the gentle barn

Portia and I recently learned about an amazing organization called The Gentle Barn, which takes in and cares for abused farm animals while providing a learning environment for young people. It's a fantastic organization and they need our help.

A nearby dairy farm is closing -- which is home to 60 cows -- many of which are pregnant, and most of them are very sick and malnourished. They're living in terrible conditions and are all at risk of death. The Gentle Barn can take the cows and bring them back to health, but only if they build two new barns -- and that costs money.

Fortunately, if The Gentle Barn can raise $100,000 by Mother's Day, an anonymous donor has agreed to match it -- and it can happen with your help! Please consider donating. You can find out more about the situation and donate on The Gentle Barn's website, where you can also learn more about the amazing work of the organization.