He may be incredibly busy, but Justin Bieber knows how big a problem bullying can be, so he took a moment to record this message.

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Denise Curley
254 days ago

Hi my name is Brianna Bossler-Curley when i was younger in elemtary school i was bullied because i was in foster care, people would say "hahaha your a foster kid you have problems" so i understand and know how it feels to be bullied and whenever i see it i try to stop it. I am 13 years old and got adopted when i was 9 by my aunt Denise and my uncle Kevin, my school just had a workshop on bullying we were on the kcoy news. This is the essay that i wrote for a class project on bullying.

The current event that has been happening is verbal bullying i hear people bieng called bad namesat our school. People mostly get bullied when their alone or surrounded by other kids so teachers dont see whats happening.People who bully people mainly do it because theyve been bullied or have problems at home so they bully other people to get the anger out of them. People should stick up for themselves instead of letting the bully harass them and people around them should help the victim not the bully just because they think its funny doesnt mean it really is.Teens need to know to stop this because it can cause someones life if you dont.
This event shouldnt have happened because it hurts people and it makes them hurt inside and that isnt a good feeling at all and then they do bad things. Even if you arent friends with the victim you can still help him/her. "Throughout life people will make you mad, disrespect you and treat you bad. Let god deal with the things they do, cause hate in your heart will consume you to"(Will Smith). Most people would believe me that bullying shouldnt exist. Bullying creates drama and drama is another type of bullying. Its how people spread rumors about one person and then another person who wants to be in it adds more lies and people just believe them. Life would be so much better if we just didnt care what people thought about us that someone someday will like us for who we are people need to know to not let drama bring you down, and if people dont care about what people think they need help because thats not good.
Instead of letting the bully harass them they should tell them no stop this isnt right leave me alone, they just need to stick up for themselves yeah maybe they will get beat up but they will feel good for sticking up for themselves.

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326 days ago

I just opened my email this morning and on one of the news feeds is a 7 year old beautiful little black girl who is crying because her school did not like her "dreads". The school had a policy that did not allow afro's, dreads, mohawks, or any hairstyles that the school felt could be a distraction. This broke my heart! This little girl should feel safe in the hands of her school, this school should be teaching children to be proud of who they are. Instead they are depleting this young ladies self esteem. Bullying is not only done by children! The staff at this school is participating in the bullying of young children! I personally have 3 children of my own, and a step daughter whom also lives with my husband and I, they all go to a public school that has an anti-bullying program. This is an excellent program, all schools should have one in place! 2 of my children have gone to school with mohawks and have never come home upset that someone made fun of them or that the school would not allow it. My children also enjoy their school, and have excellent grades! I guess their hairstyle didn't inhibit their ability to attend school, be confident in who they are, or cause their brain function to cease! I think that more schools should adopt an anti bullying policy, and educate the children, staff, and parents! If you dont't know where to start PGASD in PA has an excellent anti bullying program at the school and they enforce it. Everyone deserves to feel good about themselves!!!

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433 days ago

My daughter haley is being bullied.; I feel so sad because she is so shy. She cries every night in her sleep. I wish; I could do something. I tried everything. Please help me someone. I'm scared for her.

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Frank Brian Burns
492 days ago

These are just my thoughts, but they may help bring about change and Hope: Where ("Bullying") happens at schools, the victim should be paid compensation for each racial or bodily attack by the offenders parents for each event.
Over a shorter period, the parents will step in and make adjustments to the way their children behave because again, financially it will hurt the family unit, to keep making payouts for each Bullying event.

There can be no discrimination nor offset to any form of personal compensation on the basis of the lack of money to pay the associated costs and charges, it could be done via {"Direct Debit") against the families accounts.

Perhaps this will force the parents to address ("Bullying") at home.

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587 days ago


please see and comment....the effect it had on me after my brother was bullied and nothing was done.

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victoria white
588 days ago

i was bullied so i know how much it hurts i was called horrible names and i came home everyday crying peopleshould be aware of what bullying does to people also i love you justin

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Kathy Jennings
593 days ago

I just posted a long note to Ellen about very little know to many parents -website called ask.fm. Many parents don't know about this site. My dear friend's 16 year old daughter Jessica Laney took her own Life on 12/9/12. Is there anybody who can find out more about that website that has been created in east part of Europe, and many young life's have been lost in past year in Europe as well here in US. Here in our small county in Florida just this year alone we had 6 teenagers take their life due to being bullied, most done thru internet...this is no longer a problem we all have seen or heard about done face to face, on Facebook, in schools. These people are hiding behind their computer screens in other country acting tough. As a parent to almost 13 year old daughter who's trying to keep me up to date about all these new websites popping up from all over the world , I'm asking you to possibly do another show about these websites that can't be touch by US legal system. Parents are loosing their kids and nothing can be done to people who create this mess. Is all about the money to them however to me another family and dear friend of mine just received the worse news any parent can get. I hope I can talk to more parents about this and hope that Ellen can look in to this. She has been such a supporter to stop all types of bullies. I know many friends of Jessica were contacting Ellen about this sad case. If enough people stop using that website, they will be forced to shut down, but nothing else can be done. US legal system is unable to touch them, we as the parents and kids who have been a victim's of being bullied have to work together to bring these people down. I myself was bullied when I lived in Europe, my daughter is doing all she can to stop this by talking to her friends . I just hope I got somebody's attention and others will help us out with this very sad news we have been dealing with since last Sunday. Another young Life Gone To Soon. In Loving Memory of Jessica Laney in Pasco county Florida R.I.P Sweet Angel 12/9/12 we all miss you.

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595 days ago

My brother Duncan Wells is an East Coast award winning Canadian children's musician.. he has a real neat song called "Bullies on the School Ground" that is very informative and a good teaching song for children. have a listen. http://www.duncanwells.ca/lyrics/bullies_on_the_school_gr...

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613 days ago

I have been bullied. I hope no one ever has to go through the same expierence of hurtful words on socail media, at school or anywhere. It hurts more than just feelings- and believe me do not bottle it up inside- tell someone you trust or admire. Then soon like me, you will not need to go into specifics but realize your scars are healing and YOU are SPECAIL and do not deserve that treatment. Thank you to all the stars, like Justin Bieber, taking a stand against something that does not get enough publicity- bullying.

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615 days ago

I am just writing you to inform you about an application called qooh.me that is being used on facebook. I have been trying to shut this application down by contacting facebook and by contacting the application developers. Just go to the site and you will see all the hateful and nasty comments. Can you please help me get this app shut down.

The following is a copy of what I have wrote the developers

‘I am writing this in light of many posts to users on this app that invoke bullying, racial slurs, homophobic statements, statements telling people to go kill themselves etc. All these posts are happening because your website is anonymous, We are slowing getting a handle on Cyber bullying and the consequences of it, until your website has changed all that. I am very hurt that there is no way to find out who is writing these horrible things. I know that you will say to remove the account, but it really isn’t that easy, the scars from these remarks will last. You say it’s a fun app to ask people things you want to know about others, so teens are making accounts only to hear horrible comments from people that they don't even know. Making a facebook app isn’t helping this at all.. There is no excuse in making a website were kids are being bullied and there is nothing that can be done about it. Please consider changing the anonymous settings because this cyber bullying is not acceptable and can be prevented.”

I have not heard back from facebook or the site developers and I have been writing them daily. I was hoping that you could look into this application. I just think that facebook needs to put their money where there mouth is and do something about this application.

Thank you for your help

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Sharon Jackson
632 days ago

Growing up in grade school, we moved a lot. We were poor, but my mother tried. We always had a home & food & clothes. I was the new kid a lot. I was bullied but not in a way they do now. People wouldn't sit beside me in class, when they walked past me in the hall, they made sure they didn't touch me, if they did, they would scream. I dealt with it, and think it made me stronger. Anyway, I raised my kids to not bully & they would take up & fight kids who were doing the bullying. One son, 31 now, took up for a disabled kid & got in a fight on the football field & was suspended from school. I didn't punish him because he was doing the right thing. My daughter took a class helping tutor disabled kids, walked them to classes & carried their books. I have 4 great thoughtful kids that will take their roll in stopping bullying at any cost. Even suspension. I tried to tell the principal why my son was fighting, taking up for the other boy, but he didn't want to hear it. That's where the real problem is. Staff does not take their part in stopping these bullies.

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carolyn Edmiston
638 days ago

I have already sent you a letter telling about the bulling in my Son school. I just wanted to add this. He is also Called Justin Bieber every day. He has blond Hair and brown eye's. This school is almost all hispanic and my son is white. He is called Justin Bieber and they do not say it is a positive manner. he come home with tears in his eyes and has been hit on many occasion. It is really said to see this happing. I try to help every child in this school. There where a small group of boy's , that stared a gang. Then some other boy's how where feed up, stared their own gang, so they could stick together and not get hurt. This is a bad way for kid's to live. I am do every thing I can to help. There is some great kid's in this school. They have a new Principal this year and I think she is over load. I am trying to assist her in any why I can. The School is in Oxnard Ca. This school is called Lemon Wood Elementary. We are in need of help. This is where we can make a difference, these are young children. Thank you so much for reading my letter, if you get the chance. I need all the advice I can get, to make a change. Mrs Caroline Shoemaker Edmiston. God bless all of you for helping children!

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646 days ago

Dear Ellen,
My name is Bonnie, I am a mother of two children, one 23 and the other 13. The 13 year old is who I am writing about. First let me tell you we live in a shelter in Bloomington IN. she is having a real hard time at school. She is bullied, and no one will sit with her. She comes home and tells me this and it breaks my heart. I do not know what to do. I am afraid for her. She tells me stories of kids hurting themselves, and that’s what scares me, that it is in her mind. She does not know I am writing you. I do not know what you can do. I have returned to college to try to get us out of here. I am trying my best to get her a home she is not ashamed of. I love her so much, I am willing to do anything. I guess I am asking for help. Anything you can do for us, I will be indebted to you. Please pray for Emily Elizabeth Gray. Pray I find us a place to live and she finds happiness in her heart that will stop her tears. I am just trying anything and everywhere I can think of to get some help. I know you help people. I think you are the kindest person on television today.

Thank you for listening,

Emily’s Mother

Bonnie Quick
401 s. Washington St. #305
Bloomington, IN. 47401

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Maria Vas
656 days ago

I just read an article telling about celebrities that took a stand against bullying. I think people in the public eye should do more positive acts as such because it really does influence the way some people may act. I read about this at this link: http://thecelebritycafe.com/feature/2012/10/ten-celebriti...

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Justin is coming to Dubai
688 days ago

Justin is coming to Dubai - will you be there? http://omanholiday.co.uk/blog/index.php/justin-bieber-liv...

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