Ellen and Portia have signed a letter to Congress urging them to ban the use of chimpanzees in animal testing. If you would like to learn more about this effort, or to sign the letter yourself, you can do both here.

protect apes from animal testing

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159 days ago

Such a great cause to get involved with Ellen but never mind the other animals tested on by Proctor and Gamble who own Cover Girl. As long as Cover Girl are giving you a fat pay check makes that kind of animal cruelty ok I guess.

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Anita Soldatos
184 days ago

Ellen, thank you for all you do- "Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven." Animals are people too; we are all just souls in different bodies. Respect those, animals, who look different from us but are just as worthy of respect and kindness.

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Sara McFeron
265 days ago

Signing it now!

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Marianne Gaeta
319 days ago

You know that Cover Girl DOES test on animals too. Why are you a spokesperson for a company that tortures animals for cosmetics to make a buck?

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388 days ago

Walgreens test on animals too!

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Sandy Currie
485 days ago

Ellen, please let Justin Bieber know that his little monkey Mally should not have been stolen from her mother at such a young age. Also, let him know that monkeys do not make good pets, most end up abandoned in a cage after they start biting people. I urge you to ask Justin to relinquish his monkey to a primate sanctuary, such as Jungle Friends Primate Sanctuary, Florida, where Mally can have a surrogate monkey mother & live with a family of monkeys. Monkeys are emotional beings who need their families & a species-specific environment so they can live as monkeys. Monkeys should not be isolated from other monkeys, they are wild animals - neither pets nor toys. Please intervene for Mally's sake. Thank you.

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505 days ago

Just watched the do***entary "Project Nim" and was horrified at the fate of chimps used in medical research.

On a related subject: I am looking into the cir***stances of a gorilla that is being kept isolated in a zoo. If this gorilla is in solitary for no good reason, it may take some public pressure to get the zoo to surrender her. I have contacted the zoo and USDA APHIS about her and am awaiting a response. If you are interested in helping this gorilla, and in the USDA's response, please contact eleanor@cpitools.biz.

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510 days ago

We have only one-tenth or less of the Chimpanzee population left because of the bush meat trade, experimentation and hunters selling the babies as pets without giving them proper diet or care just to make a buck. Please stop this insanity!

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Maryjean Tucci
530 days ago

We love the fact that Ellen has a love for all animals. We want to be able to help educate the world on knowing that the grief around the loss of a companion pet is significant, to be respected and validated. We would love be a part of the show with a segment on Pet Loss, we are both certified in pet loss and I am a grief counselor for hospice. Please let us know how we can get our book into Ellen's hands, we want to send her a personal copy and be able to upload pictures of her pets into the book also, how might we do this. Please let us know how we can make this great connection. Dedicated to the world of healing, MJ and Laurie. Thank you for your time. http://www.apeacefulpathpetloss.com

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532 days ago

“The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.” ― Mahatma Gandhi

Thank you Ellen and Portia for signing this important letter.

To others who've commented - of course we should end animal testing on ALL animals, but we have to start somewhere. There is so much duplicative and unnecessary testing done on animals it is shameful. If we can end experiments on chimpanzees that will be an excellent start.

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Destiny Karis
572 days ago

Animals are special people. LOL. We should treat them like we want to be treated. No more animal testing. Especially on chimps as they are my favorite animal in the whole world

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Michele Daigle
589 days ago

Unfortunately, this is done with many of our pet friends. The Beagle Freedom Project rescues Beagles from labs around the world. Some have wires running through their bodies, or one kidney, etc. Check out their website - they have a list of products that do not use animal testing. Besides saving the animals we can start by using that type of product.

Thanks Ellen for caring!

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Rebecca Bliss
605 days ago

I don't understand...why pigeon hole chimpanzees? I know you have a heart big enough for ALL animals. I want to make my move and place my footprint as a vegan and buy products with critical thinking...I don't know why you still work with covergirl. Please shed some light.

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Ricki Tedder
607 days ago

Hi Ellen,
My name is Ricki Tedder from Winston Salem, NC. I am a huge fan and DVR your show every day so as not to miss anything.
I so admire your lifestyle. Your generousity and kindness are overwhelming. Your October breast cancer awareness is fantastic. I'm writing because I have pancreatic cancer and there are not as many of us as breast cancer patients. Breast cancer survival is now around 90%, pancreatic cancer is 6% and has been for over 40yrs. There is a bill in congress right now that will provide more money for research for pancreatic cancer. It has passed congress and will go to the senate. Please encourage your audience to go to pancan.org and read more about it and how to contact your senator and ask him/her to please support this bill. Some of us are counting on it.
Thanks again Ellen.
Ricki Tedder

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Rena Glennon
631 days ago

"Bubbles"Michael Jackson's chimp was not all wrong Ellen, thanks gal for your support of our family ape tree. I want to back this and many of your pet causes by writing songs and raps for them and other endangered species, which i want my girl band to record and put out there. Music gets into peoples ears and they can hear your cause Ellen, better with a beat and a jingle some snazzy sweet girls who want to make a change. I have the girls ready to get up and at em'now. They are cool, vibrant and bursting with energy to make a change and bring the youngies on board to adopt a loving endangered creature,"Save As" from extinction.
Kindest Regards,
Rena g

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