Ellen loves responding to her viewers, so today she answered another batch of mail. She weighed in on everything from the iPad to "American Idol" -- and was surprised to find out what Mama does at "Idol"!

video: ellen responds

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William Walker
27 days ago

June 28, 2014


We are the Walker family. I am William and my fiance is Deandra (she loves your show but doesn't get much time to watch it with being a stay at home mom) and our daughter Isabella. We have been together for about five years now. Both me and my fiance were full time workers before our daughter was born. We rent a three bedroom house and have two cars that are paid for (1993 Nissan Altima and a 2002 Pontiac Grand Am). I am a certified welder and very good at what I do.
Our daughter was born Feb. 23, 2012 with a Heart condition called transposition of the great vessels. She has had two open heart surgeries and a pace maker installed in Birmingham, AL. and we live in Mobile, AL. Her condition cannot be fixed but can be altered and she will probably require a few more open heart surgeries within her life time as she grows. We have to travel to Birmingham yearly for her pace maker check up and she will probably have another surgery within the next few years for a battery replacement for her pace maker. The time has come again for us to travel to Birmingham and our best operating vehicle has broke down with a major electrical problem and security problem that has shut down the car and our second vehicle can't be trusted to drive out of the city. I have recently lost my job at Horizon Shipbuilding in Bayou La Batre, AL. (about one month ago now) and I was the sole income for my family and we have been left without means to travel to take our daughter to her out of town doctors visits that cannot be performed in the city because there are no doctors that perform pace maker work or heart surgeries within the city of Mobile or any closer than Birmingham. Also we have no way to pay our bills untill I find new employment, and I have been trying really hard. The only income that we have now at this time is our daughter's disibility check and food stamps.
Also one other thing I would like to tell you about is that in year 2009 I was shot in the face and amazingly recovered at USA Hospital in Mobile, AL. I still have the bullet lodged in my head in front of my ear and should be collecting disibility but choose to work as long as my body allows me to so that I can provide for my family. When this happened though, I managed to rack up close to fifty thousand dollars in hospital bills due to not having medical insurance and still owe it. My fiance has about fifteen thousand dollars in student loans that need to be paid off. These items are sitting on our credit amongst other things and are preventing us from being approved for a loan to buy a home.
As a loving family and parents, we would like to be married but can't afford it. I would like to start my own welding business to build iron gates for businesses and homes.
Any help that can be offered would be greatly appreciated. We are a private family though, so if you do decide to post this on your show please mark out all names and contact information. Our daughter's local doctor and cardiologist is Dr. David Mayor and can be reached at 251-434-9177. We can be reached at 251-447-6300 and 251-447-7952 or email deandrabuckner@gmail.com or walkerkenny188@gmail.com. Thank you so much.

The Walker Family

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Nya Imani
29 days ago

Ellen is kind, beautiful, and so humble! I love her, she is always helping those in need , or even whoever!

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German garay
30 days ago

Hello ellen I have been through surgeries all my life and I'm glad I am reaching 15 years old I would like u to be apart of my big celebration on Saturday October 4 and I would like u to email me to tell me if you are coming to give you the address of the place please I am a young fan and I love u so much your a huge blessing on the entertainment environment thanks for your wonderful self and wonderful show!!!

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Victoria Beede
32 days ago

Dear Ellen,
I found myself in a hole and every possible way i turn just makes the hole bigger. I am trying to become stable enough for my son to return back to my home, but i cant secure a home and i have tried everything, I am 20 years old , i have 3 jobs and go to school i try to balance them out but sometimes they conflict. I cant ever save enough for the security deposit and rent together because i pay for transportation and food and my phone bill, and i currently stay in a local shelter. I do have a campaign going for reunification, but it hasn't had any luck at all. here is the link (: https://fundly.com/campaign-for-reunification?ft_src=fbsh...).My friends and family are not very supportive, they think i can do this alone and i cant. i have tried explaining that to them but they don't understand. I wish there is something you could do Ellen. I watch you show all the time, and you always do something if you can. You are such an inspiration, I hope one day i can be just as successful as you .

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33 days ago

Ellen I am one of ur younger fans my talent is dancing I'm Cuban and I'm from Cuba I came to America when I was 5 my mom brought me to the US for a better life and well I started dancing and I just look up really hard dances like one of my favorites is single ladies nae nae. And my all time favorite my own dance that I made up I recently learned his new dance to upgrade ya by beyonce I would love to be on your show the world that I can dance me and my friends love your show I'm living in Florida but now I'm in buffalo for summer vaca but I. August I'm goin to Cuba to see my family my dad my grandma and my friends I would love to show you what I can do and dance of course love us ellen from ameliachillon:)

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38 days ago

I am a big big fan of yours, I love the way you help people and animals. I try to do the same as much as I can. I have 3 kids, 14, 9 and a 3 year old, My 9 year old is a little on the bigger side and her DR. want her to loos the whit and we have tried it all, and it is not helping so he told me to get a trampoline so I did but where I live we can not have it because it is not safe. I was looking on face book and I came a crossed the spring free trampoline and I would love to get it for her and my 2 other kids but I just do not have the money. I stay home with my kids and my husband works so hard. I do not ask for help from other, I like being the one to help them out. but I dont no what to do anymore with this. So if you can please please can help. if not I understand. I no that you get a lot of people asking for help.

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39 days ago

You have to check out this new author. His book is THE LONG HAUL by William tellot
It's a wonderful story. I cryed. I laughed. Please give it a read

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Weezee Summerall
46 days ago

Dear Ellen,
Our community is in need of your help. I know when you watch this video you will be inspired to act, and whatever you do will help. Thank you for your time.
<3 Weezee

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Ilene Royce
49 days ago

Dear Ellen,
I am a huge fan of your show and have never written before. I am a first grade teacher in FL and this year would have been my 27th year in the classroom. I have always been so passionate about my job and teaching young children how to read. I try to teach with humor and use various puppets to “assist” me with teaching when the kids get tired of me! I always have many requests from the parents, and have taught many siblings.

This year, I got sick on my first week of school with kidney disease. I thought I would be back in a month, but the months stretched on and I had to take the entire year off without pay. I am only 56, but my life this year has revolved around doctor’s visits, many procedures and many scary options. I still have 4 more years till I am eligible for full retirement. I know I will eventually be on dialysis and will need a transplant. I am on so many medications, and still have issues with blood pressure and crazy blood sugar swings. I am a fighter, and have tried to stay as positive as humanly possible throughout this tough year.

We have gone from a comfortable two income household down to one income. We now owe $1000 month for the medical insurance payment that the school board would normally pay when I was working. I am so fortunate to have a brother helping out, and sending me the money that would be for his retirement savings. I know I am so fortunate in many ways, and have the love of my husband, son, family friends and students. We are trying to stay in our house and are scraping by, even though we made an unwise decision to do an interest only mortgage years back. We are trying to refinance now and stay in the only house my son knows, so he can finish high school in 3 years. Our house is starting to fall apart….and we have no extra money to re-do the kitchen and crumbling cabinets, bathroom with a huge crack in shower, roof that leaks into our garage and bathroom, etc. I lie awake at night trying not to stress over these issues, and just take one day at a time. With our 90 degree weather, I wonder if my air conditioning unit will last through the summer. I know you have done many shows with the greatest experts who can remodel and fix homes. I was hoping that there might be someone out there willing to help out/remodel parts of our house.

I have spent my life helping others and giving back in the classroom…..I have NEVER asked for help once for me and my family. If there is ANY way someone would be able to help an old teacher with even one room I would be forever grateful!!
Thank you so much. XOXO Ilene Royce

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Somya Sharma
52 days ago

Hey Ellen,

I am so excited to even write this, i am a huge huge fan.. You have inspired me in so many ways. There is not a day that goes by when i don't watch something that is Ellen.....I was very scared of dogs as i was chased by a bunch of them when i was little but all because of you i am getting over this fear of mine and have decided to rescue a dog....I have seen every video of yours that there is on Youtube and keep scanning for more and more everyday....You are amazing Ellen, thank you again for inspiring so many people everyday. I am from Bangalore, India. My dream is to meet you one day and hopefully soon it will come true... Love You

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53 days ago

Hi Ellen...how are you?
First of all, thank you very much for inspiring me in many ways...You're awesome, really really awesome!
I'm Nitie, from Malaysia but currently I'm studying in Poland... It is my life goal to inspire people. I wanna be the reason why a person say "I can do it". Like you are to me.You're show keeps me alive here in Poland. I'm always an out cast here for being darker complexion alien, being open minded, and confident of what i do. I am different, I can't change myself as I love who I am but that's what makes people hate me, even my own people.Everyday is a challenge living in this foreign land. But every time I feel down or broken, all I need is a clip of your show to boost me back with the confidence, the joy, the peace, and every possible thing that makes me stronger to face tomorrow. I come from a broken family, our father left us(6 of us) when I was 15 and my mother is a thyroid patient who can't work due to her illness. Then past 5 years have been really tough on us. What gave me the strength to fight, was you and Oprah. I came to this foreign land for a better opportunity or higher chance of employment when I get back to Malaysia but I have to say I is really tough on me here with looks and comments I get. To top that, I'm facing issue with my finance... By God's grace I have lent loan and found sponsor for the past 2 years of studies. And another 1 more to go and it is really really though on me as I have another 3000 euros to pay. Despite all that. I wake up every morning and I say to myself if Oprah and Ellen can do then I can do it then I can do it. You inspire me and deliver the massage "its okay to be different". I watch your shows to be inspired, but what I received is more than inspiration. I am enlightened by your show. God bless you Ellen, thank you very very much for inspiring and moving in ways far beyond your imagination. I wish to be like you one day. Thank you!

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58 days ago

Dear Ellen! I'm from London and I have been studying abroad in California for the year, my visa expires June 23rd but I would love to spend my 21st birthday here in America! Its on the 19th of June and I would love for my family to be able to come over to celebrate with me including my sister who is pregnant with her first child! I don't have any relatives in America so it would be the best birthday treat ever! P.S could you tell Justin Bieber he's the best :) Thank you!!!

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59 days ago

Dear Ellen, I see the joy you bring to so many people your spirit is truly a gift. I have never asked for anything except that my two children experience a joyous childhood. My plan worked for the most part I am a single mom of two 17&6. The 17 year old for the past 3 years however has struggled with an addiction to marijuana and consequently mental health issues. This has put a tremendous strain on our finances no longer as happy as we could be, we live with my parents under a constant strain of financial disaster and all the stress that mental health issues and drug addiction comes along with it. My son will be going to a long term rehab centre for 6 months and I would be eternally grateful if you know of way I could ease my families troubles and allow us to get back to normal. I have tried to be strong and support my son through his struggles while maintaining a normal childhood for my daughter. I am looking for peace from chaos of my current family situation (living with my parents) and the debt that has been incurred with a person who struggles with addiction. Thank you, I am sure there are more deserving people, I'm just hoping that there may be enough to go around. Thank you and god bless to all who have struggles or not.



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David Goldblum
61 days ago

Hello, Ms. DeGeneres. Our names are Norrrisher Pinamang, Tajanae Crawford and Joselyn Arroyo and we attend Pathways Academy of Technology and Design in East Hartford, CT. We've had a very humble beginnings, we were once located in an old super market building next to the Board of Education Services for the Blind. We have recently moved into a 30 million dollar building IN THE MIDDLE OF THE YEAR! Everyone doubted us but we did it! The junior class has been fundraising and working towards raising money for everyone in our class to attend a week long trip to Disney World,or universal Orlando Florida with all expenses paid for our upcoming senior year which happens to be next year . We are trying to get our class excited for this trip, but it seems like they just wont budge. Ellen, we need you! Our junior class isn't as excited as we want them to be about these events. PLEASEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HELP US . PLEASEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IT WOULD MEAN THE WORLD TO US IF YOU COULD HELP WE LOVE YOU WITH ALL OF OUR HEARTS MRS. DeGeneres

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62 days ago

Hello Ellen. My Mom watches your show daily and it really makes her day and uplifts her in so many ways. She and my Dad could really use your help! I put them in a finanical bind and at their age this money amount they should not have to worry about. They will go without things for themselves in order for my girlfriend, our two babies (Gianna & Ahston) and myself they we can have money that we need, or necessities (diapters, formula, clothes). I can never pay them what I owe them but could you help me out by helping them? In addition to the above, my Mom is still recovering from a broken back she suffered a year ago. She fell down our attic stairs (13 of them) and also broke her elbow. Right before that my Dad lost his job of 34 years. They haven't had a new car since 2005, 2001. They paid for my car insurance although I do not live at home (21) and it's quite expensive here in NH (over $1,000 per year). My Mom hasn't bought new clothes for at least 14 years. Ellen can you help them? I put them in debt for $15,000. This would help. They are also paying collections bills for myself and themselfs over this. Anyways. They say that for every door that closed God will see that another opens. Take care, love to you and your family, a faithful viewer & God Bless. Aaron
P.S. my Mom's name is: Nadine & our # 603-842-5230(unlisted/unpublished) 7 Wallace Drive, Dover, NH. Also she never asks for anything, could you give her something special for Mother's Day maybe?

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