community supported agriculture near you

You've heard Ellen talk about all the healthy food she makes with fresh vegetables, but have you wondered where she gets them?

Ellen is a part of the Tierra Miguel Foundation's Home Veggie Delivery. It's called Community Supported Agriculture (CSA), in which people sign up to get weekly boxes of fresh, organic vegetables from a local farm. Ellen loves the produce she gets because they use sustainable growing practices -- which means the food is healthier and tastier. Plus, it's grown nearby and brought directly to her, so it's fresher than you'll find in the grocery store. How can you go wrong with that?

Find out more about the Tierra Miguel Foundation and how you can be a part of the CSA by visiting their website. While their service is available only to people in certain areas of Southern California, there are CSAs all across the country. Go to the Local Harvest website to find one near you.