ellen's thoughts

Last night, "American Idol" was 2 hours long again, which is great news -- so long as I remember to TiVo "Ghost Hunters."

I love Hollywood week because that's when we get to see the contestants work together. It's very important to play well with others. I learned that in kindergarten. If you don't play well with others, you don't get the good blocks, you don't get to take the gerbil home on the weekend, and you definitely don't get a record deal.

Like every season, it was sad seeing a lot of my favorites go. But with so much talent this year, you can't lose your grip for a second or you could wind up flat on your face. It's a lot like pole dancing.

A lot of good people were cut, but my top people are still in the running and there were a lot of great people that I hadn't seen before. I can't wait to see who makes it through tonight.

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