Our hero principal wasn't leaving the show without a huge surprise. Our friends at Target hooked-up this amazing principal with an astounding check for $100,000! They also had a big surprise for all of her students, and our audience!

If you were moved by Principal Sherrie Gahn's amazing story and want to help her and the children and families of her school, you can make a donation! Checks can be sent to Whitney Elementary School, 5005 Keenan Ave., Las Vegas, NV 89122-7461.

Or, donate by credit card here.

To see a list of items that Whitney Elementary needs, please visit their website.

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252 days ago

Dear Ellen,
Hello, I am writing you today for selfish reasons. My whole life I have struggled with sever dental problems. The only time as a child I was taken to a dentist was when I was 10, I kept complaining about pain and being made fun of at school. When I was finally taken the dentist who told my mother it would be $2599 for braces. her response was : well its not coming out of my cruise money, she will just have to get by. When you hear something like that from your own mother as a child you believe it.. Obviously I had no self esteem and become very introverted and even tried to swallow a bottle of baby aspirin to stop all the terrible things that was happening to me.. Now today many many years later as I grew and figured out I could and always would have to do things for myself. Life happens, I am not going say my life has been terrible because I have had many beautiful moments, however I still struggle with my teeth.. They are in dire need of dental implants. I am in pain everyday. Yesterday I actually went to a specialist because his ad on the internet said he was willing to help and work with anyone.. Again I got my hopes up for nothing.. The cost he said would be $36,000 for the four all on one implants that would fix my problem in 3 hrs total.. I do have insurance however it will only cover extractions with a limit of $2000.00 and no rebuilding.. Ellen I have lived a life of humiliation and even feel my life has been paralyzed because of this. I work from home so no one sees me. I m very sorry to post this because I realize there are many more people more deserving of the kindness you spread everyday but my desperation has gotten the best of me.. I do not want to just sit in this house and wait to die because of something as stupid as this but that has been my life.. I want to go out and dance and most of all , more than anything in the world I just want to have a big beautiful smile.There are no photos of me anywhere and I feel like I am the only woman in the world that has never tried a lipstick.. Thank you for making me laugh everyday..

Jennifer H

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kimberly walker
253 days ago

Hi Ellen, My name is Kim in 27 years old and a single mother of a 2 year old son named De'Mari, I'm emailing you in regards to my dad James who is 74 years old and is suffering from congested heart failure and because of it is no longer able to work, my dad has been my mother and father sense i was about 7 1/2 after my mom passed away from breast cancer. My dad has always went and still does go out of his way to help people even when he doesn't have the means to do so, he will give his last to help any and everyone. The reason i'm sending you this email is because now my dad is in a position to wear he need help, he's in so much debt do to my brother passing away unexpectedly on September 25th after being diagnosed with cancer just a month earlier, and after all this he's still trying to help everyone else out, he's behind on his bills and has a car that doesn't run and due to his heart problems he has a lot of doctors appointments he needs to go to, i wish there was more i could do for him sense he is still my sole provider and helping me take care of my son but im without a job right now myself. The though of my dad's health being so poor and him being so stressed out about his financial status im scared i might lose him just like i lost my mom and brother. So please if there's anything at all you can do to help my dad out it would be greatly appreciated. Me and my dad have a special bond because i was born on his birthday so trust me when i say this man is my best friend all i want is for my dad to be able to have some weight lifted off his shoulders and finally be able to relax some......

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Tara Davis
256 days ago

Hi Ellen, I was wondering if you ever help people, like me, who's dream is to finish their master's degree program but don't have the money to do it??? I owe Sallie Mae/Direct Loans so much money now and have no advanced degree to show for it. I am embarrassed to about this entire situation. It's been a long road for me and I really want to be able to help my family financially but the thought of owing these creditors any more money scares me a lot. If you can help people like me in any way it would be so awesome. I want the world to know that not everyone can afford to pursue an advanced degree and sometimes when you are forced to put family first it can be heart-wrenching. All I think about everyday is finishing what I started for once in my life but this dream is not achievable without financial help. THank you for listening Ellen. I want to live my life with no regrets but as of right now my only one is that I have never gotten to finis what I started.

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Tina T.
261 days ago

Ellen, I love your show. I watch at work so that my day can start with a laugh. I have recently moved backed to Kentucky from Tennessee. I am a little down because I had to leave my husband of 2yrs behind. He is in a nursing home. My husband is a double amputee, diabetic, high blood pressure with a feeding tube survivor. I love him to pieces. I had to pursue a better opportunity, but I did not know that it would take $2800 for me to transport him here and another $660...0 for him to go into another nursing home. With all that being said, it just give me hope when I see the help you give to people that all is not lost. I have to wait on my angel. As I was sitting watching your show, you had a student that was homeless and was a student. I thought about my own son who through so many difficulties is also pursuing his education. He wants to be an elementary teacher grade Pre-K thru 5 grade. It is a shame that some of our children has to jump through so many hurdles for an education. I was 37 years old when I received by bachelor degree working full time. I love my children because they were my rock through a very hard time in my life. Continue to make dreams and miracles happen Ellen. You are the greatest!!!

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Ester Yates
627 days ago

Love this.If we had more teacher like this it sure would made a big difference in children's lives. Thanks go to Ellen to.

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Pat Broberg
632 days ago

Hello Ellen,i have a daughter who is financially,physically and emotionaly struggeling,and a single parent of 3 teenagers,she use to be bubblely but eversince there have been family turmoils she has given up on herself.Everything she does is for her children and yet they do not help nor understand her sick stressful life.I should mention she has lupus, arthritis,fibermyalgia and panic attacks. I am worried for her especially when she says no man will want me because of my health.She has been only paying her home interest.I could go on but already said too much, i guess just to have her on your show,maybe with a few men choices/ha ha and a day ful of YOU would be so helpful she is 42.Your the best/never change.L.U.

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kristine kuenzi
638 days ago

dear ellen.
steven was born at 26 weeks he is now 20 yrs old. he has out lived his life time and his life span is unknown...he has had 3 open hrt surgeries and 1 artery repair. he was on abreathing machine for 4 yrs. he still is using oxygen. and has a feeding tube for nutrition and medications....his mom has cared for him all her life. and has decaded her life to care for him.
if you can find it in your heart to bring that wagon to our home. we would deeply appreciate it.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a5GSYPnYV4o&feature=bf_next&list=ULa5GSYPnYV4o

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Jean Smith
646 days ago

Do you have a segment on your show for stories about people in need?
I know someone who is desperately in need and every time they try to
get out of the hole, it just keeps getting deeper. Please advise so
I can write to you about them. Thanks so much!

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Shannon Morgan
658 days ago

Dear Ellen,
Do you ever have clowns on your show? I wrote into the Food Network and haven't heard back yet. I am Cookie, Cookie the Clown. You can check out my very professional web site at www.cookiesclubhouse.com.
I have friends that are clowns as well. They would also like to be on your show. If I am not busy with my new food show, I would be more than willing to come on your show. I have been out of work (as a court clerk) since 3/03/2011 and I am supposed to go back in January so if you could get me on soon, I'd appreciate it. Also, if you help make me famous, I won't have to go back in January.
If you like lots of clowns I could bring some friends.
See you soon! (If I'm not too busy)
Cookie, Cookie the Clown
PS - I have my own song. Check it out on my web site. You'll just love it!

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Christie & Amy
661 days ago

We are 2 recently abandoned single mothers and we ahve moved our children to austin tx from new mexico to better our lifes and prove that no matter what everything is possable with some dedication and strong will.... We have signed our lease and moved into our new home together we have 2 children each and our stories will give you chills, make you cry and display our courage and love to push forward. We have nothing but some mattreses we collected from craigslist for free. Our home and stories will amaze you. Although our drive to prove that bare essentials, love, and help from the state of texas is all this household needs to survive. We just need a miracle we have two 17 yr olds a 15 yr old and a 12 yr old between the two of us. Plz help us If we could gurantee our childrens future with an education to go to college would just bne a miracle.. a kitchen table would be a miracle at this point WE LOVE YOU ELLEN and if it wasnt for teh stereo we found for free and the music we dance to everday we would go insane :)

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Mahala Elliott
667 days ago

I wish you could change my life. Well, not my life, but help me somehow. So many in the country are worse off than me, but here, I feel the weight of the world on my shoulders. I guess that all I can really ask for is for you to stay as wonderful as you are.
Love you Ellen.

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678 days ago

Ellen. Become president please. :)

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