Top 6 Moments, Week of October 26-30

Ellen Practices Her Rapping Skills

Today, Ellen noticed that rappers seem to get away with saying some interesting things in their songs. What better way to demonstrate it than for Ellen to try her hand at rapping? Watch her break out the beats now!

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Ellen Tweets to UCSD in Her Biggest Challenge Yet

Ellen’s Twitter challenges are getting bigger and bigger. Today she tweeted to UC San Diego, and over a thousand people showed up! She had quite the challenge, and a huge prize for the winner!

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Ellen Says: Yes Wu Can

Ellen then welcomed a show assistant, Louise Wu, who will be competing for Miss California USA, and Ellen is doing her part to help her win. Watch now to find out how.

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The Always Energetic Lauren Graham Gets a Surprise

The always energetic Lauren Graham shared her stories from her recent stint on Broadway in “Guys & Dolls.” Watch now as she tells stories of getting angry at an 80-year-old woman and someone sleeping.

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David Spade Gets a Scare from Ellen

David Spade came to the show and talked with Ellen about all he’s doing to support firefighters. He’s even hosting a free comedy show for firefighters and their families.

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Do You Know What's Wrong with These Photos?

Ellen loves her new segment, “What’s Wrong with These Photos? Photos,” and has a new group of photos to share with you… and you won’t believe some of the surprises these photos contain!

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