ellen's thoughts

"American Idol" was great last night. I miss being there with all the excitement, but watching from home has its benefits. The boy who sang really high was great. I'd love it a little higher. A little higher. Right there. Sorry, I was talking to my masseuse.

I was glad Hollie Cavanaugh got a second chance. She was the girl who almost couldn't sing in her audition because of all the pressure. Now she's off to Hollywood, where, as we all know, the pressure is much, much less.

My favorite was the last contestant, Casey Abrams. I love it when they save the best for last. People do that all the time, like at the Oscars, or jelly bean flavors, or picking dodge ball teams. At least that's what my mama told me.

Tonight the auditions are in Los Angeles. I can't wait. I hope someone sings Stop It That Tickles! Excuse me. I was talking to my masseuse again. He's very forward.

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