Ellen recently received a letter from Baden Rowland, the General Manager at Sewell GMC of Dallas. He offered Ellen a great deal on a brand new GMC Terrain. She decided to take his offer, and promptly gave it away to a lucky viewer! You can learn more about the GMC Terrain.

 learn more about the GMC Terrain     Clarisonic Skin Care System

As Breast Cancer Awareness Month continues, Clarisonic is donating $10,000 for every person who is dunked in the dunk tank. Today, they offered to raise the donation to $20,000 if Mario Lopez took his shirt off. Learn more about the Clarisonic Skin Care System.

After giving away the GMC, Ellen surprised Kylene Parker today in Dallas with a trip to L.A. so she and her 3-year-old could visit Disneyland. Find out more about the Disneyland Resort.