Today Ellen checked in on her Triscuit home farm -- and it's going quite well! She's growing all sorts of delicious veggies and herbs. Triscuit is encouraging everyone to create their own home farm. It's easy to do and you can make one anywhere you live. Find out more about how you can create yours.


Ellen played a new game called Bluff n' Stuff. Whether the contestants were bluffing or not, they still got a brand new Vizio 23" TV and VIzio Blu-ray player. Vizio is the official HDTV of "The Ellen DeGeneres Show," and you can find out more here.


Eleven-year-old Christian Lee recreated the Old Spice commercial for Ellen, and to keep him making funny videos, she gave him a Toshiba high definition video camera and Toshiba laptop. Find out how you can make your own videos with Toshiba products.

american express

Ellen's talented audience members each got an American Express gift card for showing their hidden talents. Good wherever American Express is accepted, these gift cards make a great gift. Find out more about American Express gift cards.

steve spangler

Steve Spangler showed Ellen some amazing experiments today -- while teaching her all about science. You can find out more about Steve and how he gets kids excited about science here.