When Ellen read Jackie's letter, she wanted to do something to help her. Ellen brought her to the show to hear her story in person, and to give her a surprise that will really lift her spirits -- a new car!

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debrah keith
129 days ago

i wrote about me,my grandson n my car ,this is my 1st time on u sigh ellen i just want to say i love u n i enjoy u show,s n u danceing .thank u so much for cheering me up n makeing me laugh n smile n so much more .have a nice day n sweetdreams love u ellen

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154 days ago

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Bianca Crankshaw
161 days ago

Hi Ellen, I absolutely adore you and your show!
My name is Bianca I'm 19 an only child and I'm from Australia. I watch your show every chance I can get! I love seeing you help others, it inspires me to be a better person :)
I would like to tell you a bit about my mum and I and how we are struggling at the moment with quite a few things. I'm 19 and about to leave home for university in Ballarat to study psychology, I deferred uni last year because I could not afford to go. My parents are living separately after being split for around 8 years, which has been really tough to say the least. As much as my mum would kill me to know I was writing to you, I think you really need to hear this. Mum has been struggling to keep up with the swarm of bills as every time we seem to be fine a huge bill comes crashing in as well as other obstacles in life. My mum works two jobs to support us, as do i, and we are looking to move into a smaller property as we can't afford to stay where we are. I feel that my mother has had a hard time keeping up with things especially since I'm a teenager with anxiety and depression and it can be hard to handle when I'm feeling low. It was especially hard for her in 2012 and last year as I tried to commit suicide(fist time writing that and saying it out load). I am NOT medicated nor will I be, because with help of family, friends and health professionals I was able to recover. The focus and my main reason for writing to you is that our car is older than i am and is on it's last legs, I as well as my mum and dad have paid $1000's towards keeping it running, as we have two very large dogs (Rottweilers) that we take a lot of places, they can only travel in the station wagon. Mum would love a dog trailer and a car to tow it with, but I can't afford to save for this as well as pay for uni. I currently drive the station wagon while mum drives the Holden barina around. I know many people are less fortunate then we are, however this is the one thing that would/ could get mum and I back on track with our lives. My mother hasn't quite been the same since a lot of other personal things have happened, I won't mention them as others need to write to you with their stories as well. If you could help or maybe give us some ideas or tips on how to recover, it would be much appreciated. I love you Ellen you inspire me to keep living life :)

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Lisa Hensler
162 days ago

forever a single mom

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163 days ago

I have a life changing story for you I gave birth to my 6th child in my bedroom all by my self becouse my midwife was up north and my boyfriend was at work. Do I told the other 5 kids I was in labor and needed to get in the bath to calm the contracktipn but got to the bed and couldn't make it to the bath tub so I got up on the bed and had the baby. And when Derek got there she was in my arms with the cord still atached so Derek cut the cord help me to push out the rest of the aftervbirth then got in the tube washed up. 1and bathed the baby got dress waited for the midwife so it should tell you women can do anything youut your mind too
You have to have faith in God and your self I haven't had cable in 6 years so I learn about your show thew the phones internet.now she is7 months old health as a happy baby could be
I don't have a car because there wasn't enough seats to sit in so we stay home a lot becouse .I have been fighting Ssi and isn't able to work becouse of copd. Our trailer hs 3 bed rooms it only 750 square feet for 8 people I hope to get a bigger some day so the kids will have a place to play we had a swing set but the. Trailer fort made

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Michelle McBride
165 days ago

I Love you Ellen...I am looking for the car giveaway...
I know Im important to you...so I will Hold....lol lol

Thank you for all you do!!

Michelle McBride

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Angela LeBlanc
166 days ago

My son Alec is 10 and was born with Chiari and a Growth Hormone Issues. We live in Dayton Ohio and I have to drive him to Cincinnati 1 to 2 times a week. My car has been broke down since the first of the year and I have to barrow my dads truck to get him to his appointments. I am a single mother on disability I don't have the money to get my car fixed and don't bring in enough money to get a better car. I am running out of hope and not sure how much longer I can use my dads truck. Thank you Ellen for put a smile on our face.
Angela Leblanc 937-60...3-1582

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Lizbeth Villalobos Barraza
176 days ago

Ellen, I love your show ! I have always believed that there are angels among us and I believe I have found one its you :)

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Pearl Bolton
178 days ago

hi,Ellen this is not for. Me I lost my job last year and things been hard but that don't stop me to get out there and look. For a job but once. You get older company. Think u. Cann't handle job.so my daughter paying. All the bills and I feels soooooo. bad about. it .I go to library every week to catch up with the show so yesterday I saw your show. On tv.she surprize me by cutting the cable back on .so I can see u i hope one day u can call her and tell her mother really love her and thank her.God bless my kids.thank u Ellen 18036653185 thank my. Daughter brittany number

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Kennadey Birdsong
179 days ago

Dear Ellen, my mom doesn't know I'm doing this, I want to be a surprise. I wish my mom could win this new car because, I believe she really deserves it.I'm sixteen and in high school as a sophomore. My mom and dad split up a year ago in December. It's been horrible. My mom suffers from lupus and congestive heart failurel. It was two years ago when she had her heart attack. She was in the hospital for almost a month. It was Deering my fourteenth birthday. I was so scared to lose my mom. They said that she would have to have a transplant, her heart functioned at 13%. They said her heart wouldn't get past 20%.. We all prayed so much! She had to go to the hospital not to long ago, but a miracle happened and her heart is now functioning at 35%! I know there is a lower chance of us coming and meeting you and winning this car, but Ellen this would be amazing and maybe this would bring a little faith back into our family. Love, Kennadey Birdsong

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David Perry
179 days ago

Dear Ellen, For the car give away, I have a story to tell. My wife and I have collectively raised 8 children. We are the typical struggling middle class family. I am currently out of work due to an injury suffered on the job. One and a half years ago two of our sons made us aware of one of their former classmates and friend who through no fault of his own had to vacate the house he was living in and was living in his car. His mother is a drug abuser and his step dad did not want him living with him. So my wife and I decided to open our house to him, mentor him to obtain his GED. Which he now has. He finally was able to get a job and then his very old car died. Now he relies on friends to get him to work on time and to pick him up after.A new car might just give him the light at the end of the tunnel and show him that this is indeed a great society and that people do care. I am sure that you will get a lot of stories and know that you will chose the one that is most in need. Thank you in advance for your consideration and no matter what your decision we will continue to love and support you.
Thank You
David Perry
1822 Fox Run Drive
Unit A
Elk Grove Village, IL. 60007

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Gloria Shaw
179 days ago

Omg I love you Ellen I watched all your old shows funny . I wanted to entered too try and win my daughter a car. Me and my hubby had to move to Rosenberg TX from Philadelphia Pa, in 2012 because my hubby job relocated him. I had retire because I could not find any in my field. My oldest daughter of my 3 children moved to be here with us. Denise is her name she have a 4 yr old son Kensir . She do have a car that get her from a too b that my hubby bought her .(it's not in that good of shape but that's all we could afford). She does her best working and raising my grandson with the help of hubby and me.( known by our grandson as pop pop and mom mom). She a have a heart condition which means she will take meds. for the rest of her life. Being young 25 she have to paid 4 her meds and doctors appointment.. So it would be nice if she could win a new car. That would be soooooooooooooooo awesome. I just thought I might try. Thanks Ellen you are sooooooooooooooooooo cool. Continue happiness and peace too you and your family:-)

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180 days ago

HI, I am not sure if the car giveaway is still going on but if so I know someone who really could use one. It is my best friend. She and her son were in a very bad head on collision. She has had 7 surgeries to date. I am just grateful they are alive. I tell her all the time I Love the scars.I will help if only by ear or anyway I can. There are days i struggle with all of this since we live in different states now. She is trying to move close to me but has to wait for all the surgery stuff to be done and finish her college classes. She is doing them all as she recovers. She is such a strong person. I am lucky to know her and her lil man. Hopefully you get this.. Thank you very much for your time.. Oh yes.. Love to watch your show when I am home and able to watch it :)

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dharna miranda lopez
189 days ago

im single mom with a daugther 8 yrs old first i lov ur show n i lov what u do with alots of people helping im always crying im very emotional beacuse ur help releive n help hilling my english its not to good sorry about my mistakes im writing let me tell you something about my daugther and me my daugther born with alots health conditions her brain doent grow up complete she is epilectic but she have absent seizures she have sids in both kidneys she have short memory terms she have development delay she asthmatic cronic no matter the little flu she got jumping to neumonia she got the worse problem she is very heavy her weight is 170 pounds and she dont eat to be like that she have sleep apnea she have escoliosis in her back with 9 degrees and she have one of her legs more short than the another one she dont walk long distance because her weigth and star complain about her feet hurts alot she is my heroe because she come trougth to alots stuff and her youngest age her name is Samira Leandra she going to the boston children hospital 3 or 4 time per month but the public transportations getting worse always have to be in the van for more the 3 or 4 hours waiting for the another ones finish to go back to the town where i live and its very hard for my and her to be in the van for more the 3 or 4 hours and after that going back and they always complain beacuse she cant stay still or because she talk to much every time its a complain about it and i tell then how you can contorl a kid inside the van for more the 4 hours waiting go back to home its very difficult i hope i can have a car but my money situation its no to much paying rent bills more food the money not all the time help but its not enougth so some time i have to cancel some her appointment because i dont have money to buy some food for her in a wild waiting to go back home its very hard for me and depressing to be like that i dont have friends or family to help me im only alone with her she never have a real birthday party with friends because her barthday is in january 2 or real vacation to go some park nothing at all and she its my reason to open my eyes every day and another thing about my health condition no matter what she helping me alots because my back problems getting worse and im stop feel my legs more frequenly and shes always by my side im frustrate beacuse im who supoust to be who made everything for her and i cant do it because my back problems i know its another people with worse problems but its not easy at all to me and her to live like that im just writing this because you take time to read what the people said because they dont have family or friends like me thanks for take the time to read this and god bless you because god give you a gift and help anothers thanks Ellen u r amazing god bless you forever att. Dharna j. miranda lopez

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194 days ago

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