Top Moments June 7 - 10, 2010

These Photos Aren't Just Wrong -- They're Hilarious!

Ellen had another batch of photos today, and something about them isn’t quite right! Whether it’s a sign with an unintended meaning, or your Disney favorites like you’ve never seen them, these shocking photos are hilarious!

Watch This Adorable Sleepy Kitten!

This sleepy kitten is already cute, but when someone decided to rub its stomach, it couldn’t get any more adorable!

Ellen Finds a Rattlesnake in Her Yard!

Ellen found quite a surprise in her backyard: a rattlesnake! Ellen wanted to make sure that her home was safe without harmingit, so she called the Rattlesnake Wrangler, Bo Slyapich. He helped her safely remove the snake and even found another one! Ellen is learning a lot about snakes from him, and you can too. You can learn more on his RattlesnakeWrangler website.

Ellen Flips Out in Orlando!

When Ellen realized she was running late to her shows in Orlando, she knew she had to get to the stage — and get there fast! It’s a good thing she stretched before this jaw-dropping run through Universal Orlando Resort.

Mario Lopez Experiences Know or Go Orlando!

Ellen wanted some help with her Orlando edition of Know or Go, so Mario Lopez stepped up! He found out just what happens if the contestant doesn’t know the answer to a question. They drop into the lagoon!

Ellen Rides the Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit!

A new ride has been built since Ellen was last at Universal Orlando Resort, and she had to give it a try. She brought Portia and one of her frightened writers along for a ride on the Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit — see how it went!

Ellen Experiences 'The Wizarding World of Harry Potter'!

It’s just days until The Wizarding World of Harry Potter opens in Orlando. Ellen got the chance to visit the brand new theme park and brought along two Harry Potter superfans. You’ll want to see all the excitement in store at this magical theme park!

Shemar Moore Shows It All!

Everybody loves Bad Paid-For Photos, and they’re even better when they belong to Shemar Moore! The sexy actor brought his embarrassing photos and ended up showing off more than he bargained for!

Tony's Frightening Roller Coaster Ride

While at Universal Orlando Resort, Ellen and Tony rode the brand new roller coaster called Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit. Tony didn’t like it too much, but fortunately for all of us, we have the video!

Martin Lawrence's Big Birthday

The hilarious Martin Lawrence stopped by today and chatted with Ellen about his 45th birthday. He’s much more active than he thought he’d be at 45, but told what he really thinks of his body — and had everyone laughing!

Dish Network Knows the Truth!

Yesterday, Ellen showed a clip of “Family Feud” — in which a man said Ellen doesn’t love this country! We know that’s not true, and so does Dish Network. They changed their listing to prove their point, and they sure made of it!