Ellen saw an incredible documentary called "Bully," about the bullying epidemic in America. The film recently received an "R" rating, which would mean it couldn't be shown in schools. Ellen talked about how she signed a petition to change the rating so that it can be shown in the classroom, where it belongs. You can watch the trailer right here, and then join Ellen by signing the petition!

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151 days ago

Meet The Achievables!

Our mission is to address bullying at a young age. Join us in the fight against bullying!


We believe every student deserves engaging and focused experiences that enhance their brains and magnify their desires. Now is the time to make a difference in the lives of our early learners, when it counts the most, propelling them into the world to become their own super hero of success and hope.

Please help us empower our children to Believe and Achieve!

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Dawna Esters
151 days ago

I am elated at the impact this has had. Unfortunately it has not circulated near fast enough. Two more young lives were lost to bullying in my community. We have three high schools in Pocatello, ID..... two of those high schools lost a student in less than a weeks time. SOMETHING has got to be done. I was bullied as a child but things are so much more extreme, and issues more vast than we can comprehend. We have to help these bright lights to remain lit!!!!

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Victoria bowman
153 days ago

Let me just say bullying is awful I think people should take a stand and use there voices be heard if anyone gets in your way tell somebody whatever you do don't let them get to you I would say go to Ellen she has great advice and she would by right put an end to it

Again nobody should be a bully fighting is not the answer

Ellen I am here for you if any body bully's you I will be there for you I would use my force to get them to stop

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kelly thomas
177 days ago

I personally know this story about Tyler Young. It actually happened in Murray County High, Chatsworth GA. My daughter will NEVER forget Tyler coming up to her the day before he hung himself. Tyler was a special child but my daughter always talked to him and knew the situation he was going through everyday. Tyler told my daughter he was going to kill himself but she did not think he was serious. She talked with him over lunch and went about her way only to wake up and here the news two days later. It was so sad but most can't blame him for he was treated SO bad by his peers. I remember the week after he committed suicide and some boys were celebrating and making totally inappropriate comments. My two oldest graduated from Murray County with Honors but my youngest girl became a victim of bullying . After several meeting with school officials and no results, I decided to move out of the County and state for that matter. I knew it was the right decision. God Bless the young family. I hope Murray County has their crap together and MS. Learner,(Principal) your Karma is coming for how you handled this matter.

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margo weber
178 days ago

Bullying needs to stop. It needs to be stopped by parents. Parents whose children bully need to stop their bullies,,, punish them take their toys, tell them they can't play their sport etc... whatever it takes. But if the parent of the bully doesn't stop it, we will have more kids bullied. Be a parent, not a friend STOP YOUR CHILD FROM BULLYING. it just might be your other children that you are saving.

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cynthia boyd
199 days ago

Years ago- we had a cousin that was always bullied by others. All of us first cousins took up for her and many times got in trouble in school for protecting her. Her teeth didn't wasn't right,she had purple eyes, odd shaped body, (ugly duckling)tall for her age etc etc. However, we kept on, but after she grew up in her teens and graduated- it was a swan born. Her career became a model for different companies but she was still our first cousin in her heart. Now, she is a mom, wife and part time helper at the schools for programs against bullies.

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Linda Farmer
201 days ago

Ellen.i was stupid when I was young.i think the more people know the more they can teach .I didnt know I was being mean I just thought we was having a good fun day at school.now I know we made her days at school really suck.i think the more you do making it known maybe that will make every one think.i do believe you have made it more out there so kids know.parents know.teachers know so hopefully it wont happen..

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Carol Josey
210 days ago

From the time a (mentally challenged)child joined us in the 5th grade, until we graduated, I had to watch everyone around her. The teachers sure didn't. You wouldn't believe the kids I caught our age and even several years older picking on her from small things to the point I caught 2 kids that were 3 and 4 yrs. older than her and they had her in the gym at snack time. Snack was outside the gym. I just happened to see the kid go into the gym and not come back out which made me wonder what she was doing in there. So, I opened the door to the gym only to find the mentally challenged child at the age of about 7th grade with a baseball bat and was acting like she was having oral sex with it. I immediately run to where she was in the stands and grabbed the bat and told her to get out of the gym and looked up to find 2 of my friends had put her up to doing this and were laughing like crazy. I commenced to chew them out like I was crazy and threatened not only to tell on them, but to beat the stew out of them both right then. They began to apologize and I walked away only saying over my shoulder, that "I had better not ever catch them around her again." Things like this had probably gone on many times over the yrs. when I wasn't around, but if I saw anyone doing or trying to do anything to her or put her up to doing things wrong, I would stop it. The other kids were afraid of me. I had taken karate and played boys baseball, beat up a few people who tried to jump me over the years because I came from Ohio to Mississippi. They didn't know how much training I had in karate because we were taught not to brag from our instructor. Only to tell someone if we were about to have to use karate and only for self defense, then you had to tell that person to back off or you could be prosecuted. It amazed me the few times I had to use it, at how it just came natural to block punches over and over til they were open to a punch and then knock the fire out of them. And, we were also taught once we had to use it, to not stop til they were down and could not get up and do not turn your back on them. I never had one of them get anyone to help them when I did had to fight the few times I had to. I guess this gave me a name that I was tough, so when I told someone to leave this girl alone, they left her alone from then on. These two even tried to apologize and I would just give them a dirty look and walk away. I had nothing for them anymore. One of the two that were putting this kid up to doing this to the bat is now a drug rehab couselor, after spending a long time in drug rehab as a drug addict and never moved back to our town. The other is now a teacher in another state and I own her parents house that they built after she graduated and was in college. Its a very nice house just needed to be painted on the inside and we got it at a steal. Its worth 2 1/2 times it was when we bought it 5 yrs. ago. Even has a pool in the backyard. Point being, I guess, do the right thing and you will come out right. If your scared, scream for help or run and get help. Do Something! HELP! You might be surprised what respect you get afterwards for doing the right thing, even if others were watching and not helping at the time. And if you don't get their respect, you don't need them anyway. Thanks for your time. Carol Guest Josey, P.S. feel free to share this story or get in touch with me @ 662-424-3833, leave a message with your name and number if you need me to call back.

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Shirley Carr
214 days ago

I would just love to win I always watch people win an wish I could but no I can never get to those placess .I'm 65 my husband 69 he has now been in remission for 2 years for coloc cancar that doctor can out of the opertoering room an told me he had 4 to 6 month to live an he when from 200 bl to 130 an I told them we been 45 years an he not going any where an he still with me .so it would be so great to jyst win somthing not all of them just somthing you are just so great .thank you shirley carrs

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sharon cook
229 days ago

Hi Ellen,Let me first say that you are brave standing up for those that cant stand up for themselves, not that they cant,its just that many people do not understand. I as a young lady in seventh grade was always bullied because I was skinny, so what so I was a skinny person, also that I had no breasts. that is nature and I could do nothing about it. I would walk home crying trying to understand why such people have there nerve to upset me so. So everyday I went to school the same words would be said. I still never get over this and I am 51 yrs. old,and it still hurts.I now have a niece that is bullied because she is a diabetic and cant get over her first love,she is only 16.This age is to young for these children to ruin there lives.She will slit her wrists as a form of attention,I would guess.Bulling must stop,so these children can live a life of happiness,before its to late.God Bless you for helping serve a real purpose in a childs life.

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Stacy Hutsell
233 days ago

My brother, now 56 years old, was a victim of bullying. Back when we were teenagers, there were no support groups or much empathy at all; we lived a modest southeastern life in the bible belt - boys were supposed to be strong, future men, etc., so it wasn't even something that was talked about or believed. I watched him grow up, and ultimately shut down. Years later he was diagnosed with Schizoaffective disorder. He didn't receive the support then, and now he'll suffer the rest of his life. He was a productive member of society until he was fired on 2 occasions prior to his diagnosis. Now he can't work. He is on disability - not enough to live on in this country unless you have a few children or you go into a state facility (and we all know how the mental health system lacks in the US). He is my brother. I inherited him. I love him but how unfair his life is, and now mine. You tell me.

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233 days ago

Just viewing the trailer, brought tears to my eyes, and memories of a time not so long ago. As a survivor, I desperately attempted to protect my son, and step son; however I was not able, even with being actively involved daily with the school systems and community supports. They are 22 and 23 years old now and outta respect for them I will not disclose their experiences, except to say that we as a global community need to stop shutting up and looking the other way! This doesn't just happen "over there," or "out there", it is happening right now at this very moment in your own back yard. lets not react to something due to spite and vengeance, and lets respond to matters with firmness, love, acceptance and guidance!

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235 days ago

Heros that against bullying are Rich & Yvonne Dutra St. John! Serious ambassadors for change creating loved, safe and celebrated lives for kids. If you like this, you should really check out www.challengeday.org

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237 days ago

So happy this film received the PG-13 rating. Now kids can see and talk about this important issue that they deal with everyday in schools and groups.
Thanks to all those who did the work to make this happen! You are most appreciated.

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Diane Aiello
238 days ago

I pray that one day this will come to an end. The ironic part of it all it stems from the parents. My grand daughter not once but twice tried to commit suicide because of being
Bullied at school because of her sexual preference.
What is society coming to anymore? It's a sad thing and I feel if this continues more and more children,teenagers,and adults will continue to take their own lives.

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