Do you need Ellen's help to make something amazing happen? Do you have someone special you've always wanted to meet? Something you've always wanted to do? Whatever your dream is, big or small, we want to hear it! Who knows? We might even be able to make it come true!

be on the show: can ellen help you fulfill a dream

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Alexander Smith
3 days ago


My name is Alexander Smith, no not the guy who played for the Kansas City Chiefs lol. Anyways I am writing to you today because I have been doing a lot of thinking lately. I have started a small business I have made a few sales, but I would like to make this go big and not sure how I would do it. I am not a big enough business to get a business license, get my business name trademarked, or even be able to get more customers. I am in need of your help any way your heart desires. I need a boost but need someone to help, I have applied for "grants and loans" but no one ever helps. I hope to hear from you soon. You can contact me at (785)-209-1122 or (785-)577-0618. I would love to hear back from you even if you say you can't help. At least I know I tried. Thank you, Alex Smith.

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Donald Hultman
5 days ago

To Whom it May Concern; 7/20/2014

A friend of mine has a friend that has cancer. She is only 6 . . .Her name is Karis.
This is the second battle with this awful killer. She is from Kansas and she lives with her two sisters, mom and dad.

Having cancer cannot be fun, but having it twice at age 6 or any age for that matter, has got to be horrible!

Thee only wish Karis has, is to go to New York City to see the “ball drop” on New Years Eve.

She doesn't ask for much . . .

Please let me know if there is anything that can be done to possibly fulfill this little girls dreams . . .

My name: Don Hultman

I look forward to hearing from you . . .

Thank you so much for your time . . .

Don H.
P.S. I hope you at least reply, I know your extremely busy. . .but at least if you reply, I'll know you read this . . .

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5 days ago

Ellen, I love you, I really look up to you as my role model! I really want to meet Justin Bieber I LOVE him, I see you fulfilling peoples dreams and hope you can fulfill mine I dont think its possible because I live in South Africa but that will never change my dream to meet you and Justin!

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Arisha Savanouthai
6 days ago

Hello Ellen!! My name is Arisha Savanouthai and I'm seventeen years old. I probably already sent this message like 10 times already and it's like 3 am, but I just want to start off by saying I fell in love with you from the minute I laid eyes on you. You are such an kind-hearted, inspiration to everyone while also being the funniest person ever. I also know you as the one to make dreams come true. So as you may know the VMAs are coming up in August and if you need a reporter I could so be your girl. I eat, sleep, and bleed music and I would die for the chance to interview my favorite artists. Not to mention I am enthusiastic, outgoing, and (sometimes) funny and want to help make the event fun for those who watch. And at the end of the day I am just a fan girl like anyone else. (But I could keep it cool in front of the camera don't worry) Ellen, I love love love you so much and hope you can make my dream come true!! You will not regret it!!

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Paul Hodgin
7 days ago

Good evening Ellen, my name is Paul Hodgin, I'm from the u.k, and I am writing this to ask you for your help.
My story goes... I recently racked up debts of £3000' this may not seem a lot to some people but to me it's a massive amount, I lost my job as a bar manager, due to committee issues.
So consequently the debt rose from £200 to £1000 very quickly, I have got to the point where I am now working again, but I am still struggling to shift the debt along with paying my monthly outgoings.
I am not writing as a charity case, I am simply writing to ask for your help, so I am able to enjoy a holiday or a break away with my friends, something I haven't been able to do for over 5 years now.

I appreciate the time in reading this, and hope to hear from you soon.


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7 days ago

My name is Hannah Western. I'm 13 years old and I live in Oklahoma. In 4th grade, I was severely bullied. Slammed into brick walls, punched in the face, kicked as well. My principals never helped me, and when i came into the office crying, I would say "I wanna go home" or "I want my mom", they'd sent me into the principals office, and wouldn't call my parents, and say just ignore him. He was in my class, how do I ignore him? I have had bloody noses, and bruises on my legs from kicking me under tables where no one could see. I came home crying my eyes out, scared to death to go back to school. The worst thing was when they called him and I to the principals office and said that I had to write him an APOLOGY LETTER to him, and say that it's my fault he bullied me. The last week of school, they put me in a different class. Next year, 5th grade and he moved. I thought everything would be better, but things kind of went downhill. I was sexually assaulted. Another guy would touch me inappropriately, under the table. It wasn't as bad as 4th grade, but it was still hard for me. Now, I've never been happier in my life. I've created something called "The Hannah Project". It's a bully awareness thing I've created and have gotten my school impacted on it too. I'd love to share more with you. Sincerely, Hannah.

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8 days ago

Hello ,I am a mother of ten children I have been thru so much in my life that no should have to go threw.There has been a lot of ups and downs .I guess you would say I'm at my Down now cause once again I'm homeless.Here's a little about myself ,one of my terminal was I had a babysitter watching my younger tree sons they were eleven and a half months apart while babysitting the boys one of them was hurt he was four years old.The babysitter panicked called nine one one when the call help came he told I abandon the boys and he came home to m alone ,but before the cops came he thrashed the house threw snack foods,clothing,newspaper,took cushions off the couch all so everything pointed at me not him and they believed him .I had went to meet my son at the hospital and got asked to step outside and went to jail.I lost my three sons ,they were all three adopted to a family ,the two oldest boys have autisum so they don't communicate like you and I do this was why they were able to remove them from me in 2001.Like I said I'm homeless and all I want to doin life is have a home of my own so if and when my children ever want to find me they can that's they even know I'm there mom.The thing is I have this ideal an invention that I know would sell off the shelves,the presentation of it would make it sale all own and then when you see you'll be amazed.The problem is I have no means of patenting my idea .I only wanted to do this in hopes of buying a home for my children to find me one day .This would be my dream come true.Thank you so much for your time luv you Elen

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Randi Case
9 days ago

Please help an innocent man that was wrongfully convicted for the murder of his wife that has sat in prison for almost 13 years now tell his story. He was proven innocent medically and scientifically however the case has been heard three times in front of the same courtroom in the same county. He needs a change of venue so desperately and they deny him every time of this. This case is full of prosecutorial misconduct, evidence tampering, evidence being stolen, altering of do***ents, witness tailoring and witness changing testimonies each trial. The assistant district attorney is Patricia (the deceased) cousin and the district attorneys good friend. Also the lead detective on this case always said he would get Peter one day and it looks like he did. His appeals were direct appeals so obviously there is something wrong with this case. We need to get his story told and get him help. He has over 600 supporters now and his case is known world wide now. Tim Richards from the private eye in the United Kingdom has even wrote an article on his case. His case has been heard on the Dale Davis blogtalk radio several of times. Peter doesn't have much left as his mom passed away a year after he was incarcerated and his father is getting older. Please help this man and his family. Please contact me his lead advocate , Randi J. Case at or 1-60...7-316-6837. You can find more information on the website that was created for this innocent man at thank you

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Eric Keyes
10 days ago

Hello Ellen,
My name is Eric Keyes. I am a struggling musician currently residing in Dallas Texas. It has been my entire life's purpose to positively influence people's lives and make the world a better place through my music. I have reached the age of 45 and I am struggling to cope with my parents diminishing health. It is my goal that they will be here to witness and take pride in watching their son change the world for the better. I always remember Jay Leno saying his biggest regret was that his parents passed right before he landed the Tonight Show gig. They were regular watchers and never got to see him take over.
I have had a crazy last couple of years. My birth mother found me (I am adopted) after 45 years of her looking for me through a random chain of events. I was contacted by a young man from my hometown of Houston, the best friend of another young man who is the son of my high school sweetheart and turned out to be my kid. (Happy to say both of these cir***stances resulted in deeply valuable and life changing relationships.) If all this weren't enough I had an individual come and knock on my door on a Monday afternoon claiming to be a fan of my music who then proceeded to shoot me in the chest in an attempt to take my life.
I survived all of this and just released my 6th album and I would like to share my story in hopes that it would help others. Here is a link to my latest music video- Thank you for your consideration. -Eric

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tonya britton
10 days ago

Hello Ellen I'm not a first timer weighting/Hun I'm disabled /can't travel /love u and your show/I sure need help /I've wrote over 200 letters and asked for help with fixing my roof..and paint my house.we just don't have the money to do it If I had the money I know people that I could pay to have them do it/.and pl pl carpet for 3 rooms I could get it at a carpet outlet so it wouldn't be expensive ..then maybe if possible money for food and necessities pl Hun u r my last hope pl pl pl pl pl pl .

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11 days ago

Ellen you are seriously amazing! I have been working so hard this year to be able to go back to school and was offered an amazing opportunity to study abroad. No matter how much I work or what I try, I still cannot raise enough money to go. I am a few thousand short and I even made a pledge site to help raise money for this opportunity.
I hate to ask people for help but this is my last chance to make this happen. Thank you so much for all that you do. You are truly my hero!

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Barbara Tucker
11 days ago

Hi Ellen, I hope my email finds you well and happy. I love the kindness you show so many. You are also so talented, funny and uplifting. Your show always makes me smile and takes my mind of my cares for a little while. I'm 65 years old and have suffered terribly with my back for many years. I have been on Soc Sec Disability for years. I had major back surgery December 2010 which really helped a lot. I now have a 9" rod and 10 screws (they look like deck screws) in my spine. But at least I can stand up straight now and take care of myself.
I was in a long term relationship (15 years) with a man that I thought I would be with for the rest of my life. Unfortunately, 9 years ago he left me for a younger woman. That relationship is over, but the damage has already been done, both emotionally and financially. He had his own business and I worked for him and lived with him in his home. So when our relationship ended, I lost my man, my job and my home. I had never saved money for myself since I thought I had a future with him and had been assured so...but things change. I am working part-time, which is all I can do with my pain and also the restraints Social Security makes on your earnings. Unfortunately, when he left, I had a big balance on my credit card. The only thing we owned together was a little fixer upper farm in Southern Virginia. I lived there alone out in the middle of nowhere for 5 years and maintained it the best I could. When it finally sold, I was able to move back to Winston-Sale, NC close to my mom and family. I didn't receive 1/2 the proceeds but enough to buy a little foreclosure here and have made it very liveable. My car died recently and I traded in my 12 year old car and got a 5 year old car that I will be making payments on for 5 years ($175.00 a month) or until I am 70 years old. With the outstanding credit card balance (about $14,000), I struggle every month to make my money last until the next month's check comes in. I owe a balance of about $9500 on my car. With the two debts, it is getting very concerning regarding my health allowing me to continue to work until I'm 70-75. I don't want anything extra for myself, but I would love to be able to buy my one and only grandson, Jake, a little gift here and there. He was born on my birthday 2 years ago. So, I was 63 when he was born. I was so over joyed to have that special relationship finally with a grandchild.
Thank you for listening to my story. I know there are many in the world worst off than me, but I just feel like I'm running out of time to make things better for myself.....but I do try.
Thank you and God Bless.

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11 days ago

My husband of 29 years is an amazing person. He does so much for everyone and anyone. He is retired but still works so many jobs. He is now trying to remodel an entire house for one of our sons and my so and daughter in law have a baby due any day. He wants to do everything so that our children don't have to pay a ton of money to hire people to do the work. He also tries to work to make some money. I was just wondering if there is any way I can get him some help and not have to pay a ton of money. I have seen you help so many people on your show I thought I would write to you and give it a try. Thank you.

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Robert M. Burns Sr.
14 days ago

3 years ago My wife had open heart surgery.Then the next year I broke my leg and was in the hospital 8 weeks and they took my left leg after I broke it and had gotten gain green. then I went back in september 2013 to fix the arteries in my right leg and because of problems they amputated my right leg. In december I got my legs X-mas eve and been going to P.T. 3 days a week and walking ever since but I took my hand control driving test and passed. Thats where I need your help with all the hospital bills from the last 3 yrs. and on SSI dissability from check to checkI need assistance for the hand controls for my car.The cost is $880.00 for the controls and Instalation.If you could please help it would be ggreatly appreciated.

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16 days ago

Hello Ellen. My name is Jessica. I have always loved your show and been inspired by you and everything you do. I have been following a situation in Mexico with U.S. Marine Sgt. Andrew Tahmooressi being held there. It pains me to think of this American soldier, who has done so much for this country, is suffering in a prison for making a mistake. I am amazed at the lack of action that has been taken to get him out of there. I and many others have written to our state and government leaders to do something, and still he isn’t home. I think that if you could help bring attention to this situation it might help to bring him home. Thank you.

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