Top Moments: August 23 - 27

What is Happening with Cup Sizes?

Last year, Ellen highlighted an alarming trend in the size of convenience store cups. Now, Ellen updates us with news that they've introduced a new size — it can't even be considered a cup! Watch now to see what she's talking about!

Drew Barrymore Doesn't Hold Back

Drew Barrymorechatted with Ellen about everything that she's been up to lately. She says exactly what she's thinking — especially when it comes to Justin Long! Watch now as she talks about everything from Justin to the Emmys (and her commemorative loser lighters!).

Ellen's New Segment: Startle Bucks

Ellen has been on the Warner Brothers Studio Lot for over a year now, and she's still having fun. She tried a new hidden camera segment today — see if it worked! At least everyone in the audience got a nice surprise — "The Wizard of Oz" 70th Anniversary Collector's Edition! Watch it now.

Pamela Anderson Shows Off Her New Perfume

Pamela Anderson dropped by the show to chat with Ellen about her perfume, "Malibu." A collection of two separate fragrances, Pamela explains which one is for flirty fun, and which one is to seal the deal! Then Ellen tries to get her to say the mystery word, "bundt cake." Did she succeed? Watch to find out.

Monkey Adopts Kitty

This adorable duo of a long-tailed macaque and a kitten was spotted by a photographer at the Monkey Forest Park in Bali, Indonesia. The monkey was taking care of the kitten and they both loved being together. It doesn't get any cuter than this! Take a look at other unlikely animal pairs in our photo gallery.

Robert Pattinson Shares His 'Twilight' Fan Stories

The first time the sexy Robert Pattinsonwas here, "Twilight" hadn't yet been released. A lot has changed since then! Today the scream-inducing actor chatted with Ellen about all the attention he's getting, and shares some hilarious fan stories.

Robert Pattinson Opens Up on His Recent Fame

With the incredible success of the "Twilight" movies, things have changed for Robert Pattinson and the rest of the cast. Today he tells Ellen about the experience of filming the movies — and describes what his perfect day would be.

Something Isn't Right with This Carrot!

When Mary from Fairfield, Connecticut picked a carrot out of her garden, she got quite a surprise! She's not sure what's going on in her garden, but it made her laugh and she wanted to share it with us. For even more photos that just aren't right, take a look at our What's Wrong with These Photos? gallery here.

There's Something Wrong with These Photos!

Some of Ellen's viewers sent in some photos — which Ellen just had to share in today's "What's Wrong with These Photos? Photos" You won't believe them!

An Affectionate Rescue Kitty

Velma in Richland, New York recently found some starving kittens in her backyard and nursed them back to health. She found safe homes for all of them, but decided to keep this young one — who clearly loves her new home! We love this photo so much, we chose it as this week's Halo Pet Photo. Velma wins a $100 gift card for Halo pet products. If you think you have the next Halo Pet Photo, send it to us!