12 days faq

Did I win?!
If you have been chosen as a lucky winner, you will be notified via telephone or e-mail. If you do not hear from an Ellen staffer, you unfortunately have not yet won. But keep entering each day to better your chances!

Can I enter to win the prizes every day?
Of course! In fact, we want you to! It will give you more chances to win!

Can I call the show to find out if I won?
Unfortunately, our receptionists don't know who won the 12 Days prizes. We announce the winners on the air and we post a blog each day that lists the winners!

How are the 12 Days prize winners chosen?
We choose our 12 Days prizing winners completely at random every day.

I have been entering to win double the prizes on Facebook! Have I won?
This year, Ellen is giving away double prizes to fans who enter on her Facebook page, facebook.com/ellentv. If you have been chosen as our lucky Facebook winner, you won't be listed as a winner on the site or on the show, but an Ellen staffer will contact via telephone! So don't forget to enter on Facebook every day!

I tweeted #PickMeEllen. Did I win the prize?
An Ellen show staffer will contact you if you have been picked as a Twitter winner!

Can I see a list of the winners?
A list of the winners is posted on ellentv.com every day. Be sure to check back every single day to find out if you have been chosen as a winner!

I think I saw my name listed as a winner! How do I get my prizes?
If you are a winner, we will contact you via e-mail or phone. If you don't hear from an Ellen staffer, you unfortunately have not been chosen. But keep trying, it could be you next time!

I know I saw my name but I didn't get a call. What do I do?
Because Ellen has so many fans in all cities, and the show does not reveal last names on our website, the likelihood of a common first name is high. If you have been chosen, you will be contacted via the telephone number or e-mail that you provided when you entered. If you are not contacted, you unfortunately have not yet won. Keep entering!