Ellen saw an incredible documentary called "Bully," about the bullying epidemic in America. The film recently received an "R" rating, which would mean it couldn't be shown in schools. Ellen talked about how she signed a petition to change the rating so that it can be shown in the classroom, where it belongs. You can watch the trailer right here, and then join Ellen by signing the petition!

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jana gallagher
236 days ago

Before reading the site at all i was trying to enter the twelve days of gifts i remember seeing it on ur show but dont recall how it all went down and at the end of the page it asked for my story well i didnt and still dont know what the criterea is for the show but i do know my story that. Poured out was about my son and oittle did i know it would tie into. Part of one of the topics in ur page..... being raised by MMY GRANDMA AND GRANDPPA you can imagine the dress he is use to and the klanguage used and so im sure u then realise the bullying he goes through and my grandma just went to the principle about recently it makes my story that much more important to my sons life! Please can we show this kid the way of the world just once hes never even played a video game to my knowledge or ridden a quad. Or ppoayed music loud or anything! Sorry for the long wind but i feel all of the sudden an excitement and anticipation! Gauge mommy loves you

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242 days ago

When I was a kid I was always a target for bullies. I was painfully shy and neglected. I also had a sister (technically she is my foster sister and she was six months older that I) with developmental disabilities. She came to live with my family when I was 10. I was her main and only caregiver from 10yrs until I was 14-15yrs. Not long after she came to live with us the kids at school found out. That was another reason for the kids to bully and tease me as well as their parents. Even a few teachers along the way. One even called me the "R" in front of the class. This same teacher even brought a copy of some magazine. It had a picture of Brook Shields on it. He held it up and said this is what a real woman looks like",he proceeded to point out the girls that would grow up to be "Real Women" like her and pointed to me and another girl that would not. That made it a lot worse all the time. That was grade seven. I had learning disabilities and was preteen chubby. I had no self-worth. I was also the brunt of my Dads anger and the eldest of 5 and had allot of responsibility (as my mother was not into keeping house and taking care of children) At 15 I started running away and became a street youth off and on. It was better than what I had at home or school. I also dropped out of school around the same time. I was also very suicidal. As a couple years went by I grew into my body and became pretty; only I had no clue and both made the bullying worse.I also had allot of guilt for leaving my siblings behind. By 16 I made my first suicide attempt.Later in life I had children with a sadistically abusive man. By my late my 20's I was very suicidal and very clinically depressed and really had no will to live. The only reason I had for something different was my children. I started to fight back, stopped drinking to numb out and went to many therapist until I found the right one.The one that didn't use the word victim. He helped me get walk away from the man and start going forward in life as well walk away from my family.That was the most painful part. They had started to bully my kids just as they did with me. I was going to break the cycle of victims and bully s if it killed me. That goal is almost fulfilled for me and my children are young people that make me very proud. Me and my children are now active in the community against bullies. If a child needs help and can't get it; if I can Ill get them help. If it is phoning the school, school-board,a parent or all three. Or doing it for a parent that can't do it or doesn't know how.Speaking in the words "You are aware and this will stop" I have found helps. Reading mandates and policies and holding those who are responsible accountable.I have been told at times to mind my business. I feel it is a duty and an horror to protect those who can not stand up for them selves. For the kids that are doing the bulling they need our support to. The victims need or arms around them as do the bullies.... my sister is such a part of to. She saved my live as did my children. My sister kept me in the mind set of being my best self outwardly even when I was in such pain inwardly. To have a compassionate mind towards all humans. Later in life to be grateful for what I had and the health of my children. We all have to join the side of right. whether it is phoning the police on the neighbor beating their spouse, or stepping in between kids tormenting another kid. Following up informing school staff. Taking a youth in because their parents kicked them out after they told them they were gay. There are so many ways to purge our communities of bullying in all its forms. To be a positive role model (even for our peers).Starting with our youth. Kids will continue to take there lives. Other kids will continue to follow a back example if they have no good example. I don't know who said it but it is true "Evil happens when good people do nothing"

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renee v williams
244 days ago

I hear about the bullying that's going on now, in school and on the computer and it makes me think about when i was growing up and we teased other kids about different things, i have to apologize for my actions and words. I've grown up now with kids and grandkids of my own and there's no way i would want them to experience any form of bullying. I am on board with stop the bullying.

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257 days ago

My Daughter has been cutting herself. She is always being bullied in school and Her Dad and I been to school 5 x's. Now she in a mental inst. She had 28 cuts on each inside her forearm and cuts on her thighs. She is kind and she protects gay and bullies of others..but she is taking their pain and her own. She makes awesome grades and they call her and intentionally saying hurtful words to her. We both lost my Mother. She constantly being bullied and she does not want to fight or tell on them. She said she can handle it, but she can not. please I need your help. no matter what I tell her how proud we are and she is beautiful, she does no believe us.She promise her physican that she would not do this again and she has.please help me

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carole hagen
272 days ago


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Teresa Gurley
273 days ago

We must all take a stand against the out of control bulling that is occurring amongst our young people today and mostly thru the avenues of social media. It causes my heart great sadness to hear of young people who have ended their lives due to the relentless and merciless bulling that they have had to endure. People stretch out your hands, open your eyes, listen with your ears, intervene if necessary and for god sakes monitor what your kids are talking about and who they are talking to......

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Taylor Morrison Music Group
284 days ago

Please check out Teen Nation. I am now actively apart of this group of touring young singers speaking out against bullying.

We would love your support so we can educate kids and the public


Lee Wilson is the founder of Teen Nation his son was beat up on a school bus and he is an ex police officer

Contact Ms.Taylor Morrison or Lee Wilson (Founder)

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300 days ago

Have you seen this video?
If so, did I miss you talking about it?

If not, please watch:

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cindy phan
300 days ago

Ican honestly say I was never really bullied that much until I decided to attenda small college in S.C. in the early 80's. I can say that the yearr I endured it changed my life. I can only guess if my life had not been different if these people had not tortured me for almost a year. We moved a lot before that so I got a little tough. As I look back that was actually fun in a lot of ways but I didn't know how to handle sudden haters and extremely ignotant girls who hated me for just being a little different than the "typical" person who grew up in the same town her whole life and for not being a clone.

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Carla Bocito
320 days ago

That-'s why I luv Ellen. You are for the people that need help, but get overlooked. I'm currently working with many persons from my community on a Anti-bullying event that will be held at our Somerdale Park School this Oct. This event is not only for the kids, but for the adults as well. I tru
ly believe that a persons past experiences definitely impacts their present experiences. I was bullied when I was young in many ways, which had an negative impact on my life. It wasn't until someone taught me the tools to stand up for myself, and to know I wasn't alone helped. I believe the Bully film should be mandatory in all schools, and it's going to help many.

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Carla Downer
320 days ago

I can not wait for your show to come on today. Season 11 ! It comes on at 3pm here, ( Michigan ) and it's going to take ALL DAY for it to get here !

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Jamie Rosenbaum
332 days ago

Please help! Click here to support Tyrone Lauderdale (fund to help family) by Jamie Schenker Rosenbaum


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Andy Lant
368 days ago

I would humbly ask you to please read my newly published book.
"Would Jesus Support Gay & Straight Marriage?"
Some Men Are From Mars, Some Men Are From Uranus

Andy Lant

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Shannon Holden
388 days ago

You have inspired me to create an online course that students in schools will take called "Bully Neutralizer". Schools will have students take the course to learn how to deal with bullies, and another section of the course will be required for bullies to take when they are sent to the office for bullying their classmates. The course consists of lessons, videos, essays, and quizzes that show how hurtful their actions are, and ways to help the bully stop their behavior. If you email me back at newteacherhelp@yahoo.com I would love to give you a username and password so that you can surf around inside the course and tell me what you think! Love the show! Sincerely, Shannon http://www.newteacherhelp.com

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Cynthia Brown
403 days ago

My daughter was bullied in kindergarten and throughout elementary school. I recently found out that not only was she bullied but sexually molested by other students, back in kindergarten (10 years ago). I just found out about this the day before her 8th grade graduation and am absolutely devastated. Throughout her school years, she has gotten increasingly silent and will not particpate in activities, affecting her grades, and she is afraid to try to make friends. She doesn't even communicate at home as much. I feel like this has taken her childhood away and has deeply affected her. The police were of no help (because of the time frame. The school never transferred all of her records to her new school (we moved to another county) and I am at my wit's end. I feel so terribly bad for her that she has missed out on so much and can only pray that she can open up to trust the good people that are out there, and enjoy what is left of her youth. It is because of the bullying from 2003-2007 (and the molestation in 2003 that took place in a school bathroom) that she has become so withdrawn and has impacted her life forever.

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