ellen's thoughts

I can't believe we're already down to the final six. The dirty half-dozen. The six pack. Suddenly I'm thirsty.

James is still my favorite. I think he's gonna take it all -- the title, the hearts of the audience, Steven's scarf collection, all of it.

Haley did a great job as well. She really has something special. And I still love Casey. I'm glad they used the judges' save on him. I think he proved they made the right decision.

I liked Scotty McCreery singing "You've Got a Friend." From the looks he gives to the camera, I bet he's got a lot of friends.

Jacob might be in trouble tonight. I loved him during Hollywood week, but last night he was out-performed. The competition's really heating up. It's also starting to smoke a little. Never mind, I'm sorry, those are my hair curlers.

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