Top Moments May 31 - June 4

Ellen's Producer is on Fail Blog!

ellen's producer melissa on fail blog

Last week, Ellen forced her producer, Melissa, to demonstrate a new exercise product called the Face Trainer. Someone over at Fail Blog saw it and decided to feature this flattering photo on their site.

Keep making us proud, Melissa!

Betty White Gets All the Attention!

Everyone loves Betty White! She’s keeping busy with all sorts of projects, and told Ellen what it’s like to have 500,000 rally to have her host “Saturday Night Live.” Then, since the host can’t laugh, Ellen tested to see if Betty could keep a straight face — watch to see if she succeeded!

Who Would Live in These Homes?

Looking for a new home? You may have seen some interesting real estate listings in your search, but you probably haven’t seen any as crazy as the ones Ellen found today.

Can You Find What's Wrong with These Photos?

Ellen featured another batch of photos that aren’t quite right. Whether it’s the sign that’s sending the wrong message or the mother who caught her kid wearing something he shouldn’t have, these photos will have you laughing all day!

Ellen Learns New Recipes from Chef José Andrés

The talented — and hilarious — Chef José Andrés visited Ellen to teach her some of his delicious recipes. These inventive dishes amazed Ellen, when she wasn’t laughing at Chef José’s fun personality.

Constance McMillen Talks About Her Fight for Equality

Constance McMillen from Mississippi wanted to bring her girlfriend to the high school prom. Rather than allow it, her high school decided to completely cancel the prom for everyone. Now Constance is making headlines for fighting for her rights, and Ellen invited her to the show today to tell her inspiring story. Ellen even gave her a huge surprise.

Kellan Lutz Surprises Ellen's Audience

One of the biggest movies of the year, “New Moon”, is now out on DVD and Ellen wanted to talk about it, but she thought it would be best if she had one of the stars of the movie here — Kellan Lutz!

Ellen's Got Your Coffee Questions Covered

Tall, Grande or Venti? The cup sizes at Starbucks can be confusing, so today Ellen has a hilarious lesson on everything you can order. You never knew some of the facts that Ellen discovered!

Emmys and Ambien with Kristin Chenoweth

The energetic Kristin Chenoweth chatted about her exciting Emmy win last fall, before giving Ellen some important advice — don’t tweet while on Ambien. She learned her lesson and has the story to go with it!

What's Gerard Butler Wearing Under His Kilt?

Today Ellen talked with the Scottish Gerard Butler. Since he’s fond of wearing kilts, Ellen thought of the perfect gift for him that will help her Quest for World Domination!