survivor of the day: nicole landy

Age 34

When were you diagnosed?

Are you cancer-free? If so, for how long?
December of this year is my 3-year anniversary cancer-free.

How have your family and friends helped you?
through their love I thrive every day

What tips do you have to help other breast cancer survivors stay positive?
Ask for help and lean on others. Cry, scream, punch the pillow, run around the neighborhood with your PJs on... do what ever you need to to get through the tough moments... then let it go and move on

What has someone done to make you feel better?
A moms group in the area made meals for my family every wednesday night while I went through chemo

What advice would you give someone who is about to go through treatment?
wear a pink boa to treatment

What was the scariest moment?
My day of diagnosis. My mother was in the room after tons of tests.The doctor was talking away and my mom cornered the doctor and says, 'other than a carcinoma, what could this be?' ...the doctor responded... 'nothing.' In that moment the look in my mother's eyes.

What was the funniest moment?
Bringing in a boobie cake to the oncologist's office on my last day of chemo... party

How has breast cancer made you stronger?
I was diagnosed when potty training my son... talk about strength!