did you know with cory monteith

Did you know that Cory Monteith is the drummer for a band called Bonnie Dune? Cory doesn’t sing in the band, but he’s hoping they perform a Journey song at sectionals.

Cory’s last name, Monteith, is also the word for a large punch bowl that has a notched rim so you can hang cups on it. That’s good to know. The next time I go to the White House, I’ll be able to say, “Could someone kindly get my powdered wig out of the monteith?”

This week, the cast of “Glee” beat Elvis Presley for the highest number of songs on the Billboard hot 100 -- with a shocking 113 songs making the list in the show’s two-year history. No one has yet beaten Elvis’ record for the most sequins on a jumpsuit.