ellen's message about bullying

Today I wore orange on my show for a very special reason. Pacer.org has organized an incredible movement to put an end to bullying. It's called Unity Day. Today we send a message to anyone being bullied that they're not alone. Because the truth is no one who's being bullied is alone. Just about everyone has been bullied at some point, and nobody likes it. Let's stop hurting one another and try to appreciate the things that make us different.

Today, I stand united with anyone who supports students who are being bullied. You can show the world that you're standing with me today by wearing orange. That's why I wore orange on my show. That, and it brings out the bronze tones in my complexion.

I hope you'll stand up to bullying with me. If you want more information about Unity Day, please visit www.pacer.org/bullying.