Ellen DeGeneres' American Idol Message!

This week was so jam-packed full of good stuff that I'm having trouble remembering it all! You know what else I have trouble remembering? Most of the '80s.

Which reminds me, I found a dating video from the '80s and decided I should show it on national television. A lot of those guys contacted the show and I've got some good news, ladies: Big Phil is still single!

We also had a gaggle of great guests stop by this week. Jennifer Garner and Christina Applegate were here. And Courteney Cox showed that even though she plays one on TV, she's more than just a cougar. Plus, the audience went nuts when Vince Vaughn surprised them to host Coconuts A Go Go Nuts.

I can count on one hand the reasons I'm excited for next week's show. That's because five of your favorite ladies are all stopping by. I'm counting Felicity Huffman on my thumb, Kate Walsh on my pointer finger, Rebecca Romijn on my ring finger and Drew Barrymore on my pinky. I saved my middle finger for Heidi Klum... because she's so tall -- don't get the wrong idea.

All those ladies are so lovely. So is one of our assistants, Louise. She's competing in the Miss California USA pageant. Now, I know I've never mentioned this before, but I am a Cover Girl. So, I decided to give Louise some real makeup tips. That was so much fun. For me.

I'm excited for next week. It's gonna be one I'll never forget, I can just tell. I feel like... wait, what were we talking about? Oh, next week. It's gonna be great!

See you then!