Glamour Magazine is running a feature in their November issue about "plus-size" models and the need to represent normal women throughout the fashion world. It includes a nude pictorial of several of these "plus-size" models, which in the modeling world means anyone over size 6!

Four of the women chatted with Ellen today about the experience, and saw the photos for the first time. To read the feature "These Bodies are Beautiful at Every Size," click here.

November Glamour Feature: These Bodies are Beautiful at Every Size     Cindi Leive Post: Are You Ready to Start a Body Image Revolution? Oh, Wait--You Already Did!

The editor-in-chief of Glamour Magazine, Cindi Leive, spoke with Ellen about her commitment to maintain diversity throughout the magazine. She wrote a blog on the magazine's website entitled, "These Bodies are Beautiful at Every Size," which can be read here.

Crystal Renn, one of the models, spoke about her past struggle with her body image. She has written "Hungry," in which she reflects upon the issues facing models and young women today. To learn more or to purchase it, go here.

Author: Crystal Renn Book: Hungry