I'm so happy you're checking out this page! I've been trying to live a kinder, more compassionate life, and I've learned a lot of things along the way. It's not hard to do -- you just need to know how! There is so much that you can do -- from helping to stop bullying in schools, to having compassion for all living things.

I've listed a lot of information here that I think will be helpful. There are books and movies that are important, plus videos of interviews with inspiring people, and links to organizations doing wonderful things for people and animals across the country. And there are easy, healthy recipes which prove that being vegan doesn't mean you can't have delicious meals!

I personally chose to go vegan because I educated myself on animal cruelty. Suddenly, I realized that what was on my plate were living things, with feelings. And I just couldn't disconnect myself from it any longer. I read books like "Diet for a New America" and saw documentaries like "Earthlings" and "Meet your Meat," and it became an easy choice for me.

If you want to learn more about why and how you can do the same, I hope you'll check out my new page: Going Vegan with Ellen.

Take a look at the various reasons I chose to live a kinder, compassionate life. If you choose to educate yourself, it'll be an easy choice for you, too!

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Brooke Spiden
215 days ago

Hi Ellen,

A year ago, I was fighting for my life and losing to a disease that struck so fast that within weeks there was nothing left of the girl I'd been. My mind paralysed in terror, no longer capable of thought, voided of memory and will, invaded and erased of all but the lucid awareness of my tormentor and the blinding agony it unleashed on me every moment for over a year. My mind destroyed, it soon started on my body, ripping and pounding every inch of my flesh. My mind remained aware of nothing but searing pain; the disease forced me to stay conscious. I shook violently, my muscles twitched and ached. Whiter than the dead, I was always cold; and sweat poured from my skin. I stopped sleeping and hallucinated often. I screamed for hours unable to stop. I couldn't speak sometimes, and when I could I stuttered badly.
On the day I couldn't move my legs, Mum came for me. The disease was killing me bit by bit, and left me without even the ability or strength to end my own life. My mum watched me dying, heard my screams, and her heart broke again as I got sicker. She watched my evil ruler break me, again and again. No-one else stayed once I got sick, except Mum. Broken already; not 4 years since she watched her son die at 36, my brother, her heart. Now, she watched me dying too, nights and days we endured hell together. I cried for her to make it stop, and know now that her pain was far worse. She never let me go. She gave her strength when I had none. Please, help me find her smile again. She gave it up to save my life. Please help me to now save hers?
Your warmth gives me hope .. hope that Mum will smile again. Much love to you this Christmas. May the kindness you give to so many come back in turn to you. My Mum is my hero. I am alive and healthy today because of her. All I want in the world is to bring back that smile she used to have. I want her to be happy again. She has gone through so much. I am the luckiest daughter ... She gave me life; and then she gave me life again. I am 34 now.
I want so much to give her all I always believed I would. She watches the places I haven't taken her to on TV; she dreams of Copenhagen, Iceland, Amsterdam .. I should be taking my Mum to Venice, to all the places she'll never know. She has worked all her life; she is a pensioner, and spent all she had to support me when I was sick. On Mother's day, I should be at the top of Mount Pilatus in Switzerland with her; not driving her to the cemetery to visit her son. Her hand on his plaque .. it is wrong. Her hand should be holding a candle in the Notre Dame. A candle for him, and for her.

She saved my life. She is the reason I am here. Please Ellen. Please help me to somehow give her something other than the pain and fear she endured for me. I am her creation. She is my love, my heart, my saviour. All I want for Christmas ... is to save her back.

Thank you Ellen. You are a hero to me and Mum. When we had both lost our smiles, you have made us laugh together. I thank you for that gift. All my best wishes to you and Portia, your family ... and especially your beautiful and very special Mum!


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216 days ago

Hey Ellen just wanted to stop by and say hello. You are such a phenomenal woman, and without you my day at work would be a good one!
May you all have a 🎄Merry Christmas and a safe and fun New Year!🎉
Lots of ❤️Love,

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Asking the Universe
218 days ago

Another unedited experience with Asking the Universe as shared by a visitor to our site...

"I am so pleased I found your site. I asked the Universe for extra money and within days I had a few thousand much needed for bills, tax rebate which was totally unexpected. It was a miracle and I continue to ask and receive and of course always give thanks and am incredibly grateful for all the Universe gives me."

"It really is that simple. Ask, believe and receive whilst being filled with gratitude for what we already have."

"Thank you so much for your wonderful introduction into Asking the Universe." -Liz

To read more experiences and maybe try it yourself, go here:

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219 days ago

HI, Sometimes I miss the show, it just happens things I have to do. I was thinking of the Lady Ellen would call on the phone all the time I believe her name was Gladies, not sure spelling is correct. Is she still with us ? Thanks for email's you send back. Have a great Holiday Season. Sharon Butzman

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Evelyn Haynes
222 days ago

Hi Ellen happy holidays. I just love watching your show. I'm a single mother of eight kids.I'm 36 yrs old. I have two girls and six boys. I'm unemployed and crying for help to be bless to get my kids something the Christmas. Its very hardfor me right now since Im looking for employment. Ellen please bless my family this Christmas. I recently moved here in Charlotte NC

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Yolanda Kent
223 days ago

Merry Christmas Ellen! I stop by this page sometimes I love reading all the good things going on in the world and your site either makes me laugh or cry from happiness !You do an amazing job sharing your fame and wealth in such a positive way its addictive. It definitely inspires me to go out and be a better person inside and out.

Thank You

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225 days ago

thanks for being you enjoy your show.

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Helen Leverton
225 days ago

Ellen, you are a compassionate, loving person. Wish the world had more people like you. Today I was having a very depressing day but, you made me laugh and forget about my problems. THANK YOU! You are a blessing to many people; take care and Merry Christmas to you, Portia and the rest of your family.

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Dianne E. Rorie
225 days ago

Hi Ellen I love your show and I love you are the most hind hearted and loving person on Tv and off you are always giving I hope you get it back in some way thanks for being you God will bless you.

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Diane Oliver
226 days ago

Love your show// need a new tv love it

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226 days ago

Being a police officer for 37yrs I thought I had seen almosts everything...well not...bullying started in schools in the area..really hurt lots of children...glad you are writeing about this...good start.

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Ellen Reed
227 days ago

Just wanted to say Hi. I am new to the page and I like it.

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Debbie MacKenzie
229 days ago

Ellen, your compassion is genuine, very refreshing to see that.

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Beryl Flaherty
230 days ago

What ever happened to TONY your original DJ....being English myself, I just loved him.
His laugh was so contagious!

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clara wade
230 days ago

Ellen you are such a beautiful women, your smile is contagious, you have the most beautiful eyes. But most of all your heart is bigger than Texas! You truly are amazing, i can tell that you are truly a very compassionate person. I don't get to watch your show everyday, because i work twelve hour shifts. However on my days off I'm there. My mom is 71 years old she loves you and the little girls from England. We live together and she always brings me up to speed on the show. Thanks for being a wonderful individual!!

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