Ellen saw an incredible documentary called "Bully," about the bullying epidemic in America. The film recently received an "R" rating, which would mean it couldn't be shown in schools. Ellen talked about how she signed a petition to change the rating so that it can be shown in the classroom, where it belongs. You can watch the trailer right here, and then join Ellen by signing the petition!

learn more about bully

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katie jackson
411 days ago

Bullying is a horrible thing to live through and I really thought I would only have to live it once. Mary was my bully and she would grill me every day of my life during my 8th and 9th grade years in school. Being poor, not having the right clothes, my face being broken out did not help the situation any. Every day I would say that I'm at my lowest point because it could not get any worse than it was already. Well needless to say I was wrong. Thank goodness two years later we moved and I got away from her. Late in life I had children with the same disposition I did, which was good and bad, my daughter was so shy and my son was a big teddy bear. My daughter was a few months in to her first grade year and her bus drove up and guess who opened the door? Yes, it was Mary and I asked if she knew who I was and she said no. I explained to her that we went to school together and for me she made sure I remembered every day. She looked at me and said that she was soooo sorry for whatever it was that she did to me. I told her that I accepted her apology but she is driving my daughter to school and if a hair on her head is out of place I know where I can find her because I was not the same little shy and mortified person I was back then. She just nodded her head and drove my daughter to and from school. My daughter got off the bus and said she was very nice to her and I told my daughter that she better be. That is my story and it is sad but wonderful at the same time because later in life Mary knew it was wrong to bully other kids. Lets hope she did not teach her bullying ways to her children. Thank you for letting me tell my story.

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Brian Fromme
425 days ago

Hey ya'll from Atlanta! Brian Fromme here...check out my latest blog. I'm 43 and still bullied. Here's why...


FYI...4 years in the study, 40plus exposures, turns out I got the placebo. Call for results next week. Sadly it turns out I was right. I was told today my involvement in the study is too stressful at home. I've gotta find a job and place to live. ASAP, or back to the streets for me.

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Teresa Anderson
450 days ago

I am glad finally things are being done about bullying. I have a daughter that was being bullied to the point I had to pull her out of school and be home schooled. And now my grandson from my other daughter is being bullied. It's time to put a stop to all this bullying that kids go through. Enough is enough.

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491 days ago

hey my name's zoe-paige im from birmingham in england ,UK , over here we only get one day dedicated to anti bullying and we need more, i have got bullyed for neally 5 years and have been but in hospital several times to i have got stabed pushed ibfront of a car and thats nothing compared what else they did i tryed killing my self and slitting my wrists to but i heard demi lovato story and flew from england to new york to see demi proform see is an insperason and i liisen to her evry day because she tels a story and emoshon in her song . my names zooe-paige and im 5teen this year and demi lovato saved me though music . thank you ellen for getting the awereness out for anti bullying i watch your show when its on in the uk .Thank you for leting me express my feeling's on anti bullying and what happend you want t contact me anyone to ask qoutons please be my gust (zoe-paige98@hotmail.com)sorry things spelt wrong we sometimes use words in diffrent context to american's .

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Michael Carrico
524 days ago

being close to the POS of bullys I wish for help all there is me.
better that way you know
dysfunction conjunction
like a traffic jam at the cross roads
all the best

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533 days ago

Kids are cruel but,parents who teach there children to be cruel are much worse!!! And If your a parent that lets your child get away with being hurtful to others that's not OK!!!! I work with a special needs wheel chair bound little princess and my children look at her like shes no different. They are 7 & 8 and don't understand why people stare at her. At times it upsets them. My kids also have been victims of bullying at times one child i think it hurts more then the other but, i make sure they know it has nothing to do with them and ll to do with that other child. I have worked with Foster children and Children with special needs for years and always found it extremely important to make sure my children were around children from all walks of life!

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Tracy Bowman
537 days ago

My 12 year old daughter has delt with her friend be bully. She has even went to the principle about it. She wanted to start an anti-bullying campain in her school but is not sure where to start. She has the best heart. She will become friend with someone who don't have friends. We love her so much and are so proud of her. Thanks Ellen for what you do and if you know away to help her start a campain in her school that would be great.

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Regina T
537 days ago

My grandson is having difficulty with bullies in school. How do we go about insuring that this "BULLY" film is mandatory to be shown in all schools, particularly middle school where the problem seems to be excessive.
Parents reading this blog should sit down with their children to make sure they are not part of the problem! I also believe there should be a "zero tolerance policy" established against bullying, one incident and suspension should occur. School boards must be approached also, they set the rules.

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538 days ago

My daughter was bullied in the school bus by a boy and he punched her on her face at the age of 6. I was so furious wnen I heard about what happened to my little girl. She's a peaceful person. She enjoys taking care of every kids at her school and She's the talest in her class and feels like it's her duty to do so.

I was bullied as well growing up and I had to fight to defend myself. Kids can be cruel and mean spirited towards one another due to peer presure. I cannot and will not be a bystander witness injustice. As Ellen says every day at the end of the show "BE KIND ONE ANOTHER. I find it to be a powerful statament.

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Patricia Doxtater
543 days ago

My daughter would be greatful to be on your show and talk about what teens go through that are different go through. she is in a club at school against bullies. It is a gay stright club and they talk about teens who killed them selfs due to this. she is almost 15 going on 29 but is very passionate about this. She said you would never respond to this, I said she was wrong Pat

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548 days ago

Bullying stem's through mankind's history from the time of Noah, which was created from Angels who left their heavenly place and had relationships with the women of earth. Their son's were called of the Greek translation is "Bullies", thus the earth became filled with violence! Now whether anyone wants to believe this or not, the world is repeating the "Bully" effect because all that has occurred in the past is in a greater aspect today. AS read below, bully's come from how they are raised, and it's even in adult's lives. That's why it's said, the "love" of this world is in enmity with God... maybe it's true... maybe it's not... but as we read, each one is enticed to their own desires and ways of life..which I know (we) have the right to make our own decisions and to determine what (we) believe. Just saying........

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Wendy Reynolds
552 days ago


Bullying is usually discussed about teenage kids and their peers. I am a 57 year old womman who was let go from her job after 16 years because of a newly hired manager who bullied me right out of my job. When I complained to the HR department about the way this person talked down to me, called me names, rolled her eyes in her head. She would also write in big red marker on my work as if I were in kindergarden. I was constanting belittled and embarrassed in front of my co-workers. They would comment about the way I was treated, but would not stand up for me for fear of losing there jobs. The HR department said there was no proof any of this happening but they were letting me go if I felt like I wasn't in a safe working enviroment. I had no choice. My self esteem was ****tered, she had beat me down. I have no job, I wasn't denied unemployment so I do have a small amount of money to live on.
I just wanted to put this out there. Adults get bullied also.

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553 days ago

Ellen my family loves your show and your support for the rights to love whomever you choose. My daughter has recently stated how she loves her girlfriend and doesnt want her family to hate her and of course I support her 100%. This has led to bullying and ridicule of her at school and the school district here needs some serious teaching about bullies because they dont care.... they make it as its my daughters fault for being different and that she brings this on by standing out! please help educate Yerington

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Karen Saronitman
566 days ago


Hopefully you are able to see this article! It is a story of inspiration...lets focus on these positives not just the negatives in our society! These boys are a true inspiration! Aloha!!

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Tina Sheridan
576 days ago

Chris Dodd, CEO, Motion Picture Association of America
Howard Gantman, Vice President of Corporate Communications, MPAA
Joan Graves, Head of the Classification and Rating Administration, MPAA
Elizabeth Kaltman, Vice President of Corporate Communications, MPAA
Allison Kreutzjans, Press Assistant, MPAA
Your decision, by one vote, to issue an “R” rating for the film “Bully” is wrong. It will prevent millions of teenagers from seeing a film that do***ents the epidemic of bullying in American schools.

This film has the potential to change the world and change the culture of violence in many schools. But your decision to give this movie an R means that the people who need to see this movie the most -- teenagers who are either bullying their peers or suffering from violence and torment at the hands of bullies -- won’t get to see this film. Nor will this film be allowed to be shown at middle schools and high schools in this country.

Please reconsider your decision to give Bully an R and give it a PG-13 instead.

Thank you.
Tina Sheridan

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