Check out the winners from Day 8 of Ellen's 12 Days of Giveaways! They're going home with everything we saw on the show! Congratulations!

You can enter for your chance to win right here.

Patty A., Brunswick, ME
Lauri B., Tacoma, WA
Taylor P., Brentwood, NY
Marcy O., Youngstown, OH
Amanda F., Chattanooga, TN
Nancy B., St. Cloud, WI
Ellen G., Kernersville, NC
Jennifer B., Barnegat, NJ
Julie M., Rigby, ID
Antonella R., Hawthorn Woods, IL
Diana Z., Hoboken, NJ
Margie R., San Leon, TX
Meisha A., Norfolk, VA
Diane F., Boone, IA
Summer H., Coleville, CA
Tina S., Lakeland, FL
Laura D., Whitwell, TN
Matthew M., Kathleen, GA
Gayle N., Jackson, MI
Krysia T., Milpitas, CA
Ann W., Seattle, WA
Sherry B., Waldport, OR
Patricia S., Henderson, NV
Brandy M., Richmond, MO
S R. Stillwater, MN

12 day winners