When Ellen read Jackie's letter, she wanted to do something to help her. Ellen brought her to the show to hear her story in person, and to give her a surprise that will really lift her spirits -- a new car!

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Ana Maria Marin
147 days ago

I love your show...i live in Mexico, and watch tru youtube!!!

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148 days ago

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Heather Sutherland
149 days ago

Dear Ellen,
I am writing in regards to my maternal Grandmother, who actually raised me from the age of two months old and she has always put herself last in every situation in life. Her name is Helen Edden and she is a 72 year old disabled widow, mother of 5, grandmother of at least ten, and great grand mother to 7 children. She is disabled from many back surgeries that sometimes work and others do not. She never complains and at this point her entire back is a cage built out of rods, screws, and artificial disks, so trying to work is not an option for her. She has let me and my two year old daughter live with her and everyday I wish that I had the money to just buy her something dependable, it does not have to be new, we are not picky as she is usually the one trying to assist others with what they may need. I am currently going through drug rehabilitation and am not able to have an real income to help buy her something dependable. The Heep she was driving until it just went qua-put is a 1991 Cadillac that has not been running for over nine months, and she can't afford to get it fixed. Not too mention that she did warily drive this car the past two winters in freezing Montana and the heater did not work at all during those times, it also gets extremely hot during our summers and she of course had no air conditioning either. The total to fix the power steering is $650.00, and Two winters ago she actually did buy a space heater to put in the car in a cheap attempt to stay warm, not safe as it's open hot wires that would always fall over. This amazing, lovely women has helped so many people and never asked for anything in return, I cannot think of anyone that deserves not even a new car, just one to help her get to her doctors appointments which are 55 miles away, and she would love to be able to get out of the house now and then too. Taking drives and inhaling the beauty that only Montana can offer, especially the Bitteroot valley in the town of Hamilton where we reside. My Grandma's income is only $1050.00 monthly from social security; $610.00 going to rent, $125.00 going to the light bill, T.V.,phone and internet runs her $130.00. She also has groceries to buy, her medicines she really needs for her health, which besides her back is amazingly well! After all said and paid she is left with roughly $100.00 per month to last an entire month. That would be things like cleaning supplies, toiletries, clothing, god forbid an emergency would happen she would be stuck at home. I wish that I could give her the world as I don't think that anyone in her entire life has every truly done something for her just out of the kindness of their heart. When I am well and able i know that I can assist more but I am tapering my body down from a staggering does of methadone and am either pretty sick feeling or in Intensive Outpatient Treatment, so I feel horrible about not being able to buy her a reliable vehicle.
Ellen I watch your show often and you make my day worthwhile, and if this letter finds you and you get a hold of Grams, she is going to crap herself and maybe even be a little embarrassed about it, but sadly the only thing embarrassing is that darn car on its, well its over not even on its last wheel!! I am not asking for charity but there has been so much hurt in our family with everyone consumed with my addiction, this could be the exact lift of spirits that would make my Grandma truly happy and give her a small token of all the great things she has so selflessly done for everyone ever come in contact with her. I could never tell her how much she has been there for me, so i really need your help. Please Miss Ellen, I know you are such a positive generous Blue-eyed Cover Girl I would be beyond honored to hear from you personally even if its a no. I look up to you so much, I like to think I am a bit funny, turns out i am much more raunchy and bitter. I couldn't think of anything that would make more of a change to this special mom, grandma, great-grandma, and special friend and warm loving lady's life. I am honored to have you read this and Ellen Degeneres will know my name!!!! HOLY SH*T!
My name is Heather Sutherland
406-381-0652 or 406-375-5029

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Marie Stephen
150 days ago

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154 days ago

HELLO ELLEN, MY NAME IS GANAYE AND I LOVE YOU AND I LOVE YOUR SHOW YOU MAKE ME SMILE EVEN IN MY LOWEST MOMNET IN LIFE! My family has been through so much since 2005, my oldest brother was murdered in jail in 2005 he was beaten down in our local jail. well in 2006 my mom suffered a major stroke and almost died, she was strong and bounced back fast.i quit my job and took care of her in her home for the next two years. right after that i went to college and got a bachelors degree in criminal justice in honor of my brother.2010 Ilost my real dad to cancer and in 2012 i lost my step dad to a massive heart attack.Well now in 2013 im going through a lot of health issues myself no income and living with my daughter and her two kids.I just feel lost now that I took care of everyone else and just need a pat on the back and a prayer that I get back on my feet and back to me!ELLEN IF NOTHING MAKES ME SMILE OR LAUGH AGAIN IN THIS LIFE YOU DO AND YOUR SHOW GIVES ME HOPE THANKS AND YOU HAVE A BLESSED DAY!

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Shelby Woody
154 days ago

I am a single mother to my son Elijah and he is 5 years old and he goes to the school Imagine whoch is in Tempe, Az. I am a fulltime student at Rio Salado community college and I am doing it online but I recently moved to Phoenix in Sept and I was in a car accident which damaged my car and my neck all the way down my entire back. I was seeing a chiropractor which he did pressure point therapy in which was not working. Then my lawyers assigned me to him because they were waiting for the police report and because the man didn't have insurance they told me not togo to my doctors and that they could not help me anymore. What was really messed up they told me not to work so I didn't have the money for my rent and my car started to act real funny and in thos month of november my car is broke down. I have neuropathy in both feet and my whole right arm and mild carple tunnel in my left hand and my whole back and neck from the accident which was not my fault because I was rear ened in a high speed chase through phoenix and tempe and I want to sue the city for not catching him nefore hitting me so if u could help me with a car that actually works and doesn't break down all time. I am 29 and an african American that is having a hard time finding a job now because of the accident,I trying to finish school, put my son through the best school possible, I have had to sell everything to pay my rent, I dont think we will be having a Xmas either because I am having a hard time finding a part time job. I want to finish school and get a good job to support my son but having to walk everywhere with neuropathy in my feet I want to collapse sometimes because its so hard to walk I mean I have had three surgeries on my right knee and git s blood clot in my right knee that killed me and chandler regional hospital saved my life. Please being a single mother is extremely hard with not a lot of resources. If you can help it will really be important to me and my son.

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154 days ago

Dear Ellen

I am writing in regards to my mother in law. She is one of the most inspiring women I have ever met. About 4 years ago, she was hit by a car while walking out of the grocery store. The car didn't stop until it ran over her and she was underneath it. She had to go on disability and was unable to get any help from her accident including nothing from the man who hit her. During this time she had several surgeries and has had to go through this by herself, with some help from family and friends. Just this past year she was able to walk again with little assistance. After being able to walk again, she went in for a regular check up to find that her breast cancer returned after being cancer free for 15 years.

My mother in law has one of the most giving, caring and positive attitudes I have ever seen. Even after all this, she is still positive and knows that she has a purpose here and that she will fight the cancer a second time. I have learned so much from her about hard work, determination and thoughtfulness. She thinks of everyone else before herself. She is the first to help, even though she is in constant pain. People have often told me when they have met her that they couldn't believe how sweet and positive she was after everything that she has been through.

After all of her bills to live off of are paid every month, she only has $75 left for the month for groceries. Her car is on it's last leg. It is only her and her rescue dog and rescue cat that she took in. She even thinks to take care of animals in need before herself! If anything, I think the world could learn from someone like my mother in law Christina Black.

I have watched your show for years, and have seen you make such a difference in people's lives, just by smiling and dancing! You are such an inspiration Ellen and I just thank you for even taking the time to read this letter!

Much love!
Makaila Hart

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Diana Crowe Felton
157 days ago

My daughter, Christina Boucher, my sis Theresa Belden are both single Moms, hard workers. My sis went back to Culinary School at 55 and Graduated top of herClass. My daughter worked, went to University of Oklahoma, her Sr year, she was Pregnant but still went to school, walked the Campus, 9 months PG, arranged to have baby during a break and Graduated! We are all single and have been through some really hard times. I would love to see my daughter Christina and my sister Theresa, get new cars or money, to just be able to breathe! I am disabled and don't drive anymore, Ihave to depend on them to take me to me to my Appts. I love my family so much and would love to see more laughing (I can only be enttertaining so long) I am from Moore, OK, Class of 1969, MHS and we have such a unique Class, we are still very close friends. Although I lost my best friend, Vicki WernerSmith, she was a Opera singer and just a beautiful person, she left this earth 9/30/2012! I have so many stories, my daughter and sister need a little help, my daughters house was robbed, she has lost everything, if I could bring some Sunshine and Happiness into their lives, I would be very happy! I am asking *anta for a pair of tap shoes and Peace on Earth. I love to hear tap shoes, I saw the kids in New Orleans, with beer bottle caps stuck on bottom of tennis shoes, Ifigured I would have to drink 2 six packs of beer and then, probably wouldn't be able to tap, so I think the shoes would be safer!! I love New Orleans, was on job assign in Manndeville, the people were so friendly!! Anyhoo, please consider us for your next giveaways! Love You and your show!! Diana Crowe Felton

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Niya Lester
158 days ago

Hey Ellen,
Im sixteen years old and I'M writing this because my mom is need of a new car. She had fallen upon hard times when my uncle was murdered in front of myself and my grandmother in 2008.. It has been 5 1/2 years now she is back to work but her car is on its last leg my mom helps take care of everyone.. Every weekend on her off days she takes my great grandmother to the groccery store since my great grandad past away she always run errands for whomever is in need of her help in the family.. She is a single mom she works everyday to take care myself and my brother an sister she gave up her life to take care of my grandmother an me when my uncle was killed.. She is the oldest of all the children so she seems to never get a break everyone always leans on her.. I just wish she can have something special for herself once in a'while if you can help with a new car or with any of her debts ellen I'll work for you for free..Please can you help

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Christna Poole
158 days ago

Hi Ellen! I know a person in need of a car. He's a co-worker who is a single dad. This man, Adam, is a baker at Panera Breads in Arvada, Co. His schedule is from 9:00pm to 8:00am. He has to ride the bus in and home every day. I give him a ride when I'm available, but I work a very different schedule and am not always able to help him out.
He moved to Co. about a year and a half ago from Ill. and just hasn't been able to buy a car with rent, child care and well, life in general.
He sometimes he has to come in late to work because he had to find a sitter that could come to his house because he can't get his child to their house and find a bus to get to work. IF it's snowing, well that's a whole different story as busses run an hour or more behind due to weather.
I have to admit that he will be so completely surprised that I even wrote this for him. He and I had a real rough start when we met. Not to mince words but he irritated the hell out of me that first 6 months we knew each other! He reminded me of that annoying little brother that you're stuck with but have to love because he's family. We did eventually get over that and I am now proud to call him friend! He is a real good guy and a great father who is having a rough time and deserves so much more than he has had to deal with this past year and a half!
So, I'd like to nominate him for a car.

Thank you for considering him!!!
Love you and your show!!!
Christina Poole
6492 Owens st.
Arvada, CO

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Tisa grubb
158 days ago

Hey Ellen, I want to say I love your show. I really think you are so amazing.

About two years ago. My mom was on her way out the door from work and she pass out and hit her head.. One of her good friends at work discovered her on the floor. When my mom woke up she didn't know who she was. So her friend ask her where she lived at and my mom didn't remember where she lived at. So her friend from work took my mom to the hospital. The doctors said to us that your mom has brain cancer and that we need to do surgery.. On top of that she was lung cancer and thyroid cancer... Right now she is in remission.
My mom is a amazing person. She has a lot of her plate taking care of my dad that is very sick with dementia and Alzheimer's. But she always tried and keep her family going and she doesn't expect nothing in return.. She is always there for everybody else and she puts herself last.. I just hate to see my mom cry because her heart is always broken... I just don't know how she does it.
She has a car but don't know how much longer it is going to run. She needs a reliable car that she depend on to go back and forth to there doctors appointments.
So Ellen if there is anyway that you can help her

Thank you

Tisa Grubb

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robyn gagne
159 days ago

Hi Ellen, Been watching you since you were on stage doing your skits. I am a fan and admire all you do, you make people happy, laugh,a very kind person. now my story is about my 26 year old daughter who is getting wages garnished has a 2 year old and one thing after another. when she was in 5th grade she was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis which led to removal of her colon at her 16th bday and to wear anostomy bag for 6 weeks.she had a lot to deal with which led to her debt from years ago, shes so sad deoressed and her dad and I have used our retirement money to help but have nothing left to give, she doesn't have credit to get a loan to pay her bills . I am broken hearted for her nothing seem to go right please help her elln I have written to you numerous times hope this letter reaches you. please ellen

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Amy Tucker
160 days ago

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Susan Bulgier
161 days ago

Hello Ellen. While watching your show today,I saw the footnote asking if I know someone who was in need of a car. Well I am sure that I know the perfect person , my beautiful daughter Amber. I am living with her right now, as iI am unemployed. My cat and I would have been homeless had she not come to our rescue. Finding work at my age(62)has been a really tough task.She actually had no quams in moving myself and my little cat in. She was put into the position to have her own cat (STINKER)have to stay with a friend Until I can Get my own place,hopefuly soon. It just breaks my heart that she has done this so i could keep my cat(BABY GIRL).She absolutely adores her STINKER and visits him regularly.She never complains about paying all the bills including my belongings that are in storage. This has left very little for her to save for a car and her car is on its last leg. I am praying that I get a job so I can take care of myself.Amber is a kind, loving,precious and deserving daughter. I thank GOD for her everyday....I pray that a job comes through for me,so she can reunite with her little STINKER.

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Amy Hochstuhl
161 days ago

Awe brought tears to my eyes...I was a single mother at one time and its not easy....

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