Ellen decided to give a brand new Buick Regal to one of her deserving viewers, but first wanted to have a little fun with the surprise!

video: ellen car giveaway

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Richard Serfass
107 days ago

I would like to win a car for my niece she desperately needs it.

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Eve Calixte
112 days ago

Hi Ellen last week i found out tha i'm pregnant and about to have a baby in nine months from now.i am so excited and very scared it's like a bitter sweet for me.It's my first pregnancy, i work however having to rely on public transportation is not easy.To make matters worst, i get minimum wage, i tried to get better jobs with health benefits, 401 k and what not, and also trying to save for my newborn.but it requires for me to have my own transportation cause tardiness is not tolerated.If i missed my second bus that goes by my job i have to walk 5 blocks to get to work.Before my pregnancy it wasn't an issue considering i am very active but now i get very tired,out of breath etc...i would be so happy if i get picked for this car for it would help me get home at a decent hour and also having to go to my dr's appts with no issue or better yet having to drop her off to my mother who lives like an hour away from me.I am also considering to go back to school and finish my degree but without a car and pregnant it would be really hard to get around.I would be so blessed if i get this car, i would be able to accomplish my goals and be a better mother for my child.It would be a dream come true.

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nancy  becker
138 days ago

I know you have probably found someone for the car. I need something to get around in. It can be a used car. I would be happy with that. My husband walked out on me 14 months ago after 25 years of marriage. No explanations. Left me with the house payment and all the utilities. I'm on S.S. and only get $964. a month. I can't afford all this. Now he has the house up for sale. I've been looking for a apartment. They want more than I get,but trying to work around that. He has also asked for a divorce. My daughter moved in with me but she will have to find another place for herself and her son. I hate asking for help. Love watching your show it brightens up my day. I love to smile. I am 73 yrs. young. But with a lot of pain.

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166 days ago

Dear Ellen

I am 21 years old and my name is Dylan, I am writing in regards to my father who now has Bi-polar Disorder, Major Depression/Anxiety last year he overdosed on medication and almost died. Two years ago his Partner died from Diabetic Heart attack, Dad woke up one morning and found him laying next to him as he passed in the night. After that he lost his house, car but finally got disability which hardly pays the bills. He tried to buy a Chevy Equinox, but the dealership forgot to get copies of his tax return and since he made no money in those years the dealership took the vehicle and kept his deposit all happened while he was in the hospital from overdose of his medication. He really needs a car to get him out of the house, he loves to volunteer, but hardly helps himself. He really worries about Russia and what they are doing to the GLBT people (hope I said that right), he wants to help somehow. I really hope you can help him. Thanks Dylan Chubb My dad's address is 811 N Twyckenham Drive South Bend IN 46617 Phone is 269-208-1065. He watches your show every day.

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Kathy Johnson
168 days ago

I am 67 years old have been battling bone cancer for about 4 years just finished my 54 round. I live with my husband of 46 years and my daughter and 3 grandchildren. I had breast cancer about 8 years ago and went through surgery, 6 chemo, and 28 radiation then found out after 5 years it came back in my bones. I have been fighting the biggest fight of my life can't give up too much to live for. I can do all things through Him who strengthens me. My car is on it's last leg and it is the only means of transportation I have to get to chemo and Dr. appt. Everyone says I am such a strong person but I would rather do for others than myself. On top of all the stress we have to move and I am very unhappy but the landlord wants to sell the house we are in. It really is small and would like to find a 4 or 5 bedroom house close to where we are now but really can't afford too much rent. My husband is retired and my daughter has had 4 back surgeries and is only in her 30's she now has nerve damage on her left side. Another thing the chemo has made my teeth very loose and believe it or not I pulled all the bottom ones myself and can't afford to get a new set. You are a loving, caring person and have helped so many deserving people I admire you sooo much. I tell people don't miss the chance to say I love you and give hugs you never know when it may be your last. If you could help in anyway I would be so so so happy. May God Bless you
Mrs. Kathy Johnson
1181 So. Lewiston St.
Aurora, Co. 80017 303-353-9932

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Gary MacEntee
171 days ago

Dear Ellen,
I am sending this request to you on behalf of my wife, Mary. We have been married for 38 years, have a descent house, 2 sons and 2 beautiful grandchildren. We both still work full time but we are afraid to go into car debt. Our son and daughter in law, with the two children have fallen onto hard times. Both have jobs but they don't make enough to pay all of their bills and afford the two children. Needless to say we feel it is our obligation to help them financially. Because of this Mary and I are afraid to purchase a new car. Mary has wanted a small SUV for awhile and now because of our daughter in laws schedule she drives the two grandkids to the sitters everyday. We own 3 vehicles,(always 1 extra in case 1 breaksdown) & one always does.We have a 2003 Saab with 169,000+ miles, we don't use this one much because it is expensive to fix. I drive a 1998 Toyota with 247,000+ miles on it, it is pretty beat up but keeps running. Mary drives a 1999 Nissan with 346,000+ miles on it, yes, 346,000+ miles. It has had 2 minor accidents so it to is a little beat up. It has been totalled twice by the insurance company because of the amount of miles on it. But it keeps running. Now that Mary drives the grandchildren she really is in need of a more reliable vehicle. Any help you can give us would be appreciated.

Her Husband,
Gary MacEntee

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karly rentschler
174 days ago

Ellen! Hi, My name is Karly Rentschler I am 21 and currently a student! My dad is in DYER need of a new vehicle!!! He is a 48 years old and a full time nurse at 3 hospitals! His car has over 300,000 miles on it and never treats his self to anything and always gives to my two sisters and I. My mom has just moved out again and he can just never catch a break, literally, his car just broke down again on his way to work at 5:30 A.M during this Polar Vortex, and his heat is broken! He is the most important person in the world to me and the most deserving of this Ellen! Thank You! :D

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Mika Hardy
176 days ago

I wish it was me right now! God bless the one who wins this and I am HOPING and Praying that it is me! I so desperately need a car with four children!God knows i ain't lyin.

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218 days ago

1504029_10201187954318178_114951648_n ELLEN he is THE reason for needing a safe car. I live on disability*{stroke,heart,copd, blood transfusion in 1977-hep C and several others} and do approx 250mi a wk to pick him up from preschool which just started him, because he became non-verbal over a year ago.. thought ears-wishful.. autistic spectrum somewhere but Iowa is failing him in treatment. But, even then its in Iowa City and I have to rent a car..as I have a 1997 Avalon with 348,000miles and counting. I fear Iowa winter with him and now that he need power locks for sure afraid mine were never installed that long ago or are still good. He can roll the window down..nightmares of him toppling over onto the freeway. And these challenges are going to get stronger as he becomes more curious. But I pray not at the sake of my poverty. I raised a son alone and now a grandson without a granddad. waiting for disability my home was taken. I don't know how to move closer to my son unless I move into a storage unit and that is crossing my mind more often. I never forget the less fortunate{I give my recyclable to the homeless for money, take sacks of food down by their tents and water, now blankets and what I have, I give for every age group to Toys for Tots, and to the Homeless youth.. my change at Mc Donald's always gets dropped in for the R House. I would love to give I just have zero ways to get any help in a big way. And keep him safe and me able to be a constant in his life. I get as much from him as he gets from me. Christmas through his eyes this year showed us its not about any of the stuff we go crazy over, he doesn't care. He's blessed everyday just being here.. its not about the best this or that its about the smiles and hugs. And he gives us those daily as you do and he does as he funny dances too.. thank you for all you do for so many.. sincerely kim ellen

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erika eddins
238 days ago

Ellen. I believe my mom bobbi thigpen is so deserving of a car. She has been through so much in life. She is the strongest most deserving person i know. At two years old my parents divorced. And she held her head up for my sister and i. At the age of four and my sister eight she was remarried. He also did not deserve my mama. She lost her leg from a tumor at age 30. She still was strong for us and our step siblings. And sone everything and more for each of us. She then got a divorce again about six years after her leg was amputated. All she had was ssi and child support but never really seen a dime bc he took it. She borrowed money for him when he needed and all he did was ruin every bit of credit she had so she can't finance a car. And she had a car but he took that and so much more when she divorced him after all she did for him and his 2 kids. She has 5 beautiful grandkids and 2
she can not see and those 2 are my 2 beautiful girls. Ages 20 months and age 5. She can not see them bc she has no transportation and i cannot go to her bc my husband 25 yr old has chronic pancreatitis and is in the hospital at least once each month. So all i can do is stay home taking care of my very lovely husband and our angels i cant even work do to this. I will be doing online school to help us but i do believe she deserves to see us and our kids. It would help my husband and i out tremendously as well her beIng able to come see us and help with the kids would also allow us to be a little less stressed and worried about thing too. She deserves to be happy bc she sacrificed her happiness to please everyone else in he life i love my mom aka my bestfriend.

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Querida Rohrback
239 days ago

How can I enter a contest to win a new car?
I am a widow who is raising my 2 grandsons ages 11 and 12 . between running for the kids . I run for my Mother who is 76 yrs young. She is battling cancer. I take her back and forth to dr's appt and chemo.
I have a car that I bought and it has been broke down more then on the road. My Mother has 2 vans one with 3 major oil leaks and the other has an oil leak but we can't find it. everytime I go to drive one of them where they have togo I say a little pray that we get there and home safe.
I am being to think the van is held together by bubble gum and band aids. if you could please let me know where I can sign up to win a new car . I would appreicate it
Thnk you

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walter wickwire
243 days ago

dont know if this is right or not but here goes about your car give away. both my kids have cars that are runing junk buckets and my oldest daughteer had to have work done on hers and now she cant get it out of the shop because she dosent have the money my other daughter is driving a van that is heled together with duck tap no tires all four are bauld and she s on a disability ssi ck every month and lives in low income housing i amd out of work now for almost three yrs and living on my ssi ck i cant afordt help neather one of these kids will have christmas this yr because of what they are driving so i ont know if i have reached the right peson with this email or not but i just would wish better things for them thanks for reading this email

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252 days ago

Dear Ellen,

I hope I am in the right place. Finding the car giveaway was not that easy considering all the other fun stuff to see on your site. No, it's not my first time, but I get distracted giggling at what catches my eye while I surf it.

There are certainly lots of letters here from folks that would benefit from a new vehicle, as would my friend Pat. Pat is a senior citizen, living on a pension in subsidized senior housing. Her Caravan is truly in a sad state. We (myself and a great friend to her Jeff who has done the repairs free once the parts have been purchased) managed to get a new exhaust system on it so it would pass the emissions test on her birthday back in September. We have recently replaced the fuel line and brakes. The rocker panels are shot, it's really a lovely shade of blue and rust red. The beat from the sound of turning on the heat, well, even YOU could not dance to it. It's a wreck. It's our hope it will make it to next spring.

Pat is not able to purchase a new vehicle, the money is just not there. A few years ago, I went with her and visited a used car lot to investigate her buying a vehicle in better shape and make payments. They won't touch her without a substantial down payment, something she just does not have.

She is terrific. I have been ill the past two years. Due to the nature of my illness, I could only get in her vehicle. She has never once complained about taking me to appointments or lending her vehicle to another to do so. She has done all my grocery shopping, my laundry, run my errands. She picks up her grandson from daycare/school, she runs her elderly neighbour to appointments. Her son has been battling with some demons of his own the last few years and yes she plays Mommy taxi to him as well. Quite simply, she's the most amazing friend.

Like many of us, her personal life hasn't been a bowl of cherries. To see something terrific happen to her, something that would keep her active and safe in her senior years would truly be a blessing.

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robin gilbert
254 days ago

Dear Ellen, this letter started out so easy, but first I read all the other letters, so many people in need! So very heartbreaking! I thought maybe I shouldn't write to you, but this is not for me, it is for my daughter and her three girls, Corrina 16, Bethany 12, and Teaguen 11. When Teaguen was one week old, My daughter, Michelle had pre-cancerous tumor on her thyroid, they removed her thyroid. She is ok now. Then 3 years after she lost her hearing in one ear due to many ear infections, had a Baha inplant, this had caused many more infections, but needs it to hear. Then 2 years ago her one side of brain had slipped down sitting on her scull and needed to be put back into place. In the mean time, she lost her job because working in the meat dept. was very painful for her and gave her headaches. She moved into a 2 bd. apt, took in a renter, Corrina sleeps in dining room, Michelle sleeps on couch. Took classes to teach autistic kids, the state lost her papers, so she can't get her state license. She has always taken care of herself, but this struggle has really hard on her. She sold her car because she could not afford gas, they walk or take the bus every where. I am unable to help her with any of this financially, She is such am amazing Mom, her girls are so smart an loving. This is not an easy letter to write as we have never asked for help from any one, just an old used working car would be such an amazing gift. Thank you, You are such a kind person

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Carol Headen
257 days ago

I am writing to you about my friends Ron and Chris Rowland. These people are the picture that comes to mind when you say "salt of the earth". It is people like the Rowlands that make America great. Hard workers and always thinking of others. Ron is a factory worker and thru the years of layoffs, economy shut downs, etc. they struggle financially. They have four kids, ranging 25 - 6 years old. Chris's dream is to be a college professor, so in her mid 40's is going back to school, working full time at a local university, being a grandparent of 2 and parent of a six year old, and two college students. Ron works nights and is the kindest man I know. ANY time I need him (a single woman, single mom years ago)for house help, car help, moving help, or help with my son, he is 'on call' even after working night shift. Their heart is to give to others, no matter the cost. They just don't have enough for themselves!
I would love for them to have a reliable car. They have never had a reliable car in all the years I've known them and it is a big stressor on Ron.
I never thought I would write to you and "beg" but these people are the most deserving I know. AND Chris is a sucker for ugly Christmas sweaters!

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