Ellen Discusses 'Bully'
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Bullying is an issue that is very important to Ellen. She discussed the groundbreaking new documentary on the subject called "Bully," and the controversy surrounding its rating. Watch it here.

If you'd like to sign the petition to change the rating, just like Ellen, you can do so right here.

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325 days ago

I worry about this everyday I send my child to school. I know he is only in 1st grade, but that doesn't mean anything.
We are a military family so my son has to deal with being that new kid more in his life than some kids. I worry that he will get picked on because of that. I also want to make sure he is not the bully. I try to teach him that when a new kid comes to his class to be brave and go talk to him/her. We as parents need to try and communicate with our children and the school more to know everything that is going on. We aren't being nosey because we can, we are doing it to protect our children. We want to let them flourish but in a world where every time you turn your back there is something else bad going on you don't know how to handle it.
I pray for everything family that has ever been effected because of bullying. I hope that I never made anyone feel bad in my days at school and hope that my children will be great role models one day.
Thank you for signing this petition. I was to late as the rating has already been changed.

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Maria Lyons
433 days ago

I was also bullied when I was young. I think this will help young people thinking of suicide because of the bullying. This not just destroys young people but it also destroys their families emotionally.

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Eliza S
551 days ago

Hi Ellen I am 7 and I like to do pageants but I was being bullied because I was new and did really well in my first pageant. It has only taught me to be stronger and now I like to use my crown to show kids don't be afraid to be who you are. Show the bullies that they cant break you

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peter  cobden
553 days ago

hi ellen just wanted to tell you how wonderfull you are all your fans in the uk love and adore we love your shows thankyou for helping with the fight against bullying I was really badly gullied myself I felt alone I didn't know who to turn to I was bullied through school and college and work then I watched your shows and realized there were people just like myself people who could help bullying is evil its despicable whether your gay lesbian bisexual Christian catholic whatever religion it shouldn't matter bullying has to stop we have to change the way people think thankyou to demi lavado selina gomez maddona all the stars who are helping and the fantastic Justin biber hes great hes so fantastic you cant help being proud of him please lets stop bullying I want to give some wrist bands out or anti bullying could you help god bless you love you ellen love peter

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Alan Williamson
595 days ago

I was badly bullied and my friends now wouldn't believe it as I am certainly not the the type that would looked like I was bullied. I could run backwards faster than most could run forwards.
It has affected my life to the extent that now in my mid fifties keeves me cold and upset.
I have five kids and would fight anyone

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Brandon Wilcox
598 days ago

I Was Bullied For 10 Years Of My Life. From Kindergarten to The Middle Of My Freshman Year. I Was Picked On, Beat Up, Called Names, Shoved Around, Knocked Down & Thrown Into Lockers. There Were Times Where I Didn't Want to Go To School & Didn't Even Want to Go Out Of the House During the Summer Because Of How Bad It Was. For 10 Long years I Never Had A Normal Childhood Outside Of my Home.

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662 days ago

I cannot believe that we are still calling this‭ “‬Bullying‭”‬.‭ ‬Its gone far and beyond bullying,‭ ‬the types of actions that are taking place are‭ “‬Against the Law‭”‬.‭ ‬I cannot believe the horrible,‭ ‬horrifying and terrifying videos that I see in the news,‭ ‬videos of multiple people ganging up on someone until the victim falls to the floor and seizes,‭ ‬my God,‭ ‬I am beside myself.‭

Bullying has become far more than the old fashioned kind where you just got EMOTIONALLY,‭ ‬MENTALLY and VERBALLY abused everyday of your Academic Life,‭ ‬today they are actually beating people in public places until they seize and in quite a few other bullying situations even resulted in DEATH‭!!!!!

Are you kidding me‭???? ‬I’m not choosing this blog topic to insult,‭ ‬ridicule or try to figure out why such young people desire to and have no problem whatsoever taking another human life.‭ ‬I have at least figured this much,‭ ‬in this world if you are not the‭ “‬bully‭” ‬you yourself may be the one who would be‭ “‬bullied‭”‬.‭ ‬I chose this topic to start my blogging because I had realized that recently two days in a row I was talking with two friends on the telephone on two separate days,‭ ‬and our conversations led to me sharing with them or should I say,‭ “‬humbling myself‭” ‬while opening up and sharing‭ “‬my story‭” ‬my life of being‭ “‬bullied‭”

I would just like the opportunity to share with those individuals who have or are bullying other people.‭ ‬I would like you to understand what it is like for the individual who is being tormented to‭ “‬at such a young age‭” ‬learn how much they hated the days Monday thru Friday‭! ‬When the sun goes down every night your fear begins,‭ ‬you open your eyes and you are literally‭ “‬paralyzed‭” ‬in fear because you have no choice whatsoever but to do what you are told and‭ “‬go to school‭” ‬for me it was like‭ “‬going to hell‭” ‬everyday.‭

I was the age of one day‭ ‬when there was a surgery performed on me,‭ ‬I was so tiny and young that the surgery ended up destroying my stomach however,‭ ‬I did not learn that until I was twenty one years old and pregnant.‭

All of my life I was forced to live in complete agony and pain,‭ ‬and based on the fact that it was my large intestine,‭ ‬odor,‭ ‬for this I was pushed,‭ ‬pulled,‭ ‬stepped on,‭ ‬hair-pulled,‭ ‬nasty notes left on my desk with a gift,‭ ‬a bar of soap,‭ ‬called the worse names,‭ ‬even worse than the ones I was called at home.‭ ‬I was so terrified to go to school that I would even hide in the woods alone‭ (‬with the red belly eraser snakes‭) ‬eeww,‭ ‬for eight hours praying that the school wouldn’t call my mom to say that I wasn’t there but of course they always did and man did I get beat when I got home,‭ ‬yes beatings were very common in the households of my day,‭ ‬but I would rather take that beating than have to go back to that hell.‭ ‬I only owned one pair of pants and we had no washer or dryer or even the money for laundry detergent even if we did have one,‭ ‬but I do remember my grand-mother bought me a winter coat and a brand-new pair of white sneakers,‭ ‬I loved them I really thought that I would be accepted in school now because I had two new things,‭ ‬well it had been snowing but it wasn’t too cold out,‭ ‬not cold enough to wear a winter coat but I just had to,‭ ‬it was so pretty,‭ ‬it went all the way down toward my ankles,‭ ‬it was baby blue velvet,‭ ‬trimmed with a long white beautiful fur with the silver clasps all the way down the front,‭ ‬I felt glamorous‭! ‬Well,‭ ‬being that it wasn’t really all that cold out that day the snow was melting everywhere and creating a‭ “‬slush‭”‬.‭ ‬We were all standing outside in single file and the teacher was leading all the way in the front of the line,‭ ‬I had no protection and therefore everyone toward the back of the line where I was,‭ ‬took turns‭ “‬stomping‭” ‬in the slush all around me so that it went all over my new coat,‭ ‬it was everywhere the white fur didn’t look very white after they were done and then they didn’t want to miss the opportunity to step on each of my brand new sneakers.‭ ‬I was devastated.

Needless to say,‭ ‬when I was old enough to skip school and get away with it‭; ‬I took every opportunity.‭ ‬I quit school on my sixteenth birthday and I never learned a thing in all of those sixteen years with the exception of learning very early how to allow people to abuse me.

It doesn’t hurt at all to smile at someone,‭ ‬someone who you can probably see is possibly less fortunate than yourself,‭ ‬that one smile could change that persons life it could give them courage,‭ ‬and give them just enough confidence to make it to school that day

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Buford Anderson
665 days ago

Hello Ellen! I mentioned this earlier when I submitted to "Tell ur story" why u need a new car, but this is more important and laying heavy on my heart and mind. Was reading comments this morning on a FB post about the news anchor bully. A mother commented about her young daughter being bullied @ school over her weight. Last yr articles were distributed and things put online about her with hundreds of hits. The school refused to investigate it so she was left to do it herself. She even offered a reward for the names of those involved. Six weeks into this school yr and it's started again with the school refusing to try and do anything about it. This mothers words hit me like a rock. I have hated bullies all my life. I have always been small, 130 at my heaviest. I was never bullied and have stepped in on things that didn't concern me to stand up for someone being done wrong. Most of the time the person I was standing up for was twice my size. Bullies target the weak. I can't help this mother personally but I know you can. I reached out to the mother by FB message.
The only way I knew to help was to tell her to contact you. Don't know if she will, you being the star you are she may think it's useless. I explained that your not a normal star, you care where

most wouldn't. Your a bright shining star that shines on a lot of people. Please reach out to this mother and daughter. This is a serious matter that needs immediate attention from someone. Please contact this mother on FB. Her name is Andrea Gilliam @ facebook/andreagilliam.14 Please help this young girl!! Don't make her suffer through another school year. Stop this before another young life is lost due to bullying. I believe she is in the Central Arkansas/Little Rock area. Thank you Ellen for all that you do, and for making this world a better place. Let's all be kind to one another!!!! :))

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Anthony Sanchez
668 days ago


please join this campaign: https://www.change.org/petitions/trustee-intentionall

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Anthony Sanchez
671 days ago

I recently lost a very dear friend as well as a employer who also had AIDS.

I too suffer from the end stages of HIV/AIDS complications. I have lived in my home
for the past 10 years however 2009 my ex employer to purchase the home with my
health begin to fail so that I could remain is my home which was in lieu of
years of service and work. December of 2011 my ex employer friend with his
purchase the home passed away the home was put in his trust however now the
trustee is in the process of disposing me although I was to have a lifetime
tendency. I am currently being harassed and bullied by the trustee which has tanken extreme actions based on the fact I have AIDS knowing the ill intentions of this "trustee" and the fact mortgage payments have not been made comes the intentional foreclosure issue which has now started
I find this trustees techniques to morally
wrong and extremely unethical. Considering the years of work and service I
provided for my now deceased friend given the Reliance of having a life
tendency. The constant harassing and being bullied is very extreme
considering I am to be disposed of intentionally the fact that a unlawful detainer has been served and am now awaiting judgment from court proceedings.

Please advise

A.E. Sanchez

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