ellen's thoughts

The more I watch this season of "American Idol," the more I think they did an incredible job of picking the finalists. The three that stood out the most for me last night were Jacob, James and Casey.

I think that the final two will be Casey and James. Either of them could win. Probably James. But it could be Casey. Either Casey or James.

Naima really impressed me. Her performance was incredible and her vocals were strong. Pia sounded incredible, but I agree with Jennifer that she needs to move around more on stage. The one thing Jennifer and I disagree on is that I think she should wear a lot more eyeshadow.

I think Haley and Thia might be in trouble. I like both of them as performers. Thia is so young, I think she needs more time to explore her personality, and Haley has a great voice but she needs to bring more of herself when she's on stage.

It's time for someone to go home. I'm sorry, I was talking to the cable guy. He just made himself a sandwich.

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