did you know: cody simpson

Over the summer I discovered an amazing young singer named Cody Simpson, and I was so excited for him to make his US television debut on my show! While he was here, I went through his wallet and here's what I found out about him.

Cody is from Gold Coast, which is a city in Australia that's on the coast. It's also made entirely of gold.

He started posting videos on YouTube in 2009 and since then he's gotten over 88 million views. Which is impressive, since there isn't a sneezing panda in any of his videos.

Cody can do 21 different accents. I can only do two; English, and the one over the one over the "e" in fiancé.

I'm glad Cody performed on my show, and I love the giant koala he gave me. Thanks for dropping by, Cody! If you're missing six dollars from your wallet, Tony took it.