Ellen is giving her fans a chance to win every single 12 Days prize! Watch for a "secret word" to appear on the show. Enter the secret word on EllenTV.com, and you could be a winner!

ellen's winter wonderland

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Veronica Flores Espalin
183 days ago

Merry Christmas Ellen....

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Georgene Bergeron
205 days ago

Hi Ellen. I just wanted to say Hi. I just finished watching your show. I also wanted
To tell you it sure would be nice to be there
where you are. It is really cold here, Right
Now it is -13 below zero, a windchill temp
is around -40 ish.
Love you Ellen and you're warmth.
Your Friend, Georgene

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John Gibson
220 days ago

merry xmas

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Jacqueline Jager
222 days ago

My family would be so surprised if a BIG PACKAGE showed up from you! It would have to be a mighty BIG PAKAGE to hold all the wonderful gifts you've poured onto your audiences and fans in the 12 days of Christmas Giveaways! WOW! A dream come true for so many - overwhelmingly good!

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christina perez
228 days ago

Ellen,it would really be a DREAM come true to win all of the "12 DAYS OF CHRISTMAS GIVEAWAYS",winning one item would really be nice,but every single thing that I've seen all week long so far!!!! REALLY!! I would really want to see the face of the person that does win,I cant see the show when it actually comes on(here in zapata tx.4pm)because I go see my mom at the hospital so I record your show,the first thing I do,is to turn you on,your show puts a smile on my face,at the end of a long day,just seeing how happy you make other people,makes me happy.

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Sher Neely
231 days ago

I think Ellen is fantastic! She reminds me of a long ago late night host on NBC. But she takes it the extra mile!

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Angelina Keene
233 days ago

Angelina Keene

I will love to win the 12 days giveaway for my family not able to shop this year have bills to pay.

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233 days ago

would love some nice things for my beautiful granddaughter and daugther for Christmas..I take care of my Mom and I cannot leave her to go out and work i have not been able to but them gifts in 8 yrs no joke i feel like such a heel.. they deserve so much ..Thank You for listening ..Love your show Wishing you lots of Love this Holiday Season Jackie Yellman 859-866-6917 437 Fairale Dr. Lexington Kentucky 40511

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Theresa Scruton
239 days ago

Your a true inspiration to all of us and make so many dreams come true. your compassion and great sense of humor sure enlightens our heart and soul. God Bless you and Happy Holidays. I know nothing about twitter or facaebook. Just email. I wanted to register for any gift for Christmas. A chance to win a sweepstake or even a gift card, would be so heartfelt. Sincerely Theresa

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carol caissie
240 days ago

so many needy people not greedy to share with!

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Rosemary Gannon
276 days ago

You are a beautiful person inside & out. I love you, I record everyday so I won't miss your show.When I'm down you cheer me up. When you help people I cry I can tell you truly care about them. If the world had more people like you it would be a better place.
Have a Merry Christmas & a Happy Healthy New Year

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kevin mccoy
283 days ago

love your show

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S Rossiter
457 days ago

Hi There,Ellen!
I started watching your show about 2 months ago...I know, I know, where the heck have I been?
OK... working & now retired, wahoooo!!! You are a total trip!!

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sharon davis
499 days ago

It is always good to see people win on your show it makes me cry, and you are guffy as hell.I would be blown over to win even your underwear i see on tv, i hope to be blessed and win from your generousity. Lots of love to you Sharon.

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Amanda S
515 days ago

“Winning Ticket”

Hi Ellen,

(My letter to you became so long, that I felt like it needed a title).

My name’s Amanda, and I'm 27 years old and I still live at home with my mom and dad :( They are good people, but seeing as I'm the youngest of 5, they too are ready for me to move on. I have a girlfriend of 5 years this May 11th, and I would love to live with her in our own home, and be able to see her more than only on the weekends. But in this economy, it seems like wanting to have a full time permanent job WITH benefits! Nonetheless; that makes enough money to support one’s self, is becoming a dream more than a reality. I did what I was groomed to do in life, go to school, and get a degree. But the burden of my student loans is now ironically holding me back from being able to move on with my life. I have been laid off from two different jobs. This last job I held was with the government. I was with them for 2 years, and now I’m on unemployment again. I have over $50,000 in debt, which might not seem like much, but the majority of it is private loans with high interest rates. I continually take one step forward and two steps back with my payments. I haven’t had health insurance since I've been in college, and of course that’s when all the health issues pop up—when you don’t have insurance.

Every weekend I buy a scratcher ticket in the hopes that I’d hit the jackpot. A $100,000 would be nice because 40% goes to taxes, then I’d be able to wipe my slate clean, and have a little extra for a down payment on a home. An even bigger dream would be to win $2,500 a week for the rest of my life. Missouri has that scratch-off game right now. The awesome thing about it is that I might not ever have to work again. Especially in an office doing data entry all day ever day, because that’s all I’m qualified for. I am an artist, and since I was little I always thought things would fall into place. Maybe that’s my imagination at work. But I always had a gut feeling back then that something good would happen and I wouldn't have to worry about things. But now I’m really paying the price, because that gut feeling is turning into a lump. So many things I wish I could go back and change. I should have gotten a business degree alongside my Studio art degree; or a graphic art degree instead. But then I think I wouldn't be happy. I went to school for what I was talented at, and I worked hard and made good grades. I enjoyed what I earned my degree in, and I am a pretty good artist.

I know life should be about hard work and grit, and discipline, I know. And I have worked hard, I have been disciplined. But jobs today break down people’s spirits so low, and so early on, it’s ridiculous. I've been working 10 years of my life, and I feel like it’s triple that. Employers today know they can snatch up someone else in an instant, so no matter where you go or how hard you work, you’re still disposable. For my previous job with the government, we were scored based upon our production standards and how much work we could get done for them. That was how they also determined bonuses, when they decided to hand them out. Anything over 130% was scored as an Outstanding, and when my foot was walking out of that door in January, I was at over 200%. See what I mean, disposable.

Moreover, last time I was on unemployment, I gained 100 lbs. I was so depressed. After working 2 years with the government, you’d think I’d gain another 100, but knowing that my end was coming, I knew I had to make a change in myself, or I’d be in trouble again being home all day alone in my room, (with a screaming niece and nephew outside my paper thin walls). I went from drinking over a 30 pack a week, to not drinking a drop. I stopped eating out, unless it was for special occasions that I factored in as rewards to myself, like my birthday. I went from running a minute to 60 minutes straight! And I’m now in my 3rd week of P90X. I started all of this in October of 2012, and was laid off in January of 2013, and I’m still going strong. I've lost over 70 lbs so far!! I’m finally starting to look like my college self again. Today on Facebook, one of my distant friends said my picture was pretty, besides my girlfriend and parents, that’s the first time someone has called me pretty in 4 years. Seeing as I was a 100 lbs lighter, and in my prime at 22 when I first met my girlfriend, gaining that much weight definitely put a strain on our relationship. My girlfriend Christina, is one of my main constants in my life, I knew that I had to lose the weight not only for our relationship, but for myself. I couldn't do it for her; I had to do it because I wanted to be healthier. Needless to say, I am a lot healthier now, and I would be a lot happier if it weren't for my financial situations.

[I've reached out to you before, but that’s like a needle in a haystack I’m sure, as with this. I mailed you a CD of a children’s book I drew of my past dog and my brother’s past dog. I spent over a year working on it. I spent several hundred dollars mailing it out to agents and publishers on shipping costs, and prints. Its 30 pages colored, and most publishers recycle work because everyone seems to be looking for alternative ways to find work, and they are swamped. No one will look at my work. You can tell it’s not even paged through with the few I have gotten back. I wrote to every agent I could find, and none were taking new clients. Stuff like this makes me feel like I’m treading through mud].

Winning money is a dream, having a job I’d be proud of and happy with should be a reality. But for now, I’ll still continue to dream. If I could get some financial forgiveness, I wouldn't have to worry, because believe me, worry runs in our family. So the fact that I have real things to worry about, adds to my worry. So for now, all I can do is hope that when I scratch off my weekend scratch-off for the $2,500 for life, that it says winner; because it’s the closest chance I feel I’ll ever have to being able to be free. And freedom says it all, and when things seem hopeless, I’ll continue to think of that winning ticket.

So thank you. Thank you for listening.

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