Today was all about music, so Ellen got her audience started with some amazing concert DVDs! This DVD concert series from Universal includes concerts from Adele, Beyonce, and the Dixie Chicks, some of the biggest names in music! You can get your own Adele, Beyonce, or Dixie Chicks DVD concert right here.

But if Ellen's audience wants that live concert experience, now they can have it with a $250 LiveNation Ticketmaster gift card! Not only will they be able to see some of the best performances, but Ellen's they'll also be giving back. Ticketmaster has helped to raise more than a million dollars to benefit St. Jude Children's Research Hospital, the American Red Cross' Japan Earthquake and Pacific Tsunami Relief Effort, and the UN World Food Programme's Haitian Relief Efforts. This year, Ticketmaster will also donate more than $28,000 to Lifebeat for HIV and AIDS education. To find out more about Ticketmaster and their amazing work, check out

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Now that they've been able to see the best of the best in music, Ellen's audience will get to try out their own musical abilities -- starting with this new Fender Strat Playing Pack! This Squier by Fender Strat Pack includes a genuine Stratocaster guitar, the most popular guitar of all time! It's everything you need to stop dreaming and start playing! You can find out more about it at

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Next, they'll get to try their hands on the piano! Ellen gave them all a Casio LK-165 Keyboard! The Casio Key Lighting Keyboard is a fun and easy way for beginners to learn to play the piano. Because the keys light up, you can learn correct chords and where to place your hands. You can plug it into your computer and rock out to popular songs at your own pace. Find out more about this cool keyboard at

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Now that they've made their music, Ellen's audience needs a way to play it for their friends! They all got a Zephyr 550 speaker and an iPod Touch! The speaker is small, has amazing sound and will work wirelessly with all your mobile devices. It's also a speakerphone and a charger! If your cell phone or iPod runs out of battery, just plug it into the Zephyr to recharge. You can take it anywhere -- beach, park, kitchen, desk at school or work. You can use it to play your music or to hear stunning audio when watching videos, movies or playing games on your iPhone, iPad or laptop. And it will play amazing sound for 30 hours before needing recharging. Be the "cool" gift giver this year -- go and pick one up for your son or daughter, husband or wife, or for a good friend. They are priced from $99-$159. Also, if you enter "Ellen" into the cart -- you'll get $10 off every ZEPHYR you buy this week!

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With all of these amazing music prizes, it's time for Ellen's audience to party like a rock star! They all got an incredible package from Caesars Palace worth $950! It includes a 3-day, 2-night stay in a Deluxe Room at the all new Octavius Tower at Caesars Palace Las Vegas. They also got a $100 gift card to The Forum Shops at Caesars and a dinner for two at Bobby Flay's Mesa Grill or Rao's Italian Restaurant, and two tickets to "Jubilee" -- the longest running production show on the Las Vegas Strip, and it's all from Caesars Palace! Find out more at

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