Today's audience just missed the 12 Days of Giveaways... or so they thought! Ellen surprised them all with a bonus day of giveaways! It started with a $250 Whole Foods Gift Card and a Follow Your Heart Natrol Gift Basket! Follow Your Heart is a company that makes great vegan products like their Vegenaise, which is a heart-healthy, cholesterol-free mayo alternative. It's better than mayo because it's made with heart-healthy oils, it's dairy and cholesterol-free and it tastes great! Their gift bag also included great Natrol products like Natrol easy C! Find out More about Whole Foods, Natrol and Follow Your Heart here!

Next, Ellen gave everyone a $200 Taschen Gift Card! Taschen is a worldwide art publisher specializing in books on art, architecture, design, fashion, film, travel, and lifestyle. Whether your book costs $10 or $10,000, Taschen strives to produce, design, and package each of their books beautifully and uniquely. Ellen's audience also got Taschen's #1 Best Seller, Philipp Keel's "Simple Diary," Volumes 1 and 2! Learn more at

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Then Ellen gave everyone cool new Sennheiser HD205 headphones! Sennheiser is German engineering at its best and has been for more than 60 years. They are the highest quality headphones and microphones you can get! Celebrities like Pink, Katy Perry and Beyonce have chosen Sennheiser for their demanding live performances. In fact, DJ Tony uses Sennheiser headphones exclusively! You can find out more at

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Ellen also gave everyone an amazing gift for their hair! José Eber is an iconic hairstylist who is acclaimed for his influential celebrity hairstyles. Ellen's audience can get a new look for the new year with the perfect regimen of styling products and styling tools for healthier hair! They got Joseé Eber Therapy RX Conditioning Tool -- a NO HEAT moisture boosting tool that puts moisture back into hair with Infrared LED lights! They also got a José Eber Infrared blow dryer! Its healthy heat and dries hair 50% faster! But that's not all, they all went home with a José Eber TRIO, a Tri Barrel Clipless Curling Iron that will let them curl their hair any way they want it. It's like 3 curling irons in 1! You can find out more about these products for yourself at

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Ellen's audience really cleaned up, and now they'll be able to clean up even more with a Mint Plus Automatic Floor Cleaner! Mint Plus is a robotic floor cleaning appliance designed exclusively for hard surface floor cleaning and automatically dusts and wet mops hard surface floors using popular cleaning cloths, such as Swiffer brand Dry and Wet Cloths. Mint pairs technology with practicality. It's perfect for any home, and is especially convenient for pet owners and people with allergies! Get one for yourself at

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Ellen finished it off with one last amazing gift -- a Vizio 8" Tablet with WiFi! Ellen's audience will experience entertainment freedom at their fingertips with this high resolution 8" touch screen. They'll also stay ahead of the game with hundreds of thousands of apps from the Android Market, like their universal remote app which controls everything in your home theater, while its built-in HDMI port enables HD video output to your TV. It also comes with a front-facing camera that makes it ideal for video chats, and you can store all your media with a MicroSD card slot for added space. It's entertainment without boundaries! You can get one at!

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