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There's a lot going down on "American Idol" this week. They're cutting so many contestants. Tonight it goes from 24 down to 12. That's crazy! They might as well eliminate half of them.

I'll tell you one thing about this season of "American Idol" -- the talent is incredible. I think this is the most talented group they've ever had.

On Wednesday night, some of the boys did a great job. I love James Durbin who sang the Judas Priest song, and Jacob Lusk who sang "A House is Not a Home," but I have to say my favorite guy is Casey Abrams. He has great musicality, which I hear is important in a music competition.

Last night, the girls really did an amazing job. I think Julie Zorrilla and Pia Toscano both have beautiful voices and they're both absolutely gorgeous, but Haley Reinhart and Lauren Alaina have an X-factor that really makes them stand out.

I love Lauren Turner and not just because she's from my hometown, but it helps a lot. I also really like Kendra Chantelle as well as Ashthon Jones, even though I wasn't crazy about her song choice this week.

There are so many that I want to hear sing again. I hope they get the chance. We'll find out tonight!

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