When Ellen read Jackie's letter, she wanted to do something to help her. Ellen brought her to the show to hear her story in person, and to give her a surprise that will really lift her spirits -- a new car!

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97 days ago

Hi, my name is Garrett, and I live at home with my mother, and brother. I honestly don't even know where else to turn to. I will be fully honest, but I have never really watched the show before, but I have kind of ran out of options. I am commenting for my moms sake; she has been struggling with money for as long as I can remember. I used to be able to handle it but the older I get the harder it gets to see her struggle. She is never really happy anymore, cause the constant stress of money is always on her mind. She barely gets any sleep because of it, and in fact that is the part of the day she looks forward to so she doesn't have to worry. She is a single mom who makes around $23,000 a year. She is probably the nicest person I have ever met. She always does favors for people and never asks for anything in return. If you could help out in any way possible, even if it was only $1,000 it would mean the world to her and to me. I honestly didn't know where else to turn, but when I heard my mom say she would rather hang herself than to keep struggling like this; I couldn't just stand by. I don't know if you read these at all or how to even get a hold of you. I am basically hoping for a miracle.

Much love,

Garrett W.


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98 days ago

Hello Ellen. I pray that all is well. I have a very close friend who was diagnosed with pancreatitis about a year ago. Her name is Tanya. She a very sweet and fun loving person and full of life. Lately she hasn't had much of an appetite. She was about 150 pounds and now she's 125 pounds. I don't want her to lose anymore weight. I was wondering if you could do something nice for her. I'm sure it will really lift her spirits. She's been having alot of problems with her car and has a trying time coming to work. She really love lobster because that is her favorite food. I would really appreciate it. Love, Servon from Clinton, MD

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99 days ago

Dear Ellen,
I’m writing this letter because my daughter Jessica needs a new car badly, the one she has is just not up to the task she has to perform every day. She needs a reliable car for her new job that is 25 miles one way to town 5 days a week. Then on some days she has to travel more because it is a job where the employees meet at a base then drive to several different houses throughout the county. When it is her turn to drive she is always wondering if this is her cars last go. It is not just her that I worry about she also has my 2 and 1/2 year old grandson to get to day care safely throughout the week. Last summer on what seemed like the hottest day of the year, I got message that her and my grandson got stuck along the highway because of a blown hose on the engine. It would be so nice for them to have a reliable vehicle so I don’t have to worry so for them
On her way to work two weeks ago she texted me mom I am stopped on the highway again. My only thought was the beast gave up the ghost. Not yet, it only ran out of gas. Sadly that was a relief.
Sincerely, Stacy Turcott

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108 days ago

ellen can u help me and my son that in a weelchair he has autism and to top that nigel has seizures we need a van with alift please help us stacy nigel and eric too

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Michelle Sam
112 days ago

Dear Ellen, first I would like to say I love your show, and spent much of my Christmas morning watching reruns of your show, especially your giveaways because they make me happy watching them, and that brought me to this page trying to find other shows after watching them on youtube. It made me so happy on this day to see the young mom and her beautiful daughter receive the blessing of the car. I have written an email to you today, but didn't know for sure if you received it, so after watching once again about this sweet mom, I thought I would write again. Well my story is probably like any other you get, but even though it's hard to put this out in the universe and to you, I'm writing about my family needing help. I am the 50 year old mother of a 15 year old non-verbal, severely autistic son named TrèRomeo Anderson. My son has severe aggression with banging his head on hard surfaces such as the wall, biting his arms and being aggressive towards me and his father who is also disabled due to eyesight problems caused by diabetes. Tre has high sensory issues, such as with sounds, smells, sight etc, that seems to hurt him, among other issues, that cause his aggression. Otherwise, this is the autism that know one sees, hears, or talks about. I don't work, because I took my son out of school due to being aggressive towards his teachers, and him coming home with a bad limp, that no one could explain to me, therefore, I home school him. Also, I have health problems, but tried to finish my bachelors degree, but money ran out, and I couldn't finish. We have been stranded for over a year with no transportation, which leaves it hard to go to appointments, grocery store etc. Plus even though we were blessed to have rent payments somewhat because the house is 103 years old, it still takes up half of the disability payments we receive, and my son has done some damage to it, and we try to patch it up as we can save money for it. I love my son dearly because he has saved my life, because of the severe depression that have tried many times to take me to the level of not wanting to continue life, but I think about my son, because he needs me very much. My autistic son is the youngest of my 6 children, and the other 5 are grown now, so Tre is my forever baby, because he'll never be able to take care of himself, unless something changes with autism. I wasn't able to by him and my eight grandchildren Christmas presents, because of the disability payments that isn't that much, like most others with disability. I know there are many people who need help, but if this comment /email should reach your desk, or with other letters of need, I would be happy and honored if it was chosen for any future help. We love you and your show. Thanks to whoever reads this.
Michelle Sam
610 Oak st.
Longview Texas 7560...5

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rhonda smith
120 days ago

ellen i tryed to email u but some how it dident work im still learning on this computer. i was hopen you could help me and my 14 year old daughter my husband passed on the 9th he always did christmas for us now their will not be 1 at all. we depended on him for alot to make a very long story short we will now do without so may things the biggest thing will be, no way for us to get around specialy in the freezing cold and im diabled i dont have alot of room to explain so could you please consider calling me or have some 1 call us Rhonda&Haley thank you 734-231-1645

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121 days ago

Ellen, call me please 8323936181 I need to get away. My birthday is in February I want to go on a trip. So, you may say so go...RIGHT I work for the CITY OF HOUSTON...Show me the MONEY!!!

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121 days ago

Ms Ellen, this person who is in need of a car is the most giving person I ever met. Beside my mom who is resting in the arms of Jesus. My pastor. She wears so many hats for everybody else I wonder wear is her head for her own. She prays for and with many. She has move people in her home, who used her. This Lady should win the Pastor Award!!! if their was one. I have never met one like her. Yes she is single. Her husband past some few years ago. She has 4 children and right at 10 grandchildren. Her life is others, she has lost her self in helping others. My pray is God give her favor on earth. Yes, she had a car. She lean it out and it got wrecked. But, did that stop her? NO when the news came to her, she remained calmed. Her question was? Is every body ok? WOW!!! She is a very classical Lady Pastor. She will give you her shoes, dress, socks, boots, jewel, anything...her love for people is real. She is short in height...very big in her HEART!!! Bless my Pastor with a car. Thanks!!!!

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LaQuisha McQueen
125 days ago

Dear, Ellen
My name is LaQuisha McQueen and I'm a single mother of two beautiful young children ages 29mths. & 9 years old. As of lately bad luck has really been on my side it started with me and my kids going out to dinner and having my purse stolen inside of a restaurant while we were getting our food at a buffet. Having everything personal in my purse stolen from money, cell phone to identification & s.s. cards also kids insurance cards our identity was taken in a matter of minutes. I had trails and tribulations the first few days but by the grace of God I over came. My car has been given me problems since the first week I had it, right now its barely running literally it's in no shape to be driven because it hazardous and dangerous. It has left us stranded numerous times and I've been late to work on several occasions also my daughter was absent to school for her first time ever because my car broke down just a few miles away from her school leaving us no choice but to be towed home. I believe that it has a cracked head gasket now. She cried all the way home constantly asking me to get a new car. But, she has no idea that I struggle daily to keep a roof over their heads and food on the table. I really wish that I can warm their hearts with a nice clean reliable car. We've never owned a brand new vehicle. My daughter attends Harmony School of Excellence I drive quit a distance every morning to her school so she can get the best education I know she needs but my car runs hot so I have to drive 10 mins. and stop for a few minutes to allow it to cool off. I had developed a system to leave earlier so we could make it on time. Now we must wake up 3hrs. early and leave 2hrs. sooner just to ride the bus and make it on time. All my money goes towards bills and food and gas so there's really no Christmas for my kids which I feel like I'm letting them down. We have no tree nor decorations for the holidays. When my youngest sees Christmas lights it really lights up his face and he points and jump for joy. He says "Santa mad at us". I hold back my tears and continue to stay strong for my kids. So, we'll be very appreciative for a more reliable car or whatever we're blessed with or some decorations a tree and gifts for my kids. Continue to be kind... HAPPY HOLIDAYS & GOD BLESS!

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myrna spots
127 days ago

Hey Mrs Ellen, my name is Mary Collins I am 20 years old with a disability .I been rasied by this wonderful lady name Ms Spots since I was 7 years old .She made sure I got to school everyday hot or cold rain or snow, her transportation was not so good but we made it. Now her and I is without transportation and i just graduated from high school. I would like to attend a couple of classes at HCC but we have no transportation. I had never caught a bus before because I didn't understand the bus system. Ms Spots transported me every where so please consider us in the car giveaway, because I would like to try college. I know I can do it, if I get a chance to get back and forth there.

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Tracy Janelle Branham
134 days ago

Dear Ellen, I'm writing to you about the most amazing best friend in the whole world Shannon Spence. We have been best friends for 25 years, even though we've lost touch for a little while. We always seem to find eachother again and 5 years ago we did just that thanks to FaceBook. She was in West Virgina and myself in Crane,Missouri. I only had the previledge to speak to her husband Steven on the phone once. He passed away shortly after from a rare form of Lucimia. Four years later she and her 8 year old daughter moved here to Republic,Missouri. Living now in a 3 bedroom apartment along with her 21 year old son and his fiance whom are expecting their first baby in July. Finacialy things are tight even with the one car they do have which needs a tune-up badly. Its a 2008 Pontiac Torrent it needs new breaks and spark plugs changed. They are doing the best that they can and I do try to help all I can. Despite all of her finacial issues she tries to keep a strong face on for her daughter specially now during the holidays when they miss Steven the most. Ellen thank you for everything that you do making the days that are difficult to bear abit more bearable!
Have a Safe and Happy Holidays to YOU AND YOURS WITH ALL OUR LOVE HERE IN THE OZARKS! :-)

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Britney John
135 days ago

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Rebekah Wyre (Becky)
139 days ago

Ellen, you are such an inspiration! You literally make my heart happy. Due to health reasons, I was no longer able to work since June of 2012 and I became deeply depressed and felt I no longer had a purpose. My career had been as a Statewide Pro Bono Coordinator for Kansas Legal Services and my job was my joy. Being able to help people who might have otherwise gone without legal assistance was my daily smile and when I could no longer work, that smile faded for a long time.
In December of 2012 my daughter and her family moved back to Kansas to be nearer to family. In May of this year, my health had somewhat improved but I continue to have Chronic Kidney Failure and don't know from one day to the next what life holds. My daughter felt it might be good for me to spend time with my grandson Titan. He visits on Thursdays and Fridays and each of those days you are a constant in our afternoon routine. Between this beautiful child and his love for your show (I love you as well), laughter and healing have entered my life. I have always practiced kindness to others but you top it all. Watching you bring joy into lives has enriched my life more than I can ever put into words.
We are blessed to have such an enriching and inspiring show as yours. Keep up the good work. Instead of an apple a day keeping the doctor away, we believe an Ellen a day does a much better job. You are not only healing the human spirit but you are healing lives.

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Valerie .C
141 days ago

Hi Ellen. I watched your show and at the end it asked...do you need a car? Why, yes I do. I'm a single mother who needs transportation. It is hard to rely on others to get me places, especially on time, lol. I could tell you about the horrors and traumas that life has dealt me, but it is not necessary to complain to receive a blessing. You asked, I pray that I receive. I love you and what you stand for. You make me laugh daily and I just love it. Whether I get anything or not, I hope you get to know that I think you are an amazing woman who makes lives better just because you exist!


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143 days ago

cant pick just 1 love them all,ellen;s show is the best

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