Brad Pitt was in my studio this season for the first time ever! He stole the hearts of my audience and I think one of the floor lamps from his dressing room.

Since it was his first time in the studio, I did what I always do with a new guest -- I made him get fingerprinted, I frisked him, and I did a background check. Here's some of the things I found out about him.

His real name is William Bradley Pitt. Obviously, he decided to go with Brad, since there are no nicknames for William.

Two weeks before earning his degree in Journalism, he decided to get in his Datsun with $300 in his pocket and move to L.A. to become an actor. It's too bad that didn't work out for him. Stay in school, kids!

He was in a fraternity in college called Sigma Chi, which I hear is also the name for the new Starbucks cup size.

While he was filming "Troy," playing the role of Achilles, he tore his Achilles heel. In the business, that's what they call "method acting."

It was great to have Brad in the studio for the first time, and I hope I don't have to wait 8 more years for him to come back.