Do you know an amazing person who could use Ellen's help? We want to hear about them! Tell us all about the most deserving person you know, and how Ellen can rock their world. Maybe it's a family member or spouse who always puts your needs before their own, a neighbor who has changed your community for the better, or even a teacher who goes above and beyond with your kids. This season, Ellen's gonna keep giving back!


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Mary Campbell
34 days ago

Dear Ellen, I have worked in a public school for 23 years. Ten of those were spent taking care of my mother with Alzheimers while still working. Six years before she died, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I only had to have a partial mastectomy and radiation. Following that I began having severe neck pain as a result of large breasts. I then had a breast reduction. The pain has improved but in the mean time my left breast that had the cancer is totally deformed. I went to have my breast reconstructed but my insurance through Blue Cross/Blue Shield denied it because the procedure the doctor wanted to use for the best results was fat grafting and Blue Cross/Blue Shield considered experimental by even though 80-90% of plastic surgeons use it now. In order to cheer myself up I always put on your show. You pick me up at the end of the day, and I also see so many people on your show who are alot worse than I which helps because it puts things in perspective for me. This program you have made me think maybe you could lead me to someone who would know a way around this. I am becoming very, very depressed and tired of looking an the answer. I can't pay for this on my own through savings, because I am only able to pay a small portion of interest on college loans I still owe. (My daughter does not know this). If you can even steer me in the right direction you will at least make me feel better knowing someone has listened.
Thank you for being there for all of the people you have given support to. Any information you can give me would be a wonderful blessing.

An avid fan.
Mary Campbell

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Bill Simmons
43 days ago

I am a disabled amputee veteran and I have the most amazing wife a man could ask for. About 5 years ago while I had a severe crash while riding my motorcycle to a Dallas county judicial treatment center where I volunteered by speaking to groups of men about addiction and working one on one with some of the men to help them on a more personal level. These men (about 200) were all there in leu of jail time because of either alcohol or drug related offenses. I am qualified to help them because I am a recovered alcoholic and drug addict. I have been clean for almost 10 years and I put her through the ringer during my addiction. Many people told her to divorce me but she didn't. She kept praying for me and knew that eventually I would get it together and life would be normal again.

Well it was normal again.... for almost 5 years. Then I had my crash. I had just been let go from my job due to the economy so I lost my insurance and was about a month away from the open enrollment period with her insurance company from her job. I was wearing a helmet so nothing happened to my head above my nose but everything below it was tore up. I underwent about 8 surgeries within the first few days while unconscious for 8 or 9 days. I think I had 22 or 23 surgeries within a year and a half. I lost my left arm, broke all extremities including my neck and have a severe spinal cord injury. It took me a year to walk again but I can walk short distances, stand for short times, but the rest of the time, I'm in a wheelchair and live in severe nerve pain.

My wife knew that our lives was about to change so she went to work making changes. She borrowed money from her retirement fund to pay off some of our bills but we still have to live. We used to be able to go on vacations. Her favorite is Hawaii and we went several times but she has said that we will never be able to go on a vacation again. She needs one and deserves one. The worst part is that our house isn't going to be paid off for another 10 years. She is due to retire in 3 years but she will have to work an extra 7 years until she is 72 due to the house payment. Our house payment isn't much but I used to make $50,000/year now I get $1100 per month. The extra years will take a toll on her health because she has a disease called Bronchiectasis. The biggest symptom is exhaustion. She wakes up tired.

After waking up tired she then has to help me out of bed and be a caregiver. Some mornings, I can't walk at all. After getting me set she gets ready for work, goes to work exhausted, comes home and is my caregiver until we go to bed, and sometimes even after we go to bed.

She has said that she hates her life. She has lost her smile and the twinkle in her eye. There is nothing that I can do to restore it. Please help her?

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Tamara Morper
50 days ago

One of my dear friends has had a challenging life. Her husband had heart problems, was deemed diabled and was unable to work for most of their married life. Money was always tight with two young sons. I never heard Debbie complain. When her first born son was 16, he was killed in a jeep incident. Debbie was so strong. My heart broke for her. She stayed in touch with his girlfriend at the time of the incident. When that girlfriend was older and married, Debbie became "grandma" to her children. I believe those grandchildren are out or almost out of high school by now and love her so. Several years ago, her husband succumbed to his heart condition. Debbie still misses him and has never remarried. Her second born son and his daughter live with Debbie. Debbie has an in home day care. Debbie rents her home and there are always needs. She stays faithful to her religion and has a cheerful outlook. She is always looking out for the other person. If I were Queen for the day or had a wish, I would wish that Debbie would have a house of her own that was virtual maintenance free with updated appliances, furnace, air conditioner, water heater, etc. I think her life should be easier. I wish I had the means to help her anonymously!! She is definitely a deserving spirit!!

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Corrin Lister
63 days ago


So many people go through life doing so much for other people, smiling every single day, when they are really broken on the inside. This description fits my parents, Pat and Beth, so much more than 100%.

A little over three years ago, my dad lost his job. He was working at a furniture store in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, when he suddenly told he was no longer wanted. Since then, my mom has been working two, 40 hour week full time jobs, while my dad goes to interview after interview and continues to look for any opportunity. He is 57 years old and has encountered so much age discrimination that something as simple as his age is setting him back.

My parents are stressed, sad, and mostly terrified. I do all that I can, but there is a bigger problem than money. They have received no unemployment checks, and the last year has been the worst with my parents being late on bills, unable to buy groceries, and selling close to everything they have. To top it all off, they are losing their house in a few short months, leaving them to live where? They don't know either.

it is so sad to see my dad act the way he does. While he is still my hero and the most wonderful person I know, he has changed so much. He now suffers from depression and anxiety making him constantly on edge and seem angry. His passion for people and excitement for life that people admired so much no longer sparkles inside him. Not only do I want my parents to be safe, happy, and healthy, I want my family back. As an only child your parents are not only your parents and the ones you spend everyday with, but your best friends. I miss my parents being happy and able to laugh..that inspired me and kept me going.

I realize there are thousands of people who are unemployed and in need of so much. My parents deserve to be recognized for not only being so strong and never losing faith, but for still continuing to help me and support me as I enter my fourth year in college. Parents are so amazing for so many reasons, but one thing they never get is being recognized for all their love, accomplishments, and their undying love without ever thinking twice. If nothing else, please consider them for this and anyone else who is truly deserving. Be kind to one another. I believe every person has the ability to change the world as we see it, and my parents set a perfect example.

Thank you for your time.

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mary garmon
124 days ago

My sister Amy Amos was diagnosed over five years ago with stage four breast cancer it has spread to her back a spot on her liver. She still try to work she has been on several clinical trials at Vanderbilt. My sister has always put her sons first, helped me I don't know how much longer she has but' she wanted to go to the ocean one more time she's really never had a real vacation. Thank you Ellen before Christmas the doctors told her she could have three weeks to a year ,I have seen her health decline very rapidly over the past month .sincerely mart

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mary garmon
124 days ago

I wanted. To ask for help.for my grandson Jordan mc Cormack he has been through alout in his eight years I am raising Jordan at one he had heart surgery since then he has had five other surgeries not related to his heart ' tubes in ears a none cancerous timer from his bladder ,his heart is fine now we live near Vanderbilt so that is were he has had his January 2014 Jordan was diagnosed with epilepsy he had three grand mall seizures. He is scheduled to have his adenoids tonsils and his third set of ear tubes all of this surgery done in April. Through it all he is a happy sweet little boy who usually makes a hundred on his spelling test ,and he and I both rely on prayer and faith. Well in sept ember 2014 I will lose the house we ate in .we have no were to go I put ten percent down five years ago ,and I can't get a loan I owe sixty thousand dollars that's amount if you could just help .with enough so we could afford to rent so were with the deposit and first month rent and for my Jordan a trip to the ocean or Disney land well hope you read this .i enjoy your show thank you sincerely Mary and Jordan mc cormack

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mary garmon
124 days ago

Hello Ellen I enjoy your show my. Daughter is raising her eight year old grandson she. Needs financial help five years ago after a car accident, she put ten percent found on a house. For her and Jordan in September 2014 if she can't pay the balance,her and Jordan will be homeless 'she owes 60,000 dollars .Mary is on disability and Jordan 'Jordan had heart surgery at age one,the dr tacted his main artery over so he could breath ,he has had five other surgeries .not related to his heart ..I n Jan 2014 Jordan was diagnosed with epilepsy,he had three grand mall seizures he also has sleep apnea and will have surgery at Vanderbilt.please anything you could do to help Mary and Jordan would be greatly sprrciated god bless Mrs Barbara mic cormack

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Ellen Burt
158 days ago

Dear Ellen,

First off I want to say that I love your show and it is the only show that I watch on a regular basis. It is my mommy get away time while my children are napping :) Watching all the inspiring people that come onto your show has made me want to tell you about my angel.

In July of 2012, my husband was deployed. Prior to that he was only home 16 days from April-July. We had recently had our daughter March 9th, so he had only seen her about a month and was leaving for 10 more months. While he was in Texas mobilizing, we recieved news that families were allowed to go down there and see them for 5 days before they actually went overseas. This was very exciting news, but also very depressing. At the time we were both 21 and I was staying at home with our daughter, so funds were very low. It looked like we weren't going to be able to see him. The feeling of knowing we could have more time together, but because of financial reasons weren't going to be able to, killed both of us. But then something amazing happenend.

My parents were at the airport picking up my Grandma who was flying in from Florida. They had time to kill so my mom was asking around and seeing if different airlines do any military discounts in situations like ours. It didn't look hopeful until my mom came across a woman named Angela. She started talking to my mom and asking her questions about our family and by the end of their conversation, she offered me and my daughter free tickets using her "points" they get for working for the airline.

Angela didn't even know my name when she offered to let us use the tickets she had. When I recieved the call from her, I honestly didn't know what to say to her. She will never fully understand what she has did for our family.

Recently she has had to undergo brain surgery. I only know this because we became facebook friends and I saw some of her pictures on my news feed one day. She is recovering now, but I believe that this woman (my angel) deserves to be recognized for all that she has done for my family and all that she has been going through lately. Thank you Ellen!

Ellen Burt

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Zohreh Zee Ghanati
170 days ago

My friend Tahereh became a mother and protector for her younger sibling at age 12. She has a big kind heart, generous and giving soul and loving and caring ways.She always has others interest above hers.She is very thoughtful, giving and considerate to family, friends and strangers. Her selflessness does not end here,she has open her house to many people who need a home.She was the soul provider, supporter and driving force behind her own family of four. She has been working none stop for 34 years.In year 2004 her husband of 23 years cheated on her,left her and divorced her.Due to all of these unpleasant nesses and turmoil she suffered brain stroke,which paralyzed her right side of her body and impacted her speech for more than a year, plus chronic Parodontitis caused her to go through deep depression. Now after several years of tough struggle she is finally better and becoming her old self again.Although she is a beautiful lady inside and out, due to the all of the above, weight gain and loss of 12 teeth she does not see herself as everyone else sees her.Since she has always been in giving end and never in receiving end I thought would be awesome if she could receive help with dental implants and weight loss like Jenny Craig or Nutrisystem to make her look even better and improve her health and ****tered self-esteem. I believe she very well deserves this unexpected generosity(De Generes) could you please help me and the rest of her friends and family and make this possible.

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Jacqueline Doss
228 days ago

Hi Ellen I love you,but this is about my husband.My husband is awesome and he deserve everything.Leroy is a Marine,he served 3 years in the service 1 of them was in Vietnam from 1968 to 1971.After returning home we got married in 1975.It was hard for Leroy to hold down a job for long and when he did I got serverly sick.Myself working off and on and spending time in and out of the hospital from 1973 to 2009 with tuberculosis a severe case of psoriasis and a ruptured brain aneurysm made things a little hard financially for us.We both had to stop working Leroy had to completely take care of the family we had 3 children. I receive disability We can not afford to come to your show,but you are welcome to come to our home I would love to do something special for my husband I need your help.Thank You 773-779-8194

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Karen Zehnder
228 days ago

My niece Karla is such a wonderful person and mother and the most deserving person I know. She always puts others first, deferring any new things for herself. She is a single parent who put both of her daughters through college. Last year she was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, but that has not slowed her down. When her youngest daughter was away at college, she volunteered to become an emergency foster parent for displaced infants and children. While involved with the foster care organization, she became a foster parent and now legal guardian to a wonderful 15 year old girl. Her significant other also has two young girls that Karla has taken under her wing and loves as her own.

Since she has been providing for everyone else, she has deferred buying anything new for herself, such as a car. She has had her Toyota minivan for as long as I can remember, which has 344,000 miles on it. It still runs, even though it does not ride as smoothly or look as good as it once did. Other than replacing a water pump and regular maintenance, it is still providing her daily transportation. She has her list of things she wants to buy, but if I know Karla, she will always find something else to spend the money on for others, and not for herself.

I am proud to be her aunt and the world is definitely a better place with her in it.

Thank you for the opportunity for me to tell you about this wonderful person.

Karen Zehnder

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lupe abrego
241 days ago

Dear Ellen
Hoping u will read this and help a most deserving person this my further mother-in-law her husband is on hospice stuck in his room the rooms are so small and a narrow that even a wheel chair is not able to be able to move around the floor is so not even much less to walk on my mother in law is also not able to move around she also has to take meds cause she not able to have a bed in her room she lives in the living room cause her husband has a bed there that he needs ,so she sleep in the sofa where she sews and make beautiful blankets she has all her scrap of material's that she will work on . Her kitcvhen is also in the same room on cold days she uses the stove during the night to heat up the house just to keep warm the floors are in bad condtion where the wood is so rotten that you can go right through the floor they are in a fixed limited income the windows are covered with trash bags so the cold air won't come in doors at off. I don't know how the house is standing an old tree fell on the only car they had this past year so I go and get what they need most of the time when I'm not working im if you want to help a person the is most deserving is my further mother in law Antonia Soto is so cute and lovely person she so cute she like 4feet high. Really cute I love her. Please help if you could see this place you would help it in 315 mulberry San Antonio tx 78228 please call me Lupe abrego 210-209-3415.
Thank you for your time Ellen

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Andrea Ileo
246 days ago

My sister has got to be the strongest woman I know. With all of her problems, she has not and will not give up. How she still laughs and smiles is beyond me. Please read this letter to see what I mean.

November 9, 2013
Dear Ellen,
I am writing this letter to you to see if you can help the most deserving person I know. I am writing to see if you can help my baby sister. They are being forced out of the home they have owned for 14 years.
Her husband has a yet to be determined disease that has taken a once brilliant, funny, witty, man and has turned him into a toddler. He was once a pretty darn good lawyer! Now he can’t remember how to turn on the TV, run the microwave, etc. He came close to burning the house down the other day and can no longer be left alone. This is hard because Gail is now, and has been for some years now, the sole breadwinner of her family and has to go to work.
Due to the economy along with changes in Florida’s medical malpractice laws, she now makes a third or less of what she used to. She is a court reporter, and her expertise was in reporting medical transcripts (most reporters do not like to take those on). Those assignments are now very rare resulting in an unfortunate huge loss of income for Gail. She has not been able to make ends meet for a number of years now. She has sold all of her valuables, including her jewelry (some of which was left to her by our grandmother). She even had to sell her wedding ring.
Somehow she has persevered, always putting others before herself!!!! I don't know how it is she has not had a nervous breakdown by now!
She was successful in getting her daughter through veterinary school. She once said to me; “if that girl does not get through vet school it will be over my dead body”. She is now struggling to get her son through school on almost no money and feels badly she cannot do more for him.
When I say struggling, I REALLY mean struggling! All the water has leaked out of their waterbed. She has been sleeping in a chair for months. Aside from that flood, she has lost a lot of her personal possessions from floods where her husband has left water running all day, because he forgot to turn it off.
A few years back, while her husband was still able to drive, they sold his car so they could afford to attend their daughter’s wedding in Virginia. (We live in south Florida.) She herself drives an old car with well over 270,000 miles on it, a bad oil leak, an air conditioner that has been broken for many years now (It can get incredibly hot driving around S. FL with no ac)!!!! Also, her tires are bald. Until two weeks ago, there were four bad tires, now there are only two. Why? Because that poor girl was on her way to pawn the last of her jewelry so she could pay the check cashing store on time when she got a flat tire. She sat in that hot car for over 3 hours sobbing and trying to figure out what to do.
She did not want to call us, because we have already helped her out a LOT. We are semi-retired and simply cannot afford to do more than we have already done over the years . (My husband is 73 years old.) All I can do currently is help her with groceries and gas to get to work. She knows that, but finally called, because she simply did not have another option. By the time she called, she was hyper-ventilating so badly it took me awhile to figure out what she was trying to tell me. Bottom line, she sat in that hot car for about three hours before we finally got there. (We live an hour away).
What an ordeal that turned out to be! To make a long story short, her jack and lug wrench were missing. Ours wouldn’t work on her car. We dealt with that problem only to find the spare tire is flat and cannot be repaired. My wonderful husband pulled out his credit card and bought her two new tires, which started my sister crying all over again! We had to leave her car overnight, so we rushed her to the check cashing store. Unfortunately, we did not make it in time.
On top of everything else, we are mourning the loss of their beloved Husky. (We, also, are HUGE animal lovers) Kobi had not been acting himself. Gail did not take him to the vet since she did not have the money to. She hoped he would snap out of it. She finally called me. She called crying hysterically saying Kobi could not stand up and was bleeding from the rectum. I could not stand the thought of losing that precious dog because of no money. I told her to get him to the vet a.s.a.p. and put it on my credit card. $2000.00 later, we lost him anyway. We are so sad…..Kobi was such a happy dog and soo full of life.
This is the worst part in this whole mess; my sister is very sick and in constant pain. As with Kobi, she did not get herself medical help in time because of her finances. I’d been pleading with her to get herself to a doctor. Her pat answers were, “Can’t, got to get a rush job to get out” or “You know I can’t afford to take off”. She did not end up getting medical help until she no longer had any choice. She has started peeing pure blood. The end result is she is now on medical leave with no income coming in. Our fear is there is a chance she could get sepsis. All this because she always put everybody else first.
If anybody EVER deserved a break, it is my little sister. I have been praying to everybody I can think to pray to that this letter will be brought to your attention and find its way into your heart. I have been praying to find the right words to make that happen. My biggest fear is for her health. My next biggest fear is her car is going to die, leaving her unable to get to work. Her biggest fear is that every time she drives it, especially if her loved ones are in it, that it might catch on fire because of the oil leak.
As sooo many people have already told you, you bring laughter, hope, and joy into millions of lives….including mine. Your show is my favorite. You have the blessed ability to make people laugh in what can be a harsh and cruel world. That, my dear Ellen is so very special!! I wish I could say my sister could benefit from the same from your show. However, because of her desperate financial situation, she no longer has TV or internet in her soon not to be her home. She has to go to the library just to get her work out!
Writing to you is the only way I can think of to help her at this point. I truly believe if this letter finds its way to you, my sister will be able to turn her life around for the better. I could go on and on about how special you are, but I have been watching your show since Day One and doubt I could add anything that you have not already heard before.
You have got to be the most loved woman on the planet!!!! God put you where you are for a number of reasons, and you are serving him well by helping others. What you have done for the gay community is beyond words… Let alone the numerous other things you do to give back and make other people’s live’s better. God Bless You!!!!!!
However, there is a lot more to this story (as if it were not bad enough) that I would like you to know in case it would make the difference in your decision to help Gail or not. (And that is if I am lucky enough that this letter comes to your attention) My hubby is informing me that if it does, the odds would be like winning the lottery. Out of love for my sis, I have to try anyway. I’ve not told her I am doing this…
In the interest of trying to keep this letter concise, (VERY hard to do as there is so much going on), I left out the details of Gail’s medical problem. She was born with only one kidney. I believe they call it a horseshoe kidney. For several years, she has been experiencing blood in her urine. She did have it checked out back then and was told, “You have kidney stones, but they are nothing to worry about.
She kept having blood in her urine occasionally and did not worry about it until she started experiencing pain along with it. The thing that finally got her to get back to the doctor was she started peeing pure blood . It turns out it will take several procedures to remove these painful stones.
After the first procedure, they put in a stint. The longest a stint is supposed to be in place is three months (according to her doctor). I have kidney stones too, and know how painful they can be. However, my doctor is reluctant to leave a stint in for more than two days.
Well, (and I won’t bother you with the reasons why….but they all have to do with being kicked while you are down)… sister’s stint has been in for almost four months now. It has adhered itself to her one kidney, requiring even more procedures and more lost work time… and even a possibility of loss of her life (if she should get sepsis). She has been running a fever for about three weeks now, which, of course, means there is an infection. Antibiotics have not gotten rid of the fever. We do not yet know what the outcome of all this will be.
Meanwhile, she is sick and going through all this, her computer dies. Since she has not been able to afford to update to the current court reporter technology, she has stuck to her old one which involves using floppy disks. It is very hard to find an old computer with the old technology that works with the system she uses.
Well guess what!? We found a computer in a pawn shop that had what she needed. I bought it for her, but unfortunately, when she tried to use it… would work for ten minutes and then shut down. The good news is, between the pc I got for her and the one she already had, an expert was able to combine parts from both computers. She now has a working pc with a six month guarantee.
The bad news is between her being sick, and her pc problems, she has fallen behind in getting her work out. That can be a death sentence for a court reporter. I am told court reporters can be sent to jail for being late getting their transcripts out. (Even though she is so sick, she has pre-existing transcripts to get out that are now late because of her health.) We are hoping the excellent reputation she had before all this happened to her will not result in the loss of her job.
It NEVER stops! Since I started this letter to you, her cat has gotten a scratched cornea. We took him to the vet and are now putting drops in his eyes every hour….for 24 hours FOR THE NEXT FEW DAYS. Both of us VERY tired. Could not afford to do the recommended alternative surgery. We are praying these drops save his eye!
I am hoping and praying you can help Gail. She has worked soooo hard for soo many years to try and keep her family afloat! I honestly don’t know how she has not had a nervous breakdown by now!
What I do know is this letter is probably too lengthy to read on your show. I am praying with all my heart you will read it. Since it is so long….You have my permission edit it. IF THIS LETTER DOES GET YOUR ATTENTION….AND YOU WOULD LIKE ME TO, I WILL EDIT IT FOR YOU….So it will not take up any of your staff’s time! In fact I spent the entire day trying to do the 1500 character message on your site. Have not yet been successful with that one! CANNOT FIGURE OUT HOW TO UPLOAD A PIC!.....BEEN TRYING ALL DAY!...Lost the 1500 characters I'd written in the process! I am so glad that in the process of doing that, I found this place on your site.
Sending prayers, positive energy and love to you and Portia!!! xoxxoxo
PS..What is a URL?...would like to create a live link...I think!...What is a live link!

My contact information:
Andrea Ileo
Ph: 561-792-4191
Cell: 804-426-7744
PS On a lighter note….thought I would spare you the De-Generous pun you must already hear a lot!

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258 days ago

Hi Ellen,
I just wanted to say I'm a huge huge fan. I love your show so much. The person I want to tell u about is my husband James. He is an amazing hard working man. He drives 2 hours in the morning to get to work, works eight hours plus a day then drives back 2 hours to get home. His hard work has allowed me his wife to stay home and care for our three children. Because of him I'm able to be a full time mommy and provide the attention our children need. James rarely gets any sort of break. after work and dinner, he still makes time to be a great husband and daddy. He always puts everyone before himself and even though I know he's exhausted and in need of a break... He keeps a smile on his face. After bills and rent monthly we usually have less than a $100 left a month (I'm not complaining at all I'm blessed) Christmas is coming up and I think it would be nice for him to finally have a gift to open instead of watching everyone else open. He doesn't ask for things often but I know a new wardrobe for work and everyday life would make him happy, or maybe a watch... He's 31 and has never really had anything but his phone to tell time on. He also likes driving so maybe a racetrack tour would be neat. I really don't know what kind of material things would be good for him, since I don't work he's never really asked for anything... I guess I just wanted to take the time to share how amazing my husband is. Im a lucky woman. Thanks Ellen for this opportunity :)

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E F Chowdhry
271 days ago

My mother desperately wants to be on the show in December 2013. She survived breast cancer and is the best mother. Her husband / my father died last November of end stage renal disease. My mother had quit her job and stayed home to take care of us. She watches the show every day. My mom's story starts in India and her trek to the US is a story in and of itself. I implore you to please give her one ticket to be on the show in December 2013. When she came to the United States she singly handedly supported her immediate and extended family in India. As a result of her efforts, she was able to send poorer members of her family to school which ultimately resulted in them getting a good education and thus being able to support themselves and their family. It truly is a feel good true story for the holidays that combines everyone's common goals - the struggle. I am her son and she worked extremely hard to raise us right and because of her efforts I am a successful professional lawyer today. In a few weeks is my dad's 1 year passing away anniversary and my whole family, especially my mother, have had a tough time with it. Please, if you could give her a ticket to be on the show it would literally be her dream. I have kept the comments as brief as I could b/c it would literally take up a whole book to talk about all the positives my mother has done. Thank you.

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