What's Trending This Week: July 25 - 29

Ellen Shows Her Heart

On July 4th weekend, a tragedy took place in Texas in which two amazing parents lost their lives in a car crash. Their three children, all under age 10, survived the crash. Their 8 and 9-year-old boys were paralyzed from the waist down. I hope you'll join me in raising awareness and sending love and support to this family.

Buzzworthy Tweet: Ellen Loves 'SYTYCD'

Make sure you're following Ellen on Twitter so you don't miss any of the buzz.

Viral Video: Ellen Tests a Vibrating Bra!

She just couldn't resist trying out a new gadget.

These Photos Aren't Right

Ellen has another batch of hilarious What's Wrong with These Photos? Photos, including a birthday cake with an extra surprise!

Buzzworthy Facebook Post: A Man and His Cat

Facebook fans couldn't get enough of this funny picture.

Web Exclusive: Amazing Audience Dancer

One of Ellen's audience members couldn't hold back the urge to dance!

Funny Photo: Lazy Boy

It's hard to find a lazy boy in reasonable condition these days. For more funny signs, click here!

Facebook Fan Photos

Let sleeping dogs lie!

New Gallery: What the Book?

These books are worth a second look.

Funny Photo: Raising the Roof

Maybe next he can straighten that picture behind him. For more of Ellen's "Best Pets," click here!