leaves and the principal comes in and hovers over my son when he is on the cot. He keeps telling him “I will check on you just like I always do". The following day basically the same scenario, the nurse leaves without seeing my son and the principal comes in. This time taking my son's temperature while my son is shaking afraid of him. When I asked the principal to leave the nurse's station, he put his hands on his chest, like your typical bully and said “this is my school.” That same day, when I picked my son up from school that he had to go to the nurse, another child punched him in the back of the head and then he fell in the cafeteria. No email to me, no phone call just the note with the wording addressed by the principal. So my son got to deal with the principal he is afraid of one more time. The principal then sent me a letter telling me I could not videotape at the school, ( even though I have seen many parents doing exactly that) and that I am not allowed in the nurse's station.
The Superintendent sent an email to parents condemning bullying behavior and what the dangers were. I sent him a response email of how his staff had bullied my child in May of this year and requested a meeting, but he has not responded.

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Leesa Robinson
560 days ago

My story started 14 years ago, when I decided to open a modeling agency, I wanted to help young girls with no self esteem or confidence and give them a reason to believe in themselves. During the course of all these years I have seen more attacks on self esteem ever. "Bullying".
There are hundreds of videos on youtube of dedications to, or in memory of a young adult that committed suicide because they could not take the pain of bullying any longer. My inspiration as a grown woman comes from an 11 year old girl, (Susie Shannon) who under the pressure of bullies, writes her own music, sings and makes videos only to show that only bad comes from bullying, but you can survive it. I have several young girls with the agency who have been bullied and made fun of constantly. I think a show on bullying would help bring more attention to it and make an impact on some who are the bully and possibly save a life, saving just one life of a bullied child would be well worth one show!

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joann castle
560 days ago

Hope you would consider joining us on this amazing day celebrating our children and who they are...just as they are! Hosted by my 9 year old daughter who wants everyone to stop and think and see the good in all....stop and think before saying anything bad about others and just have fun in life...being a kid should be fun and simple! https://www.facebook.com/events/225132100948863/230678553727551/?ref=notif&notif_t=event_mall_comment

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Elnora Palmtag
562 days ago

I was bullied in school as I am a black female who attended an all-white school in Clarksdale, Mississippi in 1964. I was not talked to for 2 years in school and had no counseling until I reached college. It was a harrowing experience but I am glad I did it as all the schools had to desegregated when I graduated in 1967. I am now a 63 year old college student and news editor of our paper, The Commuter here at Linn Benton College.

I am proud to be a part of history but my whole life was affected as I had a split personality when I went to college, which was recognized by the counselor who promptly gave me intensive counseling to help me through the next 3 years.

Thanks so much for being the person you are and not forgetting the people in your rise in popularity. America loves you so much and I love seeing the children's response to you.

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Wendy Gaughan
566 days ago

I am a Middle School teacher in Northeastern Pennsylvania where four teenagers have committed suicide in the last week. Some say part of it was from "bullying" and some from other cir***stances. However, this has been going on forever and we need to stake a stance and stop bullying in schools...but everywhere! Freeland Middle School is staking a stance to "kNOw BULLYIG" in our school by having numerous of activities starting on October 1, 2012. That Monday, we are coming together as a school and wearing "indigo" colored shirts to express how we are coming together as one to help stop bullying. We will have a "kick off" to make students aware of bullying and share facts with them. We will even create a peace sign outside to express, "PEACE OUT TO BULLYIG!" We have lines up a speaker to speak with students about bullying and talk about their own experiences. Throughout the week we will have a lot more activities for the students, where the Middle School students will even create a 'kNOw BULLYING" video. This video will be student oriented where they will create their own lyrics about bullying from previous songs, state facts about bullying, show off their dance skills, and give examples of bullying! This video is for and about the kids and we want to better educate each one of them about bullying!

Some people might think, so you are going to educate students for only five days out of the 365 days in a year...OF COURSE NOT. Each week we have lessons and activities geared towards bullying students in grades K-12. Also, there will be school wide activities where the students can come together to express themselves and learn more about bullying. Currently I am trying to find motivational speakers to speak to our students about these kinds of issues but it's very difficult to find people who want to come forward and tell their stories and experiences. I just don't want "bully prevention" to be a week long, it should be a yearly...just like the teen suicide incidents, and we recognize what's going on now because the media has stepped forward about the four incidents that occurred in a one week span. What about the other suicide incidents that have occurred before because of bullying that weren't even acknowledged or stopped!!??
Which comes to my point on the video, I think it's awesome that Ellen posted this video on our site and to make others aware of what's going on. We need to realize that the big picture isn't about the suicide incidents but who can these students talk to, do they have the coping skills to get through hard times, do they know what bullying is??? Maybe someone would read my comment and help me better educate my students on "kNOwing Bullying"...because we need to spread the word!

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Garrett Graham
567 days ago

So i realize that United States has had allot of issue lately. Ones I am going to focus on are Bullies in School, Child Hood Obesity, Small Crimes across the US. I think i have found a solution to all of these issues. Simply instead of Physical Education in school. I propose introducing a Martial Arts program. Sounds Violent yes I realize that. But let me explain. It teaches great discipline. Helps with Focus, It's allot more entertaining than running laps for Physical Education. Martial Arts is more physically Demanding than just running a mile. While helping build focus, teach Self defense so everyone will be able to stand up to bullies. Not only will bullies think twice but have an even match there for eliminating bullies and some crime through America. With Martial Arts being more physically demanding its easy to learn, Will be able to practice at home. I'm Not promoting Violence in anyway. But since no matter what we do, Violence is here to stay. I personally feel this is the best option to solve three problems that we have yet to figure out. Please respond with what you think on this i really want to get this message out to the world. Thank you and have a good day.

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starr ewald
567 days ago

My son and daughter were bullied and no one would help us. so we had to leave our home and go into a hotel. four kids and my husband and I. it got so bad that 8 boys beat up my nine year old daughter and threw her in a creek. she went into a astham attack and THANK THE LORD my neightbor hear her whizzing. then they jumped my son mant times durning school and still we got no help. the new school they are at have be every supportive about all this, and have help us as much as they could. but still my little girl gets very afaraid everytime she is around alot of boys. when i asked why the said they didnt like her she said could she does not like boys and she id gay. I am very proud of my daughter for know who she is but still it scares me how these school and police are letting this happen. we try going to the press and anyone who would listen and were denied. I know I am not alot, and there are more kids out there and familys going through this. this is the reality and a BIG problem in our schools today. love and peace starr

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568 days ago

Not sure how to get the word out there. Our county has had 4 teen suicides this week already. Some already confirmed to bullying. http://citizensvoice.com/da-death-of-hazleton-teen-fourth...

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568 days ago

please view the above...

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Isabel Young-Garcia
569 days ago

I teach 155 middle school students and we discussed the pros and cons of showing the Bully movie in school to help prevent bullying. Almost all of my students thought it would help to view this movie. They blogged about bullying and the movie in on our school blog page @ www.kidblog.org. Although it looks like a very sad movie we can't wait to watch it and continue the fight against bullying.

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