I'm so happy you're checking out this page! I've been trying to live a kinder, more compassionate life, and I've learned a lot of things along the way. It's not hard to do -- you just need to know how! There is so much that you can do -- from helping to stop bullying in schools, to having compassion for all living things.

I've listed a lot of information here that I think will be helpful. There are books and movies that are important, plus videos of interviews with inspiring people, and links to organizations doing wonderful things for people and animals across the country. And there are easy, healthy recipes which prove that being vegan doesn't mean you can't have delicious meals!

I personally chose to go vegan because I educated myself on animal cruelty. Suddenly, I realized that what was on my plate were living things, with feelings. And I just couldn't disconnect myself from it any longer. I read books like "Diet for a New America" and saw documentaries like "Earthlings" and "Meet your Meat," and it became an easy choice for me.

If you want to learn more about why and how you can do the same, I hope you'll check out my new page: Going Vegan with Ellen.

Take a look at the various reasons I chose to live a kinder, compassionate life. If you choose to educate yourself, it'll be an easy choice for you, too!

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292 days ago

Dear Ellen
I love your show! And I Love Helping People! My mom and some family started a business called Kois This And That Consignment Its a second hand store that has low prices and about 4-6 months ago started a branch called The Lords Clothes Closet, It is Non profit and dose free clothing to family in need on Wednesday! Kois its self has also done $25 when we can to a family in need! I dont know if you read these or not but we are desperate!!! The building we are in we are behind on payments! Due to my mom who is 41there and has had 3-4 heart attacks her first being at the age of 32! Being in and out of the hospital and to us Trying to Help others Even when we are hardly making ends meet! I am 24 years old nd married and have two Beautiful children and trying to make it in life with one income that is not that much but still trying to help others cause I Know there are people familys that have it worse then me. But if you know of anyway we can get help to keep Our Dream Open and A Live Please Please let me know!
Hope you read this and can give us some insight to keep helping others! Thank you Trishana M

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293 days ago

I enjoy your show- watch you from Belize.

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irene fortier
297 days ago

Ellen I love your show and watch you every day. I try to enter the contest on line and get through because where it asks fore country there is no Canada and Ontario on the list given. Is there a different way to do it. It calls to up-load a picture. I don't want to put pictures of myself on the internet if possible. I am 67 and raised a family of three. I had a home business during the time I was raising my children. It wasn't easy my husband was away all week and I was left raising the children all myself. I am separated after 40 yrs. I did a lot of volenteer work and still do. Helping out stray animals. Sewing blankets fore the animal shelter. My dream is to win my way to see you on your show. I hope to have an answer to this letter. Thank you.

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Racheal Faurie
297 days ago

Awww she's just too freaking Awesome!!!

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judy guerin
300 days ago

I just want to say, that I love ellen, she makes me laugh when days aren't going so good,would love to see her show!! cant afford to ake the trip but maybe someday!!! love ya ellen judy Guerin

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Carmen Glosser
301 days ago

I love how you help sooo many people . I wish I were able to help help more people . It brings me great joy to see the people's lives you change.

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JThomas Allen
308 days ago

I Enjoy Your Show So Much.....If We Can't Be Home, Busy Working In
My Yard, The Show Is Always Taped, Therefore I Never Miss The *Guest.
Those Fun Things Hilarious, You Keep Us Stitches. What Can I Say ELLEN,"One Great Show"

*Your Guest Are The Best

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Nicky Moore
309 days ago

Hi can't wait for season 11 when does it screen in UK x

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Tonian Gray
309 days ago

I just can't shake this, I still don't even know why I am writing about it, but when I can't figure out what to do, I write. So here goes. Thursday night we were walking up Michigan Ave in Chicago. This street is known as the Miracle Mile for shopping. The stores are way way out of my price range. Cartier, Tiffany, and Fashion shops I have never even thought about entering. It is also a very entertaining street, with lots of street performers, beautiful art and architecture, and of course the Chicago River. As with any big city, there are many homeless people, mentally ill, and drug addicts found on this street as well.

I am usually not affected by the sight of these people. I feel bad, but have always been taught to give to organizations to help them rather than give to the people on the street because they will just use the money to buy drugs or alcohol. Sometimes I will give them food, and yes sometimes I can't help it, I give them money. However, last Thursday night my heart was broken. We were having a great walk to our favorite pizza joint, the weather was beautiful, there were Husky fans every where, hilarious street performers, and just a fun walk...then I looked in a doorway of a building and saw 2 kids about 6 and 8 years old with their mother crowded under a small blanket. No sign of "help us, homeless", nothing...just the 3 of them sitting under this blanket together. We kept walking, I couldn't get them out of my head. We got to the pizza place, I felt better, of course cause I am drinking, eating, and with my beautiful family. We finished, and had an entire pizza leftover. We left and I told the boys, we are going back to that family and feeding them this pizza. We didn't get back to that doorway til almost 8 pm and they were gone. I felt relieved. Thinking, they have a place to sleep.

Friday came and went, we had a lovely river tour, learned that Oprah owns 9 floors in this LakeView tower of over 60 floors in which each apartment cost 1 million minimum, and she freakin owns 9 floors, had it all torn apart to build a massive apartment that she has had on the market for 7 years...she NEVER even lived in it, and is asking a cool 50 million for it. I couldn't help but think about the family in the doorway.

We walked by the doorway again on Friday morning, but they were not there. Good..I thought. The kids must go to school, maybe mom has a job.

Saturday was game day, it was a beautiful morning. We decided to take a walk along State Street which parallels the Miracle Mile. We hit up some good breakfast and lunch and got lots of goodies to take with us to the game. Rob decided he needed a new Cubs sweatshirt, so back to Michigan Ave we went...there they were. I had to stop. I had bags of cookies and food in my hands and I had to stop and offer it. I crouched down with them and asked if they would like something to eat. The mom's face was so sad, but she accepted thanked me. I couldn't walk away, I sat with them, and asked where they go at night. She told me they go to a shelter, but they get kicked out at 6 am every morning. I asked if the kids went to school, and they do. They are beautiful and all 3 of them were clean. The mom did not ask me once for money. She just said that the city of Chicago isn't doing enough for single moms who are homeless. She did NOT look like a drug addict or alcoholic. The kids had some sort of work books or coloring books. I just sat there and cried and listened to her story. She said she uses the money she is offered to be able to stay in a motel every once in awhile or to ride the subway to the shelter. I told her how sorry I was. She thanked me for listening.

I asked her if I could take her picture to show what is going on in our country, hoping that someone out there in social media will see it and help her. She gave me permission to take her picture and tell this story.

I don't know what to do, but maybe one just one of you or your friends will share this and they will be found in that door way and given help.

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Annette Osborne
310 days ago

I so enjoy watching your show

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313 days ago

Me and my friends will be travelling from Brunei to LA in Oct and I am hoping to get the tickets for the Ellen show. Love you Ellen

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April Shelton
315 days ago

Hi Ellen,

You’re right. The world needs more compassion. It’s high time some humans stop treating animals like trash and start treating them like the treasures they truly are!

But to bring about truly everlasting change, I believe you first need to touch the heart of a child. That’s what I had in mind when I wrote and illustrated the children’s picture book Dumpy the Puppy.

Dumpy the Puppy is the fictional story of a resilient puppy who must overcome being cruelly tossed into a dumpster in order to achieve his deepest desire. A desire we all share. To love and be loved.

Written in 2011, it has recently been self-published as an e-book on Amazon. Here is the link: http://www.amazon.com/Dumpy-the-Puppy-ebook/dp/B00EHL3IXY/ref=sr_1_1/180-7906485-8263655?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1378943432&sr=1-1

Now it’s up to the readers. Will they be part of spreading the light of this truth to the world? I hope so.

On behalf of myself and all the animals in the world, thank you, Ellen, for all the love and help you’re already giving them.

God Bless,
April Shelton

P.S. Ellen, on March 2nd, 2013, I mailed you a copy of Dumpy the Puppy that I printed and bound myself. Supposedly, it was delivered on the 4th. I hope you received it. 

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Jo Ann Smith
316 days ago

Love your show. Laughter is the best medicine and you make me laugh. In my eyes, you are a very kind,compassionate and loving person. You are the best, Ellen. Thank you for being you. I'm a "what you see is what you get" kind of person and I believe you are too. That's a good thing. Please keep up the good work.

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319 days ago

My name is Susan I am 54 in age and I been dead inside since 1984 when I have lost my children from living on the streets. I live with my sister now I have hit rock bottom and I can't seem to find a way to climb out of this pitch dark hole. Can't find work, my teeth are so bad and I know that is part of the reason why I can't find work! Also, can't find someone to love me as me. People judge me the way I look. I been going on hunger diets trying to lose my Fat 500 calories per day. I am ready to give up, I have nothing to live for but failure..

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