justin bieber

Justin Bieber has a Papillon rescue dog named Sammy? "Papillon" is French for "butterfly," which Justin would know, since he speaks fluent French. The dogs get their name because their ears look like butterfly wings, and because they can fly. I may have to fact-check that last part.
Justin was a very popular Halloween costume last year. In fact, so many people dressed like him, when he actually came to visit me, he had to keep knocking, because I kept handing him a Laffy Taffy and closing the door.

Justin's hair is famous. His signature style was born on his first album cover and is now one of the most popular boys cuts. His hair also has 13 Twitter accounts. I'm following all of them.

Justin has over 7 million followers on Twitter. He is second in the world, behind Lady Gaga. And if you tweet him that you want a lock of his hair for your birthday, he will give it to you.