ellen's thoughts

Last night, "American Idol" was full of surprises. Some of my favorites took a back seat, some people who I thought were in trouble did great, and someone stole Meat Loaf's paint. I may be thinking of "Celebrity Apprentice."

There were a lot of great performances. I thought Scotty had his best night. He's a natural performer. He's comfortable on stage, he's charming and he looks great in a pair of cowboy boots. What I'm saying is, he reminds me a lot of myself.

I really like Lauren. She sounded fantastic and she looked beautiful. She might be my new favorite.

I'm still loving James, but I didn't love Jacob as much as everybody else did.

I love when Randy tells them that they're "in it to win it." Are the other people "just in it?" Maybe they're "in it" for the complimentary bagels backstage.

The truth is: I liked them all. I don't want any of them to go home. This is when it starts to get really hard. I'll be watching tonight!

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