Top Moments: November 1 - 5

Ellen Gets Taylor Swift's Dating Details

Taylor Swift has been quiet about her dating life, so Ellen tried everything she could to pry the details out of her. See if she succeeded!

Taylor Swift Meets Her Ultimate Fan

Ellen surprised Taylor Swift's biggest fan with a chance to meet the superstar — and even more big surprises!

Tony's Future Girlfriends Meet 'Know or Go'!

Ellen is on the lookout for Tony's future girlfriend, and it's been narrowed down to three lovely ladies. To get it down to one, Ellen put them on the Know or Go machine!

Mariah Carey is Having a Baby!

The one and only Mariah Carey stopped by to tell Ellen all about her pregnancy, and had quite the exchange with her!

Willow Smith Performs 'Whip My Hair'

When her hit song "Whip My Hair" was released last month, Willow Smith became an overnight sensation. She made her television debut performance with Ellen today.

Portia Shares Her Personal Struggles

Today, in a moving interview, Portia de Rossi opened up about her past struggles with anorexia and self-worth — and shared how she feels about it today.

Justin Bieber Surprises Ellen!

During Ellen's monologue, Justin Bieber dropped in unexpectedly, so she took the opportunity to get a signed book!

Sofia Vergara Plays a Hidden Camera Prank

After chatting with Sofia Vergara, Ellen sent her into a store on the WB lot for some hidden camera fun!

An Exciting Car Giveaway

Ellen found a woman named Reneisha who has done so much good, she deserves a brand new car! Needless to say, Reneisha was beyond excited!

Ellen Celebrates 1,200 Shows!

It's Ellen's 1,200th show, so today she took a look back at all the fun she's had through the years.

Ellen's Naughty Audience Dancers

Everyone loves to dance before the show starts, but today some dancers got a little naughty!