Ellen loves responding to her viewers, so today she answered another batch of mail. She weighed in on everything from the iPad to "American Idol" -- and was surprised to find out what Mama does at "Idol"!

video: ellen responds

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73 days ago

I love your show, You make me laugh and cry. Love how happy you make people. Love that you love animals as I do. I had pneumonia and seem to be so depressed of late. Cry a lot. Ready for a belly laugh. Would love to visit your show and meet your wife Porch. I will be 76 years young July. Boy what a birthday present that would be. I have two cats. One Sassy, 14 yrs old and then little Twinkles 11 years. I love them and worry that they will out live me. They are so spoiled. Don't think Sassy would live through my demize. Twinkles, she would be so lonesome an probably not eat for awhile as she is my baby but, eventually would come around. Hope the two will never be separated. Now that would really do them in. Stay the way you are Ellen, You make people so happy. Love and Hugs there in CA.

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77 days ago

Good Day Ellen, Hopefully I'm blessed and that you will this family, they do not know I have been writing all over the world to get some help for there little daughter. Please see blow - we are in South Africa God Bless You!!!

My name is Reani Badenhorst and on 12 June 2013 I had my 1st birthday. I was born with genetic and metabolic disorders causing different kinds of problems. At birth my mom had heart failure and had to be resuscitated. I was left without oxygen for 20 minutes. My 1st days of life were spent in the neonatal ICU. Even though I was without oxygen and black when doctor took me out, Jesus loved me so much he saved me so that Mommy, Daddy and sissy Charné can just hold me and love me. Mommy immediately realized something isn't quite right. After many doctor's consultations, I was admitted to hospital at the age of 6 weeks.
Tests were done and I was diagnosed with the same stomach and lung problem sissy has then determined to be genetic.
My problems however is more than just my stomach and lungs as my little body don't digest and break down proteins and now I must have imported medical formula feeds plus medications to help me feel better and keep pain, cramps and other symptoms controlled.
I saw doctor many times until November and was in and out of hospital many times and until 30 April 2013 I was in hospital for a stretch of 18 weeks being the longest stay I had to go through.

Since I've been transferred home to be cared for in my own home hospital room with 4 registered nursing staff, I've been admitted back to hospital 4 times but doctor now treats me only at home as the hospital ward is more dangerous for me having a concentration of different viruses and bacteria's in the hospital ward.

I've been to theatre 6 times already since January 2013 for different procedures and in ICU for a while after having my major stomach operation at the age of 8 months.

What's the name of my condition?

There are different problems and not only 1 condition.

THAT is what's making life SO difficult. The question is rather, what is wrong with my little body?

1. I'm Asymptomatic which means that I react and show symptoms, conditions and reactions to conditions differently than the average healthy person. It makes treatment very hard because I look perfectly beautiful and normal from outside, but the test results tells a different story.

2. My body over produce stomach acids spiking through the Nissen operation and burning the bottom part of my esophagus. Dr's thinking that I could have the Zollinger-Ellison syndrome as the symptoms/markers for this syndrome are present but can't be 100% confirmed by the Professors at present as I'm already being well treated for the acid production which prevents the display of potential peptic ulcers caused by this syndrome . This syndrome can't be cured but the symptoms must and can be very well controlled to prevent potential peptic ulcers in the small intestine from forming and/or bleeding should this indeed be the syndrome present. Without the right medications, regular checkups and strict controls, such ulcers can over time form and can even become cancerous but for now this is not happening as I'm receiving medication to control the stomach acid levels.

3. My body doesn't break down or digest proteins; therefore I can only be fed with a special medical formula with limited amino acids.

4. I also have a condition called Food Aversion. I have no problem to stay without feeds for hours on end and you'll hear neither complaints nor any crying from me for something to eat or drink. That's why I need to be fed through a mickey stomach tube. I'm connected to the feeding pump for a total of 14 hours in a 24 hour period. During this time I only stay in my cot as this is where my feeding pump is set up so I'm in a routine to know now that this is then also time to sleep. This feeding pump uses a feeding bag and line that's used to drip my feeds into my stomach. Eventually I must be rehabilitated for me to learn that food and eating is critical for survival and growth, but this is a very long road lying ahead and will not be something that will be natural for me to do as my brain is not registering that my little body needs feeding.

5. At the age of 8 months I had my stomach operation. I was in ICU with an epidural for a while because the operation is extremely painful, but I'm a little fighter and the operation was a success.

6. I also have chronic Esophagitis of the Esophagus. This means the Esophagus is chronically inflamed and the over production of acid damages the Esophagus regardless of the stomach operation. This is an indication of how strong and how much acid are produced by the stomach. This is painful and makes me feel sick of the acid burning me inside, similar to heartburn or indigestion.

7. In addition to all of these problems and a list of allergies, my body also fights and rejects the biofilm material covering my stomach tube. This causes the stomach to become inflamed quickly and also easily attracts organisms to breed and cause infections quite easily. I receive maintenance antibiotics weekly. The mickey stomach tube must be replaced with a clean one about once a week. This is to prevent the biofilm from becoming a breeding ground for micro organisms. Granulation tissue forming under the operation scar and around the stoma opening is burned with a caustic pencil to stop growth and prevent scarring.

8. The osmotic diarrhea happens mainly after feed loading but needs to be monitored in quantity and frequency to ensure the volume of my feeds and the volume of nappies are balanced to ensure I don't lose weight. A balance that took several months' to reach as such imbalance could easily cause me to lose 400gr weight overnight. My stools are abnormal and are mainly watery or slimy. My large and small intestines are directly responsible for this problem.

9. My body does not absorb or digest the nutrients from my feeds so I get supplements for the nutrients I need ranging from multi vitamins, pre-biotics to iron.

10. My tolerance level for pain is extremely high. It doesn't bother me if doctor injects me 4 times with an intravenous drip needle in 1 foot as long as I can sit and watch what doctor is doing. I don't cry or pull away at all. I easily keep my hand on a boiling hot kettle without pulling away and hitting my head against a wall or sharp edges makes no difference to me.

11. I'm prone to infections and get these quite quickly even though I'm alone at home with my 24 hour nursing staff taking very good care of me. Although most of the infections we can treat and manage at home, I've been back in hospital four times again since I was moved over to be home nursed on 30 April 2013.

Included in the 4 readmissions was another theatre procedure where I was severely anemic as I bled internally for 5 weeks with bloody stools daily as I bled from inside my stomach. Drs had to wait until I was strong enough and infection free as I had more than 20 infections in a 7 week period and wouldn't have been strong enough to handle anesthetics.

But on 19 September 2013 I went to theatre and my torn stomach fixed to stop the bleeding. For many months I've completely stopped growing, this meant no length, no brain or organ growth either. All the supplements and huge volumes of continuous 24 nasal gastric tube feeds day and night finally got me to start growing again.

Despite all these problems that have been keeping me in hospital for so long, I'm still a very friendly little girl and I love to play. I'm very curious and like to investigate everything. I have a very strong will of my own but I am content with everything around me.

I accept everything that's happening and that is done to me. I'm just very bored and frustrated being between 4 walls every day and even though mommy tries her best to provide me with what I need and to help me, the days are very long being connected to a feeding tube 14 hours a day.

Mommy and Daddy waited anxiously for doctor to say I'm medically stable which happened on 30 April 2013 when I was moved over to my own home hospital room where I'm currently being cared for, monitored and nursed.

The monthly expenses for my special needs i.e. medical formula feeds, feeding bags, feeding lines, full time 24 hour nurses, rehabilitation, a few therapists and continuous follow up visits to doctor plus all the medications are really expensive and although the medical aid has covered the hospitalization and until mid July 2013 assisted 100% with the nursing care, all other medical needs, feeds etc. are for mommy and daddy to provide me with.

From 23 July, a portion of the nursing costs are now also for mommy and daddy to pay so that I can receive the care I need.

Without lots of help my mommy and daddy will never be able to take care of me. All of these things I need to be able to live and have a chance at a quality life. If there's anyone willing to help me, I have my own account and also my own registered charity fund, the Reani Badenhorst Charity Fund.

I also have my own facebook page ‘Reani Badenhorst Ondersteuning' where Mommy tries to give regular updates of how my progress is and what I'm going through and there is a few photos of me.

Please like my page if you would like to hear how I'm doing. Above ALL…please PRAY for me!

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Bonnie Shuey
78 days ago

Dear Ellen,
My husband and I are raising a grandson whom we adopted in march 2010. We have had him since 17 months old when he was left with us. He did not walk, crawl or situp during that time. He now is a third grader and thriving. He has had a struggle and we have had alot on our plate. During the time he came in October of 2006, I had to quit my job to care for a mother-in-law who passed away in Feb 2007, then my mom came to live with us and our other three children as she had dementia. I was now working two part-time jobs, caring for my mom full-time, in a custody battle with our grandson and going to school online full-time, not to mention caring for three other kids and my husband. Our finances was so bad we had to file bankrupcy and we almost lost our home after the adoption. We are now in a modification program and working hard to get back on top of it all. I lost my mom in Feb 2012 and graduated with a Bachelor's Degree in April 2012. Since then I tried to go back to work, but our grandson (now our son) has continued with his health problems. He does receive a small amount of SSI because all four valves of his heart are defective and now he has an enlarged pulmonary vein to his aorta. He sees a pedatric dermatolgoist for his nails which peel and he has a cataract on his right eye. Now they want us to see a genetic doctor for testing, which is being done this May 23rd as they believe he has Marfan syndrome. Through it all he is the most pleasant and loving child you can imagine. He was literally dumped on our doorstep and left for 4 months and then a year and he was severly neglected but he has such a wonderful personality. My husband and I were foster parents for 10 years and we have five children (four married) eight grandchildren and we have now three adopted children. Our oldest son was born crack addicted and is biracial and he was diagnosed with Asperger's in 8th grade. He is now 20 and doesn't like to leave home, but he did graduate and is a wonderful artist and a joy to us. We have a natural son that is 19 and going to school fulltime and works almost fulltime. He is a large help with our little one. We have a adopted daughter who is 14 and is mentally challenged and was a failure to thrive baby when we got her but is thriving and doing wonderful in her school!! Then we have little Jackson (JR) who brings it all together. The problem is my husband works hard at a job he has held over 25 years and he is 63 this month and I am 55 and we cannot afford to do alot of things as we are strapped. The only thing I ask is Jackson only wants to go to Legoland and I wish I could give this to him. He loves, loves, loves, legos. His birthday is june 9th and all he wants is a lego party. We will have family, but we cannot afford to give him a lego party. Thank you for taking the time to read our story!!

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Angela Neubaum
79 days ago

Dear Ellen,
First let me say that I really love your show! You do so many good things for people and I just wondered if you might be able to help me. You see I lost my husband to leukemia 2 years ago in June of 2012, and last year in Nov I lost my mother to lung cancer, then 6 weeks later my mom's youngest brother died of an apparent heart attack and 2 weeks after that her step brother passed due to lengthy illness of cancer. My mom was a breast cancer survivor for twenty years. Would you please make a donation to cancer research in my mothers name? I struggle every day with depression and try to make ends meet. I have been left with astounding debt to re pay on my own and can not make a donation myself.

Thank you for reading this and may God Bless,
Angela Neubaum

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Elizabeth M Knapich
80 days ago

Hi Ellen, I know many write to you. Just wanted to tell you I enjoy your show..I want to send a video of me dancing, I love dancing in my house even when I am doing nonthing or just getting dressed. I am not that good, but I like to move around and act silly..I am around your age and I think I have very little moves to do, but I always try..But again, I enjoy your show. I hope you do not think this is a silly em, but not much going on right now. Elizabeth In Danbury Ct..Happy Holidays, I will try to send you a video if I can. Not the greatest with computer. But I will try. Keep us laughing.

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80 days ago

Good morning Ellen,I hope that is all well with you.My name is LaKeisha Cullom 28 years old from Knoxville T.n and I want you to know that I admire you in all that you do for people and your personality is amazing. I work for Thompson Oncology Cancer Center and me and the patients are constantly watching your show daily. The reason why I am writing this letter is I was wondering if there is anyway that you would sponsor a singing group that I am in. The name of the singing group is Soulful Sounds Revue. We are having an even on June 13th at a place called the Elks Lodge. The purpose of the singing event is to benefit Ben Atchley Veterans Home. I hope that you would be able to help our singing group out and if not its ok. We will still have a faboulous time and be thankful for what we do have. If you have any questions please let me know. I appreciate you very much.
LaKeisha Cullom

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Frances Guerrero-Garcia
83 days ago

Dear Ellen DeGeneras,
First I just want to start off by saying I am a big fan of your show!
My name is Frances Guerrero, I am a current high school senior attending Kipp San Jose Collegiate, in San Jose, California. I am a Latina and first generation college-bound student growing up in east San Jose. The expectations for girls like me in this side of town is to become pregnant at a young age, drop out of high school, and live a life without career worthy aspirations. My family and I have spent a lot of time and effort in fighting against these stereotypes. As well as sacrificing time to pursue a higher education. Now that I am a senior in high school, the only thing preventing me from achieving my dream is money. It saddens me that there is a high possibility of not achieving my goal because I do not have the financial means of going to college even after applying to scholarships.
College is the first step to my future! In order to become the person that I want to be in life I have to set up goals for my future, which will remind me of my continual objective. My family and friends have done an excellent job of motivating me to go to college. My parent’s constant reminder of attending college and telling me about their own personal struggles has driven me to put extra time and effort into my schoolwork. This is why I am asking you to support me by sponsoring me financially in my journey through college.
My parents, at a young age of 15 and 16, immigrated to the US in search of the American dream. They left their homes in order to help their families back in Mexico. Still my dad tries to send the little money that he makes to his sisters in Mexico so that it can somewhat help them and their families. My parents have worked their entire life for the benefits of others, and the only thing they ask is that we, their children, get a job that we love and become completely passionate about it. My father works as a custodian at a local elementary school and his salary isn't enough to cover the entirety cost of rent as it is right now.
In conclusion, I want to pursue a higher education so that in the future I will give back to my community just like you will be able is helping me pursue higher education. By attending college , I will be able to pursue a career as a lawyer since I am passionate about law and how the U.S government works. I strongly believe that education is the key to success, education allows you to understand the world around you, and enables you to create positive change. For these reasons I want to attend college and kindly ask for your support.
Sincerely a high school student,
Frances Guerrero

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Emily Walker
83 days ago


Dear Ellen,

I hope this link worked. It is a picture of me. I was wanting to ask you if you thought it was a good picture, because I have recently taken a liking in modeling. I've had a few people tell me that it was a good picture, but I'm still not sure. Please write back.

Emily Walker

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Asasiah Briel Rydman
84 days ago

I was sitting at home watching your show, like I do everyday after school. When I realized I hadn't heard from my Aunt in a few days. I called her to just talk because we're extremely close. She was crying when she answered the phone, and saying that she found a note on her door when she got home from picking up her 2 daughters (my cousins) from daycare. The note was from her landlord saying that she has 30 days to pick up and leave her apartment. She's living off of food stamps and child support. She's a single mom with a 4 year old daughter and a 4 month old daughter. Shes not very close with her mother (my grandmother) so she definitely wont help. My grandpa has no money and wants to help but can't. I cant help obviously because I'm only 16. But shes my favorite person in the world, shes actually my idol. She's been through hell and back with her kids and the abusive father of her kids. She's been in 2 different situations similar to this, but never this bad. She's been applying all over town to get a job, but her credit score is so bad that nothing has worked out. She has nothing on her name; no arrests, nothing but a speeding ticket and she's 32. She drives a beat up (literally beat up), keyed all over 2000 Mitsubishi Galant. I need your help. So badly Ellen, really. I'm scared for her. I don't want to see anything happen to her or the babies. No one in my family understands my love for The Ellen Show, but I want them to see and appreciate all of the wonderful things you do. If you could even just write me back with some advise or something I'd be so so thankful.

p.s.I record your show everyday and watch it when I get home.


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Phyllis Tardugno
85 days ago

I wrote to Ellen a few years ago regarding the awful trauma I had over taking Fosamax and spontaneously fracturing my Femur bone. I was just walking to my car while conversing with my Sister in California when my femur suddenly, without warning broke. This caused me to have the worst pain ever to experience. My Sister was smart enough to call my Husband here in Florida to come to my aid. I wonder if my story wasn't all that interesting, because though it's you write and Ellen responds... well that didn't happen. Not looking for a big reward of any kind, or really anything but a HEY>> it's Ellen. I responded. Thanks anyway. Phyllis Tardugno.

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lynn jarrell
85 days ago

dear ellen i live alone in an low income apt in downtown savannah ga I have a 12 yr old cat and an 1yr 3 month min pin I am disabled and an cancer survivor I have been living here for 4 yrs at the end of may of this yr.i have a 10yr old truck and am thankful to have a ride that is paid for. the problem is since i moved here i have been more sick than in my entire life also talked to other people in apts and they said they have too. there are alot of sick people here. there are about 200 apts in building. my dream is to save money for a camper so i will have a yard and can plant a vegtable garden and a yard for my dog to run around in. i had a camper 15 yrs ago but it got stolen and i havent recovered since.i have to pay out of pocket for medical visits to specialty doctors and believe me it adds up.was wondering if someone out there could help me would be much appreciated. love you and your show. i am the type of person that doesnt like to ask others for help but am desperate.i see no way out of my situation. God bless! thanks lynnjarrell1106@gmail.com

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tenzin lhakyi
87 days ago

hi ellen,
i dont whether you will get this email of mine,but all i want to say is i love u a lot..u dont know, how much you have helped me in my difficult days.whenever i feel low or depressed,i just watch you ellen on ellen degeneres and i feel good..i have cried,laught watching your show.thank u so much and may god give you so much that you keep giving to others.i love u so so much.i will never forget the line u say at the end of the show "be nice to one another"..i pray to god that you will have a healthy and long life that you keep doing the things you doing..my only wish if u can call his holliness the 14th dalai lama on your show..may god bless you always.

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Lindsey K.
87 days ago

Our Dearest Ellen!! Help us save a 105 year old property from being bought out and demolished! We are not asking for funds, we would like someone with an amazing moral compass such as yourself explain to people to the masses the importance preservation! We moved to Iowa 1 1/2 years ago after we both got out of the Marine Corps stationed in southern California. We fell in love with this property shorty after! Now it's game time! Our goal is to make a community farm, right smack dab in the middle of the booming cities we live in! It is a 4 acre property with over 100 year old home and barn. We plan to have all organic gardening, animals, the barn would be converted into an organic juice bar and much of the open grassy areas will be for local organic farmers and hand crafters to have a place to sell their goods to support their families! There is also a large out building where my husband and I will continue to restore old cars and repurpose all the furniture we save from going to the dump. Beyond that all of the gardening and events would be family oriented to teach families and children to be a little more self sustainable, to learn the effects of taking care of things, bringing the morals back to a community and giving a lot back to the community in the process! The price of the property is out there, but they are also hoping some commercial big shot will just buy it out at a commercial price instead of being sold as a family home! We hope to fix that! This is the one and only property left of this kind without having to go out into the country. The educational programs and depth of knowledge we hope to bring to a community, while bringing a community together is our main goal! As of now we are about to start crowd funding and doing events within the community to raise the money! We just wanted to reach out to you because of the love that you share with us and the world everyday is so amazing, we want to have that same impact right here in our community. So to end this, I just want to thank you for giving people like us someone to look up to, and knowing that you like us want nothing more than to give back! Keep doing what you do Ellen! No one does it better!
Sincerely with all our love,
Hugs from Quad Cities, Iowa
Lindsey K. and Family

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88 days ago

Dear Ellen,
Thank you for making my day!.. I lost my home and inhertance (land) to the bank. Moved my family 700 miles away from everyone we do for a job. Moved my family and her animals from a abusive relationship. Only to discover she had cancer which caused her to have a hysterectomy and lose her ovaries but she will survive she has about 14000 in medical bills. Unfortunately, she cant work because now she is having seizures (working seizures not epileptic) and I support her for the most part. All the while I work and my husband works we are trying to buy our home however due to the above nobody will help us with a loan. Ive spent the income tax money I do have on windows and a new door and now we need to paint our home inside and out and other things needed. Do you know any organizations that can help my friend with her outstanding bills she has been through so much and is still going through so much I know if I could find help she would feel better about her life in general?

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Tony Simone
88 days ago

Hi Ellen! I am not sure if this is how I contact you (I think it is), but I was wondering if you could ask someone to be on your show (If that is how it works--I don't Know). I am a big Dr. Who fan. In case you don't know what Dr. Who is, it is a British television show that started in 1963 and is still on today. I thought that it would be kind of cool if the 10th doctor (David Tennant) came on your amazing show! Please respond! I would love it if he was on The Ellen DeGeneres Show! Thank you!

--Tony Simone
age 11
Fort Lupton, Colorado

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