#FavoriteEllenMoment Tweets- February 8, 2010

Favorite Ellen Moments

MammaBlogs: My #FavoriteEllenMoment is the “I love Jesus but I drink a little” lady!!! I nearly wet myself watching that!

bkwrm0502: My #FavoriteEllenMoment was the Dennis Quaid prank in Starbucks. Loved it!

nevergiveup2010: #favoriteEllenMoment is definitely when Ellen receives the Bingo set from Ryan Seacrest! Could also be learning to strip tease :p

Sapir_Tzur_X3: @TheEllenShow @TheScript’s performance ♥#FavoriteEllenMoment

jlynstylez: #favoriteellenmoment auto-tune episode with T-pain, i was dying! and i’m sure i’m gonna love the jersey shore episode today!

jkendzierski: definitely scaring taylor swift in her bathroom#FavoriteEllenMoment

ChristineEDavid: @TheEllenShow #FavoriteEllenMoment : Hands down the HULA chair – I still giggle thinking about it.

HannahKwak: @TheEllenShow when u gave away all 12 days of gifts to that family in need! Ur genorsity never ceases to amaze me! #favoriteellenmoment

vloggerqueen17: My #FavoriteEllenMoment is the hidden camera Starbucks thing. You know what I’m talking about ;)

garfunkleaj: #FavoriteEllenMoment Was when you and Barack were dancing together..It was awesome:) @TheEllenShow

sbergstresser: @TheEllenShow – Favorite Moment – Your quest to get George Clooney on the show being fulfilled #FavoriteEllenMoment

jkozloff: @TheEllenShow #FavoriteEllenMoment wow..hard to pick..gotta be Dennis Quaid in starbucks..giggle thinkin about it now

Favorite Ellen Moments

britneyfan_04: another #FavoriteEllenMoment is when ellen& @ParisHilton went clubbing and started randomly dancing in the street!

KingKolade: #FavoriteEllenMoment was when Justin Timberlake was dancing in that Ginger Bread Man Suit.. And @TheEllenShow was the milk..

andreancr: #FavoriteEllenMoment when @Ladygaga went to the show and said how you were so respected by the gay community! It was moving!

justinebronson: @TheEllenShow My #FavoriteEllenMoment was when Steve Carell scared you!!! Both of you are so funny! And that moment was priceless!

karifur: @TheEllenShow My #FavoriteEllenMoment lately was Rico Rodriguez – I love Manny, and Rico was just hilarious!

Flowerchild1990: #FavoriteEllenMoment When Heath Ledger was a guest on the show… it was so funny, looking back now it was very special :)

lizliz07: @TheEllenShow #FavoriteEllenMoment anytime you help someone out in need. It’s always very touching and life changing for them! Makes me cry

jhondras: #FavoriteEllenMoment making people in the crowd sing “Since Youve Been Gone”

GemzerD: @TheEllenShow My #FavoriteEllenMoment ? Every bit of every show.You are truely an inspiration.Please follow your biggest Irish fan?! :)

kde3183: #FavoriteEllenMoment is when you smashed the bottle over Sandra Bullock’s head! her facial expression was PRICELESS…i Love @theEllenShow

jillianmatta: My #FavoriteEllenMoment happened every weekday at 3oclock. There’s no way I can choose a favorite!!

kristinburns1: #FavoriteEllenMoment @TheEllenShow and @johncmayer singing in the bathroom!

Favorite Ellen Moments

postalshine: when Jimmy Kimmel tackled the panda was my #FavoriteEllenMoment

JenniIacobacci: @TheEllenShow: My #FavoriteEllenMoment is either Julian’s “Under-Water See-er” or Gladys and “I love Jesus, but I drink a little.”

mrsgoose: @TheEllenShow loved poor Harry connick jr unable to hit the dunk tank! #FavoriteEllenMoment !

canron: @TheEllenShow my #FavoriteEllenMoment is when @ryanseacrest was confused by the bday gift he pulled out of the bag. Reaction was priceless.

@teamlowry: @TheEllenShow “Breathe from you hoo-hoo!!!”- @KChenoweth #FavoriteEllenMoment

wedgienet2: My #FavoriteEllenMoment was when Charice was on and Ellen said, “we all just witnessed the beginning of this girl’s career.” @TheEllenShow

SeCreque: #FavoriteEllenMoment #hawaiichair I have to say the Hawaii Chair episode. To this day that still makes me laugh. Hilarious!

CVLo: @TheEllenShow Fav: Penelope Cruz dancing. Runners up: Obama dancing, Chris Matthews groping, and bottle over Bullock #FavoriteEllenMoment

beth_macisaac: @TheEllenShow fav moment(s) were when you are so extremely generous to the less unfortunate – it is truly inspiring. #FavoriteEllenMoment

redavril: @TheEllenShow one of them would have to be you on the rollercoaster “the Hulk” screaming the whole time. haha #FavoriteEllenMoment

mc_conditioner: @TheEllenSnow Ellen, your post-Katrina visit to New Orleans was my very #FavoriteEllenMoment Well done.

AidensMom3: Starbucks prank " I’m sorry I can’t hear you my sister’s giving birth in my head… Am I pretty" that girls my hero! #FavoriteEllenMoment

Favorite Ellen Moments

Mrsgrapes: @TheEllenShow: #FavoriteEllenMoment singing in the bathroom with @Pink another on of my favs!

gizzer72: @TheEllenShow #FavoriteEllenMoment has to be the naughty giant snake that went,well,you know…Hilarious!

princessla66: @TheEllenShow My #FavoriteEllenMoment is when you danced with the SYTYCD cast! Brilliant!

Valeriewieners: #favoriteellenmoment Calling the president of Colombia with Sofia vergarra

0404dale: #FavoriteEllenMoment I LOVED when Halle Berry tried to teach you to act like Catwoman. “Neither of my cats act like this AT ALL!!”

khgvich: #FavoriteEllenMoment “I got you babe” duet with Portia

gomacs: My favorite #FavoriteEllenMoment was when Ellen went to Trader Joe’s. Funniest video ever!

RobbieTwoTone: @theellenshow while I have 1,100 #FavoriteEllenMoment s, The moment you blessed the 70 year old first grader was HUGE! You redefined TV.

daylen_jada: @TheEllenShow #FavoriteEllenMoment When Ellen danced with the SYTYCD kids to Pitbull’s “I know you want me”. Best ev-ah!

autumn398: @TheEllenShow when will smith rapped during your commercial! #FavoriteEllenMoment

lovewinning: @TheEllenShow #FavoriteEllenMoment is any time that you scare your guests most recent Josh Duhamel and the panda..had tears on that one

MrsPMartin: @TheEllenShow I would have to say everyday is my #FavoriteEllenMoment but when u announced u were married u just looked so happy…congrats!

Favorite Ellen Moments

jaclynnicole: @TheEllenShow #FavoriteEllenMoment Bathroom concert series with Jennifer Hudson!!

sxybigsistah: @theellenshow My #favoriteellenmoment is when ellen had mariah carey on & she brought ellen lingerie. Lmao PRICELESS

Golden_tooth: Golden_tooth @TheEllenShow Favorite moment: @butchwalker and @pink performing Here Comes The… #FavoriteEllenMoment :o)

MariaMyers03: #FavoriteEllenMoment when you dressed up as Oprah magazine for Halloween. That show was so funny!

cosmopaulitan: #FavoriteEllenMoment Sandra Bullock + Glass Bottle + Her Head = HILARIOUS!

jackiieeex13: @TheEllenShow #FavoriteEllenMoment of mine is when you presented lady antebellum with their gold record!!

Sweetieepea: Blindfolded musical chairs with the sexy Santa guys :) #FavoriteEllenMoment

bedroomghost: #FavoriteEllenMoment the video footage of the stray cat walking around the studio! :)

aricker: I would have to say my #FavoriteEllenMoment was when you had kid inventions with Julian and the underwater see’er !

jennmich97: @TheEllenShow My #FavoriteEllenMoment is anytime Harry Connick Jr appears, always a good time!

coastalcrazy: @#FavoriteEllenMoment I am a die hard romantic…my favorite moment was when you showed your wedding…

emilybjolley: @TheEllenShow #FavoriteEllenMoment definitely all of the george clooney mayham, especially the trap above his office.

mobilepcworld: @TheEllenShow My #FavoriteEllenMoment is every time you talk about Portia. Your face lights up with so much joy that you absolutely glow.