steve martin

This week, my friend Steve Martin was on the show, and it reminded me how much I love him. He is absolutely one of my favorite banjo-playing comedians named Steve.

Did you know that Steve is a vegetarian? That’s not the reason why I love him (although it helps a lot). Also, he told me that at California State University, he studied philosophers. So he’s hilarious AND he knows about dinosaurs.

Steve is so funny that most people think he was a cast member of “Saturday Night Live.” But he wasn’t! He’s hosted the show 15 times and has made countless surprise appearances. Many people think that I was a cast member on “SNL,” but that’s because David Spade keeps copying my haircut.

Before getting his break in comedy, Steve worked as a magician at Disneyland, where he learned juggling, tap dancing, sleight of hand, and balloon sculpting. That’s why he’s always invited to my birthday parties.