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Ellen's Twitter followers tweeted questions for today's Twits & Ask! From her favorite YouTube video to the moment she knew she was awesome -- Ellen always has an answer!

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Gina Dahlia
455 days ago

I LOVE your show and so does my former student AJ Clemente. I was his TV college professor and I'm making a plea on his behalf. You may have heard of him, a viral sensation after he accidentally dropped the f-bomb LIVE on the air--first job after college, first time on the air, first words out of his mouth. Anyways, his clip went viral and it has been a media frenzy in NYC. He's heading back to North Dakota and would LOVE to have the opportunity to respond to the incident on your show (because he loves and respects you). AJ is a genuinely nice kid and has been a good sport about the unfortunate accident. You can tweet me at @ginadahlia or AJ at @ClementeAJ THANK YOU!!! Gina

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Emma Simons
501 days ago

Dear Ellen, i watch your show sometimes but the person who watches it more then me is my little sister.Shes a senior in Highschool and on friday March 15th she is turning 18th. She never misses an episode so i wanted to know if you could like give her a shoutout her names Allie

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506 days ago

Dear Ellen, I love your show, your amazing and hilarious, I was just wondering when you were going to have one direction on your show again?? I didn't go last time, and I probably wont next time either, but watching them on tv is the best I'll ever get :) Im hoping you have them on again soon.
From a directioner

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Paloma Ramos
523 days ago


When nothing else makes me smile and even as I think about all the things in my life that have gone wrong your show can always, always, always make me laugh! You have no idea how much you help your audience smile through the toughest times! Your happiness is contagious and you just raise people's spirits like nothing else can! THANK YOU! Thank you, thank you... God bless you!

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535 days ago

Hi I am a very shy person and I am just grasping at straws trying to see if anyone could give me ideas of what to do. I had heart surgery in 2005 at the age of 20 right before hurricane Rita hit our town with no one knowing what was going on with me and then two years later I started having similar issues in which I was diagnosed with the very rare form of rheumatoid arthritis, Still's Disease. I under went treatment and had to stop my medication due to a very serious staph infection. I have been weak from my disease ever since but then again in 2011 I had to be hospitalized again and started treatments to slow down my disease. I went through a divorce which was finalized at the beginning of 2012 so therefore I lost my insurance through my then husband. I have been self employed as a pet sitter but it is too expensive and very difficult to find insurance for someone with a pre-existing condition. This January of 2013 I was admitted into the hospital again for 5 days due to stabbing chest pains and all over joint pain during which the entire time I was treated like a drug addict and as though I was making my entire disease up with excruciating pain the entire time. I never thought after being diagnosed with Still's Disease in 2007 and having taking medication through a rheumatologist's care in 2007 and 2011 that I would ever have to be treated like garbage by doctors and nurses again. I have some friends who have made a donation website for me, http://www.gofundme.com/1yvvak but all hospital bills, doctors visits, and medication are going to be through the roof. I have been waiting to get into a new rheumatologist who doesn't require insurance but it has been the worse month of my life because the doctor who had been seeing me in the hospital had to be the one who referred me to this rheumatologist. I believe he has made my condition seem unimportant because he refuses to believe me or even the tests that were run because of the rarity of my disease he doesn't understand, when in fact I could die if its not taken care of properly. I am hoping that once I am seen that the drug company can help with some payments but I am not sure about that either. If anyone has any ideas to help I am open to anything. I am getting more desperate and stressed out everyday by this entire situation. I feel like the doctors don't care about me in any way with no insurance fueling the fire.

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jan duncan
544 days ago

dear ellen, i watch you every day i love your show. i am writing because i need your opinion on something . i am a 65 year old female who loves justin bieber. but not the way you think. i started watching him on your show and i love his music and he is so cute to watch. i follow him on twitter as well. i have his cd's and i listen to him a lot. i know my family and possibly friends find that weird because of his age. my question to you is, what do you think of my obsession with justin bieber. do you think its abnormal for a woman of my age. thank you

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569 days ago

The power of advertising and Ellen mentioning a product will end up in mega sales. I tried, unsuccessfully, to acquire the Walgreen toy for stocking stuffers. I went to numerous Walgreens, no luck, everyone knew what I was talking about but they only ordered one lot and sold out instantly. Ellen has more power than she realizes--if she can sellout the cow toy, there is no stopping her from promoting other ventures--Where can I find those darn toys anyway?

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Endangered Cat Species Survival Trust
595 days ago

Endangered Cat Species Survival Trust (ECSST)

Please help us in sharing our project; we could make a difference, but we need your help!

We post a few pictures every day, would it be possible to post a picture from our page every day. If you agree to share every day, we would include your FB page as a supporter on our Website.

Please help us in sharing our Facebook page, Endangered Cat Species Survival Trust (ECSST). Certain financial sponsors made a commitment to help us with our enormous infrastructure necessary for the successful initiation of our project, but stated we have to obtain one million likes before January 2013.

The sponsors said this would be proof that the general public is concerned about the possibility of ultimate extinction of these species. We have assembled a team of wildlife professionals, veterinarians, DNA, behavioral and environmental experts. We only need the infrastructure, for that we need funds.

Please urge your members/friends to go and like/share our FB page. The sooner we obtain the amount of likes/shares, the sooner we could initiate our infrastructure. As you know, time is running out for the big, wild endangered cats in their natural habitat.

If all your friends/members like and share our page, we are a step closer to our target and the future existence of these species could be instigated.

That's our goal, supplying untamed cats, which fend and hunt for themselves, breed on their own etc. back to their natural habitat. To live and strive in order for our grandchildren to see these God-given miracles not only on TV but in real life.

Thank you in advance for your assistance and support.


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624 days ago

Ellen, love you, love your show. Watched today as you gave away $10,000 and a shopping spree at JC Penneys to the single mom of three. Very generous of you. My issue is, the mom said she is down to her last $30 every week and lives paycheck to paycheck. Yet, I could see she had french tip gel nails which costs at least $35 to $50 every three weeks. I never understand how women will spend their last dime to get their nails done. Maybe she should take that money every month she spends on her nails and start a college fund for her kids. Just my opinion.

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 julie edwards
625 days ago

Ellen Oh Ellen i put our name in to see the 1D show on Friday and we havent been called yet but we got an email of confirmation
My daughter is 15 and in love with 1D boys This would be the on ly way for her to see them .
I made a big mistake and prior to knowing they were ging to be here I requested a date to come see your show Nov 15. Thats were the mistake is is. Please delete the 15th and for my daughter please let her see the 1D boys. Please have a wonderful staff member call me it would be the biggist surprise.. I would do anything sor you and you show and be the butt of all jokes...I am begging you
with love Julie 805 813-4928

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Linda Carter
636 days ago

Hi Ellen I watch you everyday because it's a must.I sent in a sugggestion for you to do reuniting a family on your show when and if you do I pray you use my story. I really could use help with mines,but I just pray you continue to grow with your show(In Pitsburgh,Pa we were some of your test subjects by that was years ago!) So keep it up!Luv it!

Ms Linda Carter

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650 days ago

Dear Ellen,
My name is Gavin and I am 8 years old. I live in southern Indiana in a rural area. I really want to recycle, but they do not have pick-up where I live and we do not have a truck to drive it 1/2 hour to Evansville. I would like your help. I would like to have a closer recycling center or have pick-up at my house. If we had more centers that would create jobs for people to sort the recyclables. If we charged money for each bag of trash but made recycling free, people would recycle more and the trash money could pay for the recycling. Please email my mom if you think you can help me. I have tried to write the President, Al Gore, and my state senator, Jim Tomes and have had no luck. I hope I can count on you to write me back. Thank you so much!
Your friend,

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Marcia Hamilton
651 days ago

Ellen, Please check out Jonathan and Charlotte on You Tube. They have now gotten out their 1st CD and are truly wonderful and inspiring. They would be great on your show and you'd love them too. And a word to you, be careful about scaring people, one day one of them might have a heart attack or something. But other than that, love your show!! Marcia

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Kathy Ferrari
659 days ago

Dear Ellen: November is Chronic Regional Pain Syndrome (formerly called RSD) Awareness Month. Could you please recognize it somehow? The color of the month is orange. Not much is known about this horrific, sometimes progressive nervous system disease--there is no cure. A good website to learn about it is www.rsdrx.com (given to me by my doctor, a specialist for this disease), although there are other sites out there. I have this both in my body & dentally and the only thing that's helped my pain has been nerve blocks, and that only lasts for about a week. The nerves in my teeth have hurt badly for 2 years now & nothing works for that pain. I found others suffering from this disease on internet support groups. Alot of sufferers are disabled from the disease. Even alot of doctors don't know anything about it. Please help spread awareness. Thank you & God Bless, Kathy Ferrari

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Leah Bonhomme
664 days ago

Hi Ellen

You are a covergirl....did you know that covergirl tests on animals? I was surprised to find this information out for myself just tonight. Just wanted to fill you in on what you are supporting.

Leah Bonhomme (your fan)

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