#FavoriteEllenMoment Tweets- February 8, 2010

Favorite Ellen Moments

MammaBlogs: My #FavoriteEllenMoment is the “I love Jesus but I drink a little” lady!!! I nearly wet myself watching that!

bkwrm0502: My #FavoriteEllenMoment was the Dennis Quaid prank in Starbucks. Loved it!

nevergiveup2010: #favoriteEllenMoment is definitely when Ellen receives the Bingo set from Ryan Seacrest! Could also be learning to strip tease :p

Sapir_Tzur_X3: @TheEllenShow @TheScript’s performance ♥#FavoriteEllenMoment

jlynstylez: #favoriteellenmoment auto-tune episode with T-pain, i was dying! and i’m sure i’m gonna love the jersey shore episode today!

jkendzierski: definitely scaring taylor swift in her bathroom#FavoriteEllenMoment

ChristineEDavid: @TheEllenShow #FavoriteEllenMoment : Hands down the HULA chair – I still giggle thinking about it.

HannahKwak: @TheEllenShow when u gave away all 12 days of gifts to that family in need! Ur genorsity never ceases to amaze me! #favoriteellenmoment

vloggerqueen17: My #FavoriteEllenMoment is the hidden camera Starbucks thing. You know what I’m talking about ;)

garfunkleaj: #FavoriteEllenMoment Was when you and Barack were dancing together..It was awesome:) @TheEllenShow

sbergstresser: @TheEllenShow – Favorite Moment – Your quest to get George Clooney on the show being fulfilled #FavoriteEllenMoment

jkozloff: @TheEllenShow #FavoriteEllenMoment wow..hard to pick..gotta be Dennis Quaid in starbucks..giggle thinkin about it now

Favorite Ellen Moments

britneyfan_04: another #FavoriteEllenMoment is when ellen& @ParisHilton went clubbing and started randomly dancing in the street!

KingKolade: #FavoriteEllenMoment was when Justin Timberlake was dancing in that Ginger Bread Man Suit.. And @TheEllenShow was the milk..

andreancr: #FavoriteEllenMoment when @Ladygaga went to the show and said how you were so respected by the gay community! It was moving!

justinebronson: @TheEllenShow My #FavoriteEllenMoment was when Steve Carell scared you!!! Both of you are so funny! And that moment was priceless!

karifur: @TheEllenShow My #FavoriteEllenMoment lately was Rico Rodriguez – I love Manny, and Rico was just hilarious!

Flowerchild1990: #FavoriteEllenMoment When Heath Ledger was a guest on the show… it was so funny, looking back now it was very special :)

lizliz07: @TheEllenShow #FavoriteEllenMoment anytime you help someone out in need. It’s always very touching and life changing for them! Makes me cry

jhondras: #FavoriteEllenMoment making people in the crowd sing “Since Youve Been Gone”

GemzerD: @TheEllenShow My #FavoriteEllenMoment ? Every bit of every show.You are truely an inspiration.Please follow your biggest Irish fan?! :)

kde3183: #FavoriteEllenMoment is when you smashed the bottle over Sandra Bullock’s head! her facial expression was PRICELESS…i Love @theEllenShow

jillianmatta: My #FavoriteEllenMoment happened every weekday at 3oclock. There’s no way I can choose a favorite!!

kristinburns1: #FavoriteEllenMoment @TheEllenShow and @johncmayer singing in the bathroom!

Favorite Ellen Moments

postalshine: when Jimmy Kimmel tackled the panda was my #FavoriteEllenMoment

JenniIacobacci: @TheEllenShow: My #FavoriteEllenMoment is either Julian’s “Under-Water See-er” or Gladys and “I love Jesus, but I drink a little.”

mrsgoose: @TheEllenShow loved poor Harry connick jr unable to hit the dunk tank! #FavoriteEllenMoment !

canron: @TheEllenShow my #FavoriteEllenMoment is when @ryanseacrest was confused by the bday gift he pulled out of the bag. Reaction was priceless.

@teamlowry: @TheEllenShow “Breathe from you hoo-hoo!!!”- @KChenoweth #FavoriteEllenMoment

wedgienet2: My #FavoriteEllenMoment was when Charice was on and Ellen said, “we all just witnessed the beginning of this girl’s career.” @TheEllenShow

SeCreque: #FavoriteEllenMoment #hawaiichair I have to say the Hawaii Chair episode. To this day that still makes me laugh. Hilarious!

CVLo: @TheEllenShow Fav: Penelope Cruz dancing. Runners up: Obama dancing, Chris Matthews groping, and bottle over Bullock #FavoriteEllenMoment

beth_macisaac: @TheEllenShow fav moment(s) were when you are so extremely generous to the less unfortunate – it is truly inspiring. #FavoriteEllenMoment

redavril: @TheEllenShow one of them would have to be you on the rollercoaster “the Hulk” screaming the whole time. haha #FavoriteEllenMoment

mc_conditioner: @TheEllenSnow Ellen, your post-Katrina visit to New Orleans was my very #FavoriteEllenMoment Well done.

AidensMom3: Starbucks prank " I’m sorry I can’t hear you my sister’s giving birth in my head… Am I pretty" that girls my hero! #FavoriteEllenMoment

Favorite Ellen Moments

Mrsgrapes: @TheEllenShow: #FavoriteEllenMoment singing in the bathroom with @Pink another on of my favs!

gizzer72: @TheEllenShow #FavoriteEllenMoment has to be the naughty giant snake that went,well,you know…Hilarious!

princessla66: @TheEllenShow My #FavoriteEllenMoment is when you danced with the SYTYCD cast! Brilliant!

Valeriewieners: #favoriteellenmoment Calling the president of Colombia with Sofia vergarra

0404dale: #FavoriteEllenMoment I LOVED when Halle Berry tried to teach you to act like Catwoman. “Neither of my cats act like this AT ALL!!”

khgvich: #FavoriteEllenMoment “I got you babe” duet with Portia

gomacs: My favorite #FavoriteEllenMoment was when Ellen went to Trader Joe’s. Funniest video ever!

RobbieTwoTone: @theellenshow while I have 1,100 #FavoriteEllenMoment s, The moment you blessed the 70 year old first grader was HUGE! You redefined TV.

daylen_jada: @TheEllenShow #FavoriteEllenMoment When Ellen danced with the SYTYCD kids to Pitbull’s “I know you want me”. Best ev-ah!

autumn398: @TheEllenShow when will smith rapped during your commercial! #FavoriteEllenMoment

lovewinning: @TheEllenShow #FavoriteEllenMoment is any time that you scare your guests most recent Josh Duhamel and the panda..had tears on that one

MrsPMartin: @TheEllenShow I would have to say everyday is my #FavoriteEllenMoment but when u announced u were married u just looked so happy…congrats!

Favorite Ellen Moments

jaclynnicole: @TheEllenShow #FavoriteEllenMoment Bathroom concert series with Jennifer Hudson!!

sxybigsistah: @theellenshow My #favoriteellenmoment is when ellen had mariah carey on & she brought ellen lingerie. Lmao PRICELESS

Golden_tooth: Golden_tooth @TheEllenShow Favorite moment: @butchwalker and @pink performing Here Comes The… #FavoriteEllenMoment :o)

MariaMyers03: #FavoriteEllenMoment when you dressed up as Oprah magazine for Halloween. That show was so funny!

cosmopaulitan: #FavoriteEllenMoment Sandra Bullock + Glass Bottle + Her Head = HILARIOUS!

jackiieeex13: @TheEllenShow #FavoriteEllenMoment of mine is when you presented lady antebellum with their gold record!!

Sweetieepea: Blindfolded musical chairs with the sexy Santa guys :) #FavoriteEllenMoment

bedroomghost: #FavoriteEllenMoment the video footage of the stray cat walking around the studio! :)

aricker: I would have to say my #FavoriteEllenMoment was when you had kid inventions with Julian and the underwater see’er !

jennmich97: @TheEllenShow My #FavoriteEllenMoment is anytime Harry Connick Jr appears, always a good time!

coastalcrazy: @#FavoriteEllenMoment I am a die hard romantic…my favorite moment was when you showed your wedding…

emilybjolley: @TheEllenShow #FavoriteEllenMoment definitely all of the george clooney mayham, especially the trap above his office.

mobilepcworld: @TheEllenShow My #FavoriteEllenMoment is every time you talk about Portia. Your face lights up with so much joy that you absolutely glow.

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Gayle fritz
420 days ago

This is one of the hardest websites I visit to be able to find stuff. Wanted to sign up for favorite show but couldn't figure out how to enter - well my favorite is the lady onknow or go that couldn't even remember her name and squellpeled the whole - watching ellen was hilarious and all I could think was damn I need that mascara

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Valorie Jean Shearer
443 days ago

One of my all time favorite moments on Ellen was when she had a monkey on the show, and I was rolling with laughter!.. My sides were actually hurting from laughing so hard!!!.. I would love to see that again!.. PLEASE???.. Take care ~~~

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445 days ago


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Margie Lundberg
446 days ago

I LOVE Ellen - I smile & laugh & cry till my face hurts every time I watch the show. I especially love it when she gets the giggles from someone else on the show. One of my many many favorite shows was when she was doing the "bathroom" singing. And the one when Jennifer Hudson was in the bathroom with Ellen was as cute as it gets. The LOOK on Jennifer's face as she watches Ellen sing is priceless. Ellen is a bright spot in the day - every one I know is crazy about her. Take care Ellen, you are loved by so many. Margie

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jojo brenner
446 days ago

1 word "Awesome" the show,Ellen,games,dance,laughter,monalogs,the whole Ellen team,great guest,So much to love..My Favorite episode is what I'm looking for is when Portia dressed as the famous MaralynMonroe and sang Happy Birthday to Ellen and got blown away..it was epic!! But,I have many,many favorites :D Ellen makes my days better with lots of laughs.love 1 of your favorite fans from jackson michigan,the mitten state.lol

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Billie zwolinski
447 days ago

Diane Keaton a few weeks ago talking about her new movie The Big Wedding

She had mein tears laughing. Funny Lady

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donna young
449 days ago

also i love the show with Tione Johnson that was cute

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donna young
449 days ago

I remember her name now,Gladys.I loved it when you called her and she said"well sure as im standing here There's Ellen".she was talking about the gas pumps....LOL

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donna young
449 days ago

I really feel bad as i don't remember the ladies name.I loved it when you would call the old lady who would always tell you she was having a night cap when you called her.you would always call her on the phone and have a chat with her,it always made me laugh.That was my all time favorite moment

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451 days ago

hope you could really test on the singing of the next charisse apag..... im an avid fun of yours.. i may not have the money to go to your show but how i wish you could listen to all my 7yrs old's songs.... she's got taylorswift, kelly clarkson, alicia keys, coco colbei, whitney, bronu mrs songs, and more of our ocals here in the philippines.. she could sing to a live band......

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eileen o'connell
454 days ago

favorite moment; "dennis quaid in the house", at starbucks

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